Laura wants to teach Innocent Jean about how women can love each other

by LesLes
Storyline The Return of the Black Queen
Characters Jean Gray X-23
Category Corruption F/F Female Dom Marvel Masturbation Mind Control
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[Had this one half-finished when the story moved past in, but decided to go back and finish it.]

"But two girls can't... you know. What would go in the- the-"

Laura looked at Jean. She still found it hard sometimes to understand what other people were thinking or feeling just from their facial expressions or the tone of their voice. However, Jean's face was bright red and she had not been looking at Laura even as she had been speaking with some animation. Now she had fallen silent mid-sentence. This indicated embarrassment.

The scent of sex was still strong to Laura's enhanced senses and the noises from the next room loud as she considered what to say.

"What would go in the vagina? Tongues, fingers, dildos, vibrators."

The Black Queen's pushed her own fingers slowly in and out of her hungry snatch. Her mind enveloped X-23's, shielding them from discovery by the school's other psychics and controlling the black-haired girl's senses. The Black Queen masturbated without shame on the bed, rising to her knees without once removing fingers from beneath the black thong that had helped make her a dominatrix once more. Instead X-23 saw Jean squirm uncomfortable at the dirty words. A potential friend instead of a future mistress.

The Black Queen pushed a little harder against the trusting girl's pysche. Thinking about sex had brought surprising memories to the front of X-23's mind. Memories the Black Queen found as fascinating as they were unexpected. A little push and Laura wanted to tell sweet innocent Jean all about them.

"I have had some experience."

X-23 took a deep breath. The only thing she was ashamed of in her life were the people she had killed. But she had learned to tell only those she trusted about this aspect of her past. Cautiously she sat on the bed, beside Jean in her neatly pressed flannel pyjamas.

"I was created and trained as an assassin. After I escaped the Facility I had nowhere to go. I ended up on the streets of New York. I made the money I needed to live as a prostitute. A few women paid me as well as men."

Laura felt out of breath. She rarely gave such long speeches. But she trusted Jean. She trusted Jean completely.

"You mean you let them. With the tongues and fingers. And the other things."

Jean's eyes were as wide as saucers but she didn't look away.

"Yes, for money."

Jean mouth hung open and then she slumped defeated with tears in her eyes.

"I've only ever kissed a boy. And only two of those."

Awkwardly Laura hugged Jean, arms holding her stiffly to pat her gently on the back. Laura felt out of her depth. She could inflitrate a Purifier stronghold, kill the zealots' leader and be gone unobserved but comforting a sniffling girl was strange teritory for her.

The Black Queen rubbed herself against X-23's body. Laura Kinney had an athletic build, hard and muscular except for the softness of her small pert breasts. The Black Queen wanted her.

"I am sure you... they... enjoyed the kisses."

Laura had hoped that her words would comfort Jean, but instead they seemed to make her even sadder. Then suddenly Jean pushed them a little apart to look into Laura's eyes. She looked determined but still embarrassed.

"Teach me how to kiss! You're an expert, right?"

"I--," Laura paused trying to gather her thoughts.

The Black Queen laughed as she ran a finger wet with her pussy juices up X-23's jaw and along thin lips unused to smiling. She pushed harder against the girl's mind, finding the neediness of the clone's desire for a friend and filling it with trust and hope. From the depth's of X-23's psyche she pulled up other even more useful memories.

"I can pay you. Please, Laura?"


Laura wanted to please Jean. She'd always known the red-head was pretty but suddenly that seemed like such an important realisation. She wanted to kiss the sweet innocent girl and getting paid for it was a great bonus.

Laura leaned forward and gently brushed her lips against Jean's; a chance for the other girl to back out and at the same time teasing her with the prospect of more. Jean shivered and sighed, her mouth open just a little. Laura stroked Jean's long red hair as she pushed her lips against Jean's and hestitantly Jean reciprocated. A kiss!

Jean Grey had never kissed a girl, but the Black Queen had ravaged the mouth's of dozens of submissive sluts. For a moment the Black Queen shivered and hesitated as the dissonance between her innocent body and her corrupt mind threatened to overwhelm her. The psychic resonance in her erotic new outfit - black boots, black corset and black thong - steadied her and filled her with the memories of her "past" life as Hellfire's Black Queen.

Uncomprehending, Laura felt a little of the psychic backlash and pushed her tongue aggressively into Jean's welcoming mouth. It was as if it were a signal. Jean grabbed bunches of Laura's shoulder-length black hair and pushed her tongue deep into Laura's mouth. Her kiss was demanding, controlling and unrelenting.

Laura tried to keep up but it was so much easier just to surrender. So much easier to just let Jean do what she wanted and yield, to concentrate on giving Jean pleasure. That was what Jean was paying her for, and Laura wanted the sweet girl to be a repeat customer.

The Black Queen squirmed and turned, without breaking the wanton kiss, and pushed Laura onto her back on the bed. Thighs straddling one of the raven-haired girl's legs she began to rub herself against the girl's tight leather pants. The friction wasn't enough and with a mewl of frustration the Black Queen pushed a hand under her thong, fingers stretching her virgin body's tight pussy as a thumb flicked over and across her unhooded clit.

The Black Queen's other hand began to play with X-23's small breasts.

Jean broke the kiss and one-handed pushed herself up to look down on Laura. Jean looked flush. Laura's heart fluttered with pleasure and desire, even as a tiny part of her hoped for a little extra cash for her efforts.

"Laura, that was amazing! You really are an expert. I bet I have so much more you could teach me."

Jean glanced down and again her eyes went wide. Jean's innocence made Laura felt giddy with desire. Laura looked down. Her nipples were poking up through the stretchy fabric of her black sports bra. She looked back up at Jean. The telepath was still staring at her breasts as if mesmerised.

"My nipples have hardened in response to sexual stimulation. Your stimulation."

"Sexual? Me?!"

Jean swallowed nervously. The Black Queen flooded X-23's mind with her fantasies as the girl's resistance crumbled.

"Mouths are not the only place that can be kissed. I will not charge much."

Laura ignored Jean's question and the girl seemed speechless as Laura popped a bone claw from her arm and cut away the sports bra to reveal her breasts. Jean's soft lips were sucking at a hard nipple before Laura could pull the fabric away.

"Yes, yes, suck my whore tits," Laura mumbled as pleasure rushed from her tits to her head. "Bite my nipples, make them bleed. They'll heal. Oh fuck, yes, that's hurts so good."

Laura loved the pain, tied up and fucked by a Jane she secretly thanked her makers for the healing factor that allowed her to be abused so.

The Black Queen's tasted the coppery taste of blood and it was good. She couldn't wait much longer. She poured corruption into X-23's mind.

"I want to fuck your sweet innocent cunt, Jean. I wanted to taste you so bad. Oh, fuck yes, squeeze that titflesh. Try and leave your mark, you dominatrix bitch, I'll heal. I'm such a dirty whore. Pay me to lick your pussy. Please I want your cum so badly."

With a soft slurp the Black Queen withdrew her fingers from her cunt and released Laura's abused breasts. She stood and strode on high heels to the dorm room's desk and from a drawer took a half-dozen dollar notes. She didn't look to see how much.

"How much will this buy?" Jean asked with innocent curiosity.

Laura took the money. Still in control of X-23's senses Laura counted nearly $500 as the sound and smell of sex enveloped her. It seemed so much closer than the next room. The Black Queen was deep in X-23's mind. Laura didn't wonder why Jean had so much money. Jean took the money back off her and carefully pushed each note under the band of Laura's panties.

"How much? For this much? Anything you like, Jean. I'm your girl for the night. You can fuck my whore cunt. You can pound me in the ass. I have a healing factor. You can hurt me as much as you like. As long as you don't kill me."

Laura blinked. Jean had changed costumes while she wasn't paying attention. It was a lot like Emma Frost's old outfit only black. Laura liked it a lot better than the pyjamas. It made Jean look like a slut. Like the kind of woman who would fuck Laura for money. She didn't wonder how Jean had changed so quickly.

"Oh, Laura, that sounds wonderful!" Jean exclaimed and jumped for joy. Then she pulled her thong off and threw it aside. She stood and opened her legs, balancing on her high heels. Laura was already kissing her way up the Black Queen's thighs to the honeypot between her legs.

"But couldn't I do more for you? I know you like being fucked for money. I know! I could find out who wants to use you and how much they'll pay. I bet Hellion would love to have your tits squeeze his cock while he cums all over you. And Jubilee's just going to die again sitting on your face while you lap every bit or juice out of her cold vampire cunt. Laura, let me do this for you. Let me sell you like meat. Please?"

Laura replaced the tongue following the contours of Jean's labia with fingers as she withdrew her head from between the red-head's thighs to answer her question with one of her own.

"You want to be my pimp?"

Jean looked puzzled. The Black Queen laughed as X-23 slowly pushed a finger into Jean's tight wet snatch, another hand rubbing through her fiery red pubic hair and teasing at her clit.

"A pimp is-- " Laura paused as she considered. Her pimp Zebra Daddy had sold her body and kept most of the money. When she had tried to escape she had had to kill him to protect her friends. "A pimp is someone who sells a prostitute for sex. Rents her out like a car. In return they offer protection. Or often just drugs. I stopped being a whore when I lost my pimp. Do you really want to be my pimp?"

"Laura," Jean looked at her solemnly, "Yes, I do."

"Cool," Laura tried to be nonchalant. But this was so exciting! Jean was a super friend to think of Laura like this. None of the other X-Men had realised that Laura was a harlot who needed regular fucking, a whore who desperately needed to be told who to fuck and for how much. Jean was the best!

"And all I ask in return is that you obey me with slavish devotion and utterly unquestioning loyalty. I mean would you get another girl for me? Drag her from her bed and bring her here. Cut off her clothes with your claws and hold her down while I sucked on her tits and pushed my finger into her pussy. All while I broke her mind and turned her into my submissive sex-slave. Would you do that for me?"

Laura's mouth was dry. She was imagining doing exactly that to her old roommates Dust and Pixie. It was impossibly hot. It was everything Laura wanted from life.


Laura knew that all girls were sluts. Somehow she hadn't noticed before. But talking with Jean had opened her eyes. Jean seemed so prim and respectable. But it turned out she was a total nympho slut. They all were. And why wouldn't they be? Sex was great. Laura loved being fucked. But girls were stupid too. They put out for free even though they could get paid.

"Thank you, Laura. I'm so glad we had this hear-to-heart. You don't mind that I've corrupted you and that I'm going to use you ruthlessly?"

"No, Jean, I love what you've done to me."

"Oh, that's swell, Laura. That's really swell. Now you need a professional name. You're in the oldest profession after all. For now you can be a Black Pawn."

"I'm your Black Pawn, Jean."

Jean slapped her hard across the mouth.

"Unless I'm trying to hide what I am you'll call me 'Black Queen' or 'your majesty', you fucking slut. 'Mistress' will do too."

Laura tingled with pleasure where Jean, no, where the Black Queen had struck her. Laura was dimly aware that her memories were changing. It didn't matter, she knew she had to open her mind completely to her new pimp: the Black Queen of the Hellfire Club. After all the Hellfire Club had paid for her creation, trained her to kill and fuck and infiltrated her into the heart of the X-Men with fake memories and a trail of bodies. The Hellfire Club's regular payments kept her entirely loyal now she remembered the truth. She loved being the Black Queen's tame assassin and willing whore.

"Yes, your majesty." Laura rubbed her jaw. "Mistress, your Black Pawn awaits your orders."

"Make me come, slut. Make me orgasm till I can't stand. And then, maybe, you'll have to fuck the next slave alone."

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