Saturn is right and Mercury is on the ropes

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Bondage Change of clothes Masturbation Corruption
Previous Chapter Hotaru becomes Mistress Saturn

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Dark Mercury attempted to close the distance with Pluto and place her hands on the Guardian of Time.  Mercury was surprised when Pluto made no attempt to dodge the attack and instead of covering her form like had happened to the others the binding cloth fell off Pluto to her feet.  A protest came from her lips and then she cried out as Setsuna hit her with the staff and threw Mercury back against a wall. Mercury coughed, "How? None of the others stood a chance."

Setsuna looked sorrowful and said, "It is a small protection earned from my millenia of protecting this Solar System from similar threats.  If I had not stepped away from the Gates as the Princess asked of me I could have stopped this from happening.  I'm so sorry."

Dark Mercury pointed her finger, forming a spear of ice and launched it only for Pluto to simply bat it away.  In a whisper Mercury could barely hear Pluto put her own hand forward, "Dead Scream."

A ball of darkness, dread, energy, and force shot forward and crashed against her causing her to cry out in pain. Setsuna sent a second blast at the wall of ice sealing the Gates to shatter.  Pluto opened the gate, light spilling out and she took a step forward only for a blade of darkness to fly out and make Setsuna swing her staff to try and knowck the blade away.  Pluto was a hair to slow and a thin cut on her arm.

Pluto stared as she adjusted enough to the light to see herself hanging in the arch wearing only chains of silver and gold and bound to the Gate though with enough give that she could move her body freely.  Pluto looked in to what could only be her future self's eyes but in them she only saw madness and lust. "The Queen promised this day would come. I've been waiting so long I almost thought she was lying.  You won't tell the Queen will you?"

This Dark Pluto had a grin like a shark and Setsuna tried to send an attack at the woman but she was frustrated as her attack was absorbed by the Dark Pluto, going along her chains and causing a link to fracture.  Setsuna was then forced to dodge herself as Dark Pluto and Dark Mercury attacked from different angles and with a grace of a dancer she moved between the attacks only to be knicked again, this time on the leg.

"Give it up Pluto, you've already lost." Mercury taunted and Dark Pluto, having recieved another attack had broken the chains on her right arm and formed a scythe of darkness.  One thing Pluto did realize was that her double didn't have the key to the time gates and Pluto only had one thing she could do before she was defeated.  Even now Pluto could hear the pounding feet of the other Dark Senshi coming.  Pluto held her staff in front of her and pointed it at the gates and Dark Pluto cried out in anger, "I will not let you do this to me!"

Setsuna yelled, "Dark Dome Close."  Sailor Pluto's most powerful attack it would seal off the time gates and though the future might be doomed at least the past will be protected from the evil that was coming.  That much at least she could do.  The Gates of Time were closing, without the Staff it could even be forever.  Risking it, Setsuna hurled the staff in to the closing gates.  Dark Pluto attempted to grab it when the one staff became hundreds that passed through Dark Pluto's body and chains.  Dark Pluto knew this was an illusion and desperately tried to grab hold of the real key but her attempt was in vain. Dark Pluto let out a scream of rage which was only silenced when the Gates closed and the seal of Pluto formed over the doors.  

It was at that point that Dark Moon, Venus, and Saturn arrived. Able to back up Mercury, it was only a matter of time before Dark Moon manifested the Moon Stick, "Dark Moon Corrupting Escalation!"

Setsuna, bruised and bloodied was struck by the attack and she felt her wounds healed from her body even as her uniform was dispelled from her.  Setsuna didn't even know why she had been so against this before as silver manacles and collar appeared on her body.  Dark Venus then formed golden chains to bind her to the Time Gates.  Dark Pluto loved the feel of those chains and how they restrained her.  "Fuck me," Setsuna begged, trying to masturbate but each of them left her alone.  Setsuna licked her fingers and rubbed her pussy, angry that they would leave her like this.  If Setsuna had a chance, she'd totally fuck over that past self of hers, then Setsuna would get all the fucking she could ever want, all she needed was to wait.

It was destiny, someone would open up the Time Gates and then Pluto would fuck them. Someone always opened the gates eventually. The thought got off Pluto for a little while.

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