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Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman Wonderboy
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Four days later…

Amazing Woman was angry. Angry with the fact that she had really screwed up. She switched off the Amazing Computer’s algorithm app for detection of major crime, thinking that things would be alright without her for just one evening.

What happened was Metro City’s worst night of crime in it’s entire history. Random acts of robberies, violance, destruction were unleashed throughout the city. Two police stations were destroyed, twenty-two officers were dead and several more wounded and hositalized. The number of cilvian cassitals were just as high, thriteen innocent lives were lost forever.

When Brett told her what he found on the radio, Martha raced into action as Amazing Woman, she managed to save a few lives and capture a few thugs, but she could have done more, much more if she had known sooner. Even Brett could have helped her the night if she hadn’t given him that damn drug that ramped up his libido and gave him a raging erection that would make him useless for crime-fighting.

It was 3:20 am and Amazing Woman had now been on patrol today nearly seventeen hours without rest. She was punishing herself for her mistake, Her body was exhausted, her costume was dirty from her hard work and sweat.

Martha stood on the ledge of a rooftop facing one a large newly placed billboard featuring an add for Channel News 4 featuring the image of her sister holding a microphone with the written advertisement: “Action News 4, we’re on the job, where are you?”    

She heard a beeping sound from her belt. Martha remembered she switched off her encripted cell phone. It was a text message from Brett: “You need to take a break, rest and sleep. You can’t keep blaiming yourself or you’ll get yourself killed!”

“He’s right,” thought Martha. “But maybe in an hour..”


On Channel 4 Action News…

“Amazing Woman dominated the news again last night, bringing down two Mafia crime-lords with her heroics,” said Jasmine in a spunky voice. “It looks like the black bombshell is making up for her lack of appearance during the attack of the crime three nights ago. In related news Chief of Police Mary Martha Langstrom is to have rumored to ordered her remaining police forces off the search of Amazing Woman. For insight on this I welcome our guest Detective Doris Major.”

Jasmine smiled and the camera tilted over to the police officer seated at the desk beside her.

“Doris, has the Amazing Woman been given the OK by the police,” asked Jasmine.

“Absolutely not,” said Doris. “However the remaining police officers have to regroup, certain cases are simply being put on hold for now. We lost two police stations and twenty-two good officers. We have to look at the bigger picture, in addition to helping citizens and ongoing intense investigation behind figuring out who was the mastermind of this coordinated attack. The President of the United States hasn’t cancelled his planned trip to Metro City, he’ll be touring the riot areas and we’ll be working closely with the secret service to guarantee his safety. Right now we don’t have the manpower to chase after a half naked woman in a swimsuit.”

“What Countess Dante’s statement about inviting Amazing Woman to her 43rd birthday party,” asked Jasmine.

“I’m sure she said that to draw headlines,” said Doris with a laugh. “I’m sure Amazing Woman will show up there, in fact one or two of her. It is a costume party after all.”

“I myself will have to keep a close eye out for her then,” said Jasmine as the newscast came close to ending, “I’ve been invited to the party myself by the gracious Countess, I’ll be giving Channel 4 an inside look at the birthday party of the century, Who knows, maybe Amazing Woman will actually show up!”


Meanwhile at the Old Westwood Mansion…

“I don’t think this is such a great idea,” said Timothy as he looked at the bizare set of clothes that rested on SuSu’s bed.

Timothy had been sneaking in and out the manison for days now. Only SuSu , Suzette and Vincent knew he of secret visits there.

“Is there something wrong with it,” asked SuSu. “Suzette spent days sewing it together.”

“No, no the costume is fine,” said Timothy, “But I don’t know who I’m supposed to be wearing this… I don’t remember this red, yellow, green costume ever being worn by any hero. What does the yellow “W” on the chest stand for?”

“It stands for Wonderboy silly,” giggled SuSu.

“And how will I get into without getting shot by the secret service,” asked Timothy. “Sneaking past your regular bodyguards is hard enough, but the secret service is the best of the best.”

“By walking through the front door and all the check points,” said Suzette waving a small piece of paper in her hand and walked over and handed it to Timothy. “I had Vincent make one extra invitation and made sure the secret service had you on the approved guest list.”

“Who are you going to be,” asked Timothy turning his head back to SuSu.

“That’s a surprise,” giggled SuSu. “On Timothy when you get dressed up, be sure to dye your hair or mother might spot you instantly.”

“She might spot me anyhow,” said Timothy “I mean… no pants and these green briefs called shorts.. Couldn’t I be…”

“No,” interrupted SuSu. “Lets make a little wager… you wear that out the party and maybe later you’ll see me in my birthday suit.”

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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