Hotaru becomes Mistress Saturn

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Corruption Change of clothes
Previous Chapter Dark Neptune and Haruka

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Hotaru was in great despair as she was turned in to a statue by Endymon's magic, unable to move or protest.  Forced to watch as the two women she'd always considered her parents were robbed of their will, love, and humanity.  Jupiter who she had sworn to protect now freely proclaimed herself a Dark Senshi and Hotaru had no doubt that her fate would be similar.  She could not see the lone male but as she heard the sound of metal hitting the ground it was not difficult to imagine what the the former prince of the Earth was planning to do.  Despite her frozen state, Hotaru's sense of touch had been made hyper aware and while this made the rose sticking in her all the more painful it made's Dark Moon's kiss feel seductive and heady till Hotaru thought she'd had her breath sucked away.  When Mamoru stuck his dick inside her, Hotaru could feel every inch, every throbbing vein, all inside of her.  Hotaru wanted to protest this treatment but not a sound escaped her lips.  Out of the corner of her eye, Hotaru saw Michiru gain conciousness and for one traitorous moment hoped that she would prove strong and rescue the girl she thought of as a daughter.

Michiru's eyes were white like the dead and her outfit fell to pieces around her.  Hotaru's hope was dashed as Michiru clothed herself in darkness and only looked at Hotaru with jealosy.  There was no hope, they had not bought any time for Setsuna beside a moment.  Even now Dark Mercury must be attacking the Gaurdian of time and considering how easily they had all fallen what chance did Pluto stand.  It was impossible to resist and Hotaru just wished they would convert her as well and be done with their games.  As she was, this fall was to painful for her to bear and she tried to beg them to change her but nothing came from her lips and the two had their way with her.

When they finished, Saturn was set back aright and could now clearly see what Dark Neptune was doing to Haruka.  Her body was completely still but the mask on her face was beginning to get a distinctive swirl to it like a snake on sand.  It's depths seemed endless but then a pair of lips formed on the surface of the mask. In a voice that was clearly Haruka's it said, "What are you doing to me? I can't move my body, Michiru you have to help me."

Dark Neptune licked her finger and placed the digit into Haruka's 'mouth'.  The lips began to suck on the finger, "I am helping you, why in a little while you won't even remember what you were.  You'll feel much better after that happens.  I promise."

Hotaru stared as Neptune attempted to remove her finger, and Haruka unwilling to let it happen, the lips pulled outwards till they formed a muzzle of sharp teeth trying to bite the finger off and consume it.  Haruka was unable and once Neptune's finger had been removed the muzzle flattened back in to the mask leaving it blank. "Yes you are coming along nicely."

Hotaru, wanted to see more and to understand what was happening but then Dark Venus was standing in the way.  Never one to be complimented on her intelligence before, the look in her eyes now was empty of any expression and life Hotaru had so connected with the Senshi she had known before.  Dark Moon placed on hand on Hotaru's shoulder while Venus placed her hand on the other.  Black cloth formed out of those hands and began to wrap around her form till she was wholly covered.  

Hotaru felt the power of Darkness enter her body, it was a power she was familiar with, that her body was familiar with.  Saturn had gone under a similar change before as the leader of the Silence, Mistress 9.  Seeking to release her lord and master Pharoah 90 but that time the Senshi had proven stronger and the world had been sealed so that he could not come through here.  Reintroduced to this power, Saturn was like an addict that had just been shown a room full of her drug of choice.

Her will weak from what had been done to her, Hotaru did all she could to take in this power and make it her own.  Her mind was filled with the knowledge of her master, who's power and glory was both beautiful and terrible to behold.  Hotaru learned the name of her Master but dare not speak it for it was blasphemy to speak to familiar of her God.  She had been chosen by his handmaidens to become a messenger and warrior for his coming.  Soon after Venus and Moon removed their hands Mistress Saturn stood tall in a similar dress to the one that Moon and Mars were wearing, the emblem of Saturn on her chest.  Sensing victory so close she told the two, "Quick we must go help Mercury and deal with Pluto this instant."

Dark Moon looked at Saturn, "You think Dark Mercury will have trouble with Pluto?"

Saturn nodded, "Of all of us, Pluto is most prepared to fight back the Darkness of the Universe.  We must hurry before she achieves her objective and open the time gates."

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