Dark Neptune and Haruka

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Absolutely Everyone
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Michiru was dead, Rei had stabbed that dagger in to her chest with out a care, her strange tongue speaking words that had made no sense but had offended her from hearing them.  Michiru had struggled before the pain had become unbearable and she had fainted.  Fainted, Michiru couldn't help but laugh at the choice of words, she hadn't fainted, she had died and now she was going on to whatever happened next. When Michiru opened her eyes she found that her death had been fleeting and she was back in the hell of the Dark Senshi. Michiru's looked down to see what injuries she'd received and saw her uniform dissolve in to tatters and off her body leaving it bare to anyone who would look.  Michiru's skin looked pale as a corpse and and her nails had grown to points past her fingertips.  

Looking around the room, Michiru could see Haruka bound in Venus' light in a manner Michiru hadn't seen Haruka in since the first year they had begun going out.  Looking over to Mistress Mars, Michiru could see Rei steadily calling on the power of the demon inside Jupiter to mold her body to better please Mistress Mars.  Looking at Hotaru, Michiru felt a thrill run through her as she saw Dark Moon kissing the paralyzed girl and Dark Kamen releasing the protective armor around his groin.  Michiru licked her lips at the size of his cock and was a little jealous of the Princess and Saturn even as Usagi rocked Hotaru onto that cock so it began going up her butt. Michiru didn't find the action offensive like she knew she would have before, instead she only wanted to join in with the royal couple even though cocks had never been her concern before she had died.  

Michiru attempted to feel out her power as a Senshi and realized it had been lost to her.  Her mind felt a different power in its place and the knowledge of how to use it was as easy to recall as what she had for dinner last night.  Michiru called on the power within, and was pleased to see fabric cover her breasts and pussy in a mid riff baring one piece.  Black shadows covered her hands and feet like latex gloves and stockings that had the perfect lengths for her fingers and toes and went to her elbows and knees respectively with long tendrils that moved like black fire through the air and across her skin at the ends.  A latex choker with a blood red jewel and the mark of Neptune was around her neck and her outfit was complete.

Neptune realized that from her death she had been reborn in the darkness and was now ignored by her former attackers. Neptune considered taking revenge but worried that Mistress Mars would not welcome the distraction of Neptune's attention at this time. Michiru moved to where Haruka was still bound and breathed in the captive's scent.  Haruka was staring at Neptune with wide eyes and tried to say something so Neptune feeling curious, removed Haruka's gag to hear her words.  "Michiru? Are you in there, you have to help me."

Neptune's blood red lips pulled in to a seductive smile that revealed her vampire fangs.  Neptune caressed Haruka's cheek, "There is no Michiru anymore, only Dark Neptune.  Be pulled in to my depths and your spirit crushed."

Tendrils of darkness from her gloves emerged from Michiru's wrists and wrapped around Haruka's head and hardening to create a mask that covered Uranus' face completely held on by a band of shadow.  The face of the mask was blank, tendrils grew out of the band and entered Haruka's ears causing her body to go completely still.  

Trusting in her magic, Neptune formed a scythe blade and sliced through the ropes holding Haruka.  Haruka continued to lay there and Neptune didn't mind, by the time Mistress Mars finished with her changes of Jupiter in to a full blooded succubus, Uranus would be ready to receive her own dagger. Haruka's connection to Uranus replaced with a demons was what Neptune longed for but until then she could play with her lover. Neptune rolled Uranus on to her back and began caressing her lovers body and despite her pacified state Neptune was pleased to see Uranus' body responding to Neptune's touch.  Uranus' nipples were hardening, the cloth over her pussy was becoming damp, and Neptune could see Uranus was beginning to to take quick breaths from watching her stomach.  It would take some time if Mistress Mars didn't help but Neptune didn't mind, watching Uranus change was satisfying by itself.

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