Tuxedo Kamen arrives at the scene to protect his Sailor Moon

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Sailor Venus
Category Change of clothes Body Modification Corruption M/F
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Still regaining their strength it was a surprise when undetected by them a man wearing a tuxedo seemed to fall out of the sky and land in the middle of them.  Dark Mercury worried that he would paralyze them with his roses and lead to their purification.  Grasping the power of her magic, she threw an icicle at him but it was only a few inches long and Dark Mercury's aim was off. Tuxedo Kamen didn't even attempt to dodge the attack and moved towards Dark Moon who looked like she had recovered more, struggling to her feet until she was standing if a little unsteadily.

"Why have you come? I did not request your presence." Dark Moon asked.

Tuxedo Kamen went down to one knee and bowed his head, "I sensed you were in trouble my Princess of Darkness and followed my compulsion to face any who would threaten you even if it cost my own life."

"Then you have done well my prince.  Jupiter has weakened us all but perhaps you could do something to help us regain our strength?" Moon asked.

Pleased with this turn of events but curious as to how they had occurred, Dark Mercury summoned her Mercury computer, an opaque wrap around visor appearing over her face and looked closely at the two scanning them.  Mercury realized that the two were bound by lunar magic and that when she had corrupted Usagi, that bond had corrupted Mamoru as well, perhaps that even explained why it had taken so long for Usagi's conversion as her destined lover had bought her a few precious moments that ultimately hadn't made a difference. What a fortunate turn of events for the Dark Senshi.

Dark Moon wrapped her arms around Dark Kamen, and asked him, "Will you give me your oath my prince?"

Mamoru picked up Usagi bridle style and said, "I pledge fealty to the Princess of Darkness and her Master.  Thier desires are my desire and my life is but a drop in the ocean of their will. I so swear."

Usagi went forward to kiss him, her lips parted and her tongue slightly extended, Mamoru raised his own head and accepted it.

Grabbing one at a time, Mamoru took each to a near by house that no longer had anyone living in it.  Tuxedo Mask put each of the Senshi into a room in the house and stripped bare, under the watchful eyes of them all he screwed each one of them. Usagi was first and having the most strength she was only with him for a brief time. Mamoru then lay with Mercury, her touch like ice where Usagi's had felt gentle and light and she pinned him down even as she was pierced by him. Worn but still committed to his task, Mamoru was grabbed by Mars, her hands were hot and feverish always moving across his body and grab hold of some new part of him.  Mamoru thought he might faint after being ravished so and than had his time with Venus who acted like he didn't exist at all.  Mercury hadn't given Venus permission to respond and so she stayed still, letting Mamoru move her body any way he wanted and trying to hold it in that position even with her feeling so weak. 

They all watched him closely as he did it and in the act was giving his strength until when he finished with Sailor Venus he collapsed to the ground even as each of the Senshi were filled with energy and stood tall, each Senshi's outfit except for Venus hiding the cum on their legs.  

"You have served me well, my prince.  I will now reward you for your faithfulness to me."  Dark Moon placed her hand on his chest and darkness came out and engulfed him in moments.  Stepping back the darkness spun around Mamoru for a little while before breaking apart to reveal in increase in height, muscles well defined on his arms, legs, and abs, and his cock fully erect and never to go limp again.  Golden armor with ruby's embedded in the joints formed around his body and an ornate sword in his hand.  His exhaustion purged from him, Mamoru flourished his blade before saluting with it to Dark Moon.

Dark Mercury used her Mercury Computer while Mamoru was with Mars and Venus used its processing power to design a type of lightning rod that would drain away Jupiter's energy as fast as she could generate it.  Satisfied that they were now prepared for the final fight, the Dark Senshi headed to the Outer's Mansion.

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