Jupiter makes it to the Mansion in time

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Sailor Jupiter
Previous Chapter Tuxedo Kamen arrives at the scene to protect his Sailor Moon

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Makoto arrived at the Outer's mansion, a colonial mansion that looked quite dreary from the outside.  An iron wrought fence surrounded the property and an expansive lawn with green grass and a small garden plot had been made against the building's side.  The ground of the plot looked freshly tilled though no flowers grew from the soil.  Makoto ran up to the gate and pulled it open just enough for her to slide through the gap and slammed it closed behind her.  It probably wouldn't mean anything but she made sure to lock it as well before going up the driveway, up the stairs on to the patio and began pounding on the door as hard as she could.  Looking behind her, Makoto couldn't see anyone behind her but it was no help for how much her own heart was pounding.

Makoto was glad to see that the lights in the building were on. It was only a short time before Setsuna opened the door to reveal the sight of Sailor Jupiter looking worn and panting heavily.  "Makoto?  What's wrong?  Where are the others?"

Makoto wrapped her arms around Setsuna's waist and cried. Setsuna feeling her stomach drop even as her mind tried to consider what could have occurred.  Pulling the girl inside and to the kitchen, the two passed the living room where Michiru and Haruka had been watching a movie and the dining room where Hotaru had been putting together a puzzle that was already taking up a significant portion of the table.  

Sitting Makoto down at the table the Outer Senshi listened to the hysteric Jupiter and grimaced at the news.  Haruka turned to Setsuna and asked, "You're going on about the future, won't this change it?"

Setsuna transformed in to Sailor Pluto and summoned her staff, using its connection to the time gates to view the possibilities and what she saw rocked her to the core.  The possibility of Crystal Tokyo, that glittering Utopia that would lead the world in a golden era of peace for a millinium, existing as planned was now down to 1% and in its place was a perversion of chaos.  Monsters roamed the streets feeding on people in chains and war spread from its streets to around the world again and again.  Over it all a Dark Queen and her court lived hedonistic lives and planned new ways to inspire suffering and madness in their domains.  The sight of it all made Setsuna sick to her stomach but this was only one possible future, even though this was only one possible future and it would not be hard to find a worse one. Considering the odds Setsuna knew that their chances of success were almost non-existent but there was still one thing she could try and do.  She would go through the time gates and stop whatever had started this at the source. Looking at each of the Senshi around her she once again felt her duty weighing heavily upon her.  "Things look bad but we still have a chance.  It appears that our friends can be weakened by the light of her attacks but things do not look good for us. I must ask you to stay here and buy me time while I go to the time gates.  I wish you great success my sisters-in-arms."

Haruka, Michiru, and Hotaru transformed in to Sailors Uranus, Neptune, and Saturn respectively.  They all understood the odds weren't good if Sailor Pluto was not standing with them in this fight and they were likely just going to be a speed bump to the incoming Dark Senshi but they would buy as much time as they could.  Standing in the lobby, Jupiter saw their conviction and could do no less and stood with them.

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