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by 80sRich
Storyline Amazing Woman: The Legend Begins
Characters Amazing Woman
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Amazing Woman led Brett towards the back of the garage, she walked towards some Sealey Racking which seemed to contain old oil cans. She pressed her palm against the wall just to the side and the racking and part of the wall that it was attached to spun through 90 degrees. 

Brett was struggling to take it all in, his heart was very much broken, and his rage was boiling up inside  even so he realised he was seeing something incredible. For some reason this beautiful black vigilante was revealing secrets to him. She was trusting him like his father used to. It was a good feeling. He knew what a risk this was to her. Brett looked at Amazing Woman's  back as she walked through the open door. She was strong and certainly skilled in fighting, but he was fairly sure that if it came down to a fair fight he could take her. Though as allies he knew it wouldn't come to that.

Brett followed her through the door and it clicked shut behind them. He was now standing in a large room filled with computers. he expected other people to be there, but the room was empty. There were at least fifteen screens around the room, all showing news footage, police information, city business transactions. It was real information overload. Especially as he hadn't even touched a computer since the day he ran away. 

He turned to his side and saw that Amazing Woman had stripped off one high heeled boot and was about to take off the other. As he bent to undo his trainers he noticed that the black heroine's feet were bare inside the boots.

"You don't need to do that honey." Martha said, her voice quieter and softer now they were on her secure ground. "I'm just taking them off to give my feet a rest, these boots may look beautiful but they hurt like hell after a while."

Brett smiled down as she crouched to the side of him unzipping her other boot. 

"I could always give you a foot rub if you wanted," he said unable to stop himself, the line coming out easily.

Martha snorted with laughter and then giggled, she'd seen his old internet search history so she wasn't surprised that's what he'd been thinking, but he was surprised he'd said it out loud. Still it was a good sign that he could think of other things despite his rage.

"Slow down cowboy," Martha said standing upright, shorter now without her heeled boots on.

"Why don't you wear more comfortable boots if those ones hurt you? It can't be easy fighting in heels all the time" Brett asked releaved that Amazing Woman hadn't taken offence at his offer.

"I like the height advantage they give me and they look amazing, I'm just used to wearing military boots that's all, I used to live in heels, I'll soon get used to them again," she said and smiled at him.

"Well maybe you'd let me try and make them more comfortable for you? I did a semester on footwear design," he said wanting to be helpful.

Martha laughed again, "When I was in high school the hot boys didn't spend their time designing shoes," she paused, "Anyway, we need to get you cleaned up before we do anything else. I've got a lot to talk to you about. Follow me."

Brett followed Amazing Woman, unable to stop his eyes resting on her shiny green hotpants which were stretched beyond their limit over her large but firm ass. He found himself marvelling at how black girls always had great asses when he realised they were both standing in her room.

It was small, about maybe a tenth of the size of the main room. It had one small single bed that looked like it had come straight off a military base, a small set of drawers to the side of it, and a large wardrobe. Apart from that the room was empty, it didn't even have a window. Everything was immaculate and dust free. 

He surveyed the room and knew for sure that Amazing Woman had been in the military. 

"You want this room," Martha said pushing open a door to a small bathroom. "Put your clothes out here and I'll see if I can get any of them clean whilst you wash up.

Brett smiled and stepped into the small bathroom and began stripping off revealing his young lean body he was unsure what was happening but knew that things could be a lot worse for him right now.

Martha closed the door to her bedroom and sat at one of the computer terminals. Telling herself she was just going to check if Brett was all right she switched on the camera in the bathroom and watched.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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