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Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
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Brett almost leapt across the table, ready to make AW's- Martha's- statement about "fucking like bunnies"- come true right now. A simple straight-arm from Martha threw him back.

"Not so fast. rookie. We have a death to plan- assuming that's a 'yes'?"

'Definitely- to both propositions. But why do I have to- well- die?" 

"Standard policy. The fact is, it's nearly impossible to hide someone's identity. In the old days, someone like Miss .45 or The Black Rider could wear a fedora and a domino mask, and no one could ID them. Nowadays, there's DNA, facial recognition software- all great to catch criminals, but lousy for masked vigilantes. SWORD can scrub a lot of records, and set up traps on others  but nothing's perfect. Easier to hide a dead man than a live one. Plus, when an iD comes up as "deceased", investigators get flummoxed."

The rest of the meal was spent in discussion of various options- the incident would require that he be noticed, identified, then seen to die in a fashion that would destroy his body. SWORD had provided blood and even some cloned tissue, to help sell the death. But the whole time, both of them were devouring each other with their eyes. Martha loved the way Brett looked in his suit- hhe had shaved his beard a few days after they had met, but thought he looked too much like a kid, so he had cultivated a "stubble'- Martha had always felt that was a cheesy look, but it worked on him. Definitely.

For his part, Brett couldn't stop looking at Martha's gorgeous lips and eyes. Well, and lower- damn, but she had magnificent tits! His cock had been hard for a full half-hour before she said "well, I guess that's it."

Brett stood. Martha stared at the hard outline of his cock in his slacks.

'Well," she said, licking her lips, "I had planned that we would kill you first, but i suppose you can't go out in that condition." Come over here."
 Brett tried to be cool and suave- but his hard-on was actually painful. he stumble as he got to her.

Martha smiled up at him. She was gorgeous. She reached out, and unzipped him, then reached in and pulled out his cock. It was long- longer than she had thought- but not thicker than average. Her tongue flicked out and lightly touched the head. Brett shivered- even her touch had almost set him over the edge. he didn't want to come too fast- he wanted to- needed to- impress her. But it had been so long!

Martha wanted this cock. She fought the desire to just throw him down on the table and ride him. It had been a long time for her- the mission didn't allow for a social life- there was an unwritten rule in SWORD that relationships amongst operatives was encouraged- Capt. justice knew form experience how horny heroes could be taken advantage of by villains- but she hadn't been with anyone for years. She knew that was at least part of the reason she had hoped Brett would answer the call.

But, for now- she opened her full lips wide and swallowed him. His 9-inches started down her throat, Brett gasped- none of the girls in his high school, or even Miss Evans, his drama teacher (who had told him that what they were doing after school was just to help him in his acting), had swallowed him this deep. She came up again, making sure to work her tongue on his shaft. He released his cock, shiny with her spit, and looked up at him. 

"I know what you really want, rookie." And with that, she reached behind her, and undid the straps holding up her dress. Her breasts were exposed to him for the first time.

They were flawless. Huge, wide, round, with large chocolate drop nipples. They sagged only slightly fromt their weight. Brett reached down, and grabbed them. Martha had a sharp intake of breath.

"Not so hard, okay? My babies are very sensitive." Bret, chagrined released them. Martha chuckled, deep in her throat. "I didn't say let go. Think of caressing, rather than grabbing."

brett held the magnificent breasts- even more beautiful than he had imagined- in his hands. he fingers brushed the nipples, and Martha shivered. "Let me-" she gasped, and sat up straighter in her chair. Her breasts brushed against his cock. Their softness sent shivers through him. She place her hands over his, and molded her breasts around his cock. it was nearly swallowed in her cleavage.  She moved them up and down, slowly, and then picked up speed.

Brett had never felt anything like it. He was- and, in an instant, he started to cum.

Thick white streams shot out actually shooting over Martha's head. she grabbed her breasts more tightly, feeling the hot liquid cum into her cleavage. Brett's knees were  buckling- only the tight grip she had on his cock kept him from falling.

After he stopped, he stumbled back into his chair. Martha sat their, breast shiny with his cumm, rubbing it into her skin. He was ashamed at how fast it had all happened.

"Good, now you'll last a good long time when we start up again. But, for now, we have preparations to make. Here- take this." She handed him a small green capsule she pulled out of a compartment in her bracelet.

'What is it? Some sort of viagra- 'cuz I'm not going to need that."

'Calm down, stud- think of it as a super-vitamin. It's called J-10- it's a derivation of the formula that turned Matthew Morrison into Capt. Justice. It won't give you super-strength, or anything- just helps your body reach it's potential- promotes faster healing, you'll take in more oxygen with each breath, your muscles will become more efficient, things like that. I'm going to clean up. You check the computer and the radio for any likely hot spots where you might be able to die." 

She walked away, then turned in the doorway. She was radiant. "Oh, and J-10? I hear it does help you keep an erection- and the more than 4 hours thing is perfectly fine."

Brett swallowed the pill, and turned on the computer and the police radio- usually, it was kept on all the time, in case there was anything Amazing Woman needed to help with. He guessed she turned it off in honor of tonight's festivities.

The amount of chatter was overwhelming  it's like every frequency was being used. he checked the computer- in addition to being tied into police, FBI, and all press outlets, it had a special algorithm that separates reports into importance, grading them as red (major)- yellow (minor) and green (interesting)- everything on the screen was red or yellow. Something big was up in Metro City tonight!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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