Jupiter's Last Stand

by trashcollector24
Storyline Sailor Senshi
Characters Absolutely Everyone
Category Corruption Body Modification Bondage Nudism
Previous Chapter Jupiter makes it to the Mansion in time

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They had been standing there for five minutes and tension was starting to get to them, unsure whether they should relax when a chill ran down everyone's back.  "They're here." Haruka explained to Makoto.

The door burst open to reveal Dark Mercury and Dark Moon standing in all their glory, unconcerned for the forces arrayed against them.  Ami raised a hand to her mouth, "What's this? I do believe they think they can fight us and stop our Master's will from coming to pass.  Were you anyone but my friends I would kill you for such insolence.  Instead you will join the ranks of the Dark Senshi, become handmaidens for our coming Master, and serve me as the future ruler of this world."

Makoto spoke up, "We will never allow that to happen!"

Sailor Jupiter extended her lighting rod and began gathering as much of her power as she could on it so that the whole room would light up but her power wasn't building, instead it had a bolt of electricity that was striking a purple figurine in Mercury's hand.  It looked like a purple spike with a second spike forked out and it began to glow ominously the longer Jupiter tried to build up her energy.  Jupiter tried to halt her assualt but once the connection was made it had begun actively drawing out power and raising her up in to the air, Makoto's arms and legs dangling like puppet on strings. The Outer's cried out Jupiter's name and saw she was unable to do anything to help herself. Jupiter was saved as Uranus and Neptune shouted out their attacks aiming it at the two intruders.  

"Deep Submerge!"

"World Shaking!"

Ami and Usagi dodged out of the way of the lethal attacks, the room getting shaken and the rear wall being torn from the strength of their power.  The need to evade had also broken Mercury's focus and released Jupiter from the hold that was on her. The stream gone, Jupiter dropped to the ground and in to a waiting Saturn's hands.

"Now as I was saying," Mercury smirked, "You will serve me as the future ruler of this world, if you bend knee to me now, it will go far better for you than Jupiter's fate will be."

Saturn pulled back against the wall and propped Jupiter there before turning around and standing in the way of anyone that might come after the weakened Senshi, "You wipe that smug smirk off her. We need to buy some more time."

"No," Dark Moon pointed her finger at Saturn, "we've bought all the time we need."

Looking down at the ground, Saturn noticed that Moon wasn't casting a normal shadow, instead it stretched around the Outers and included the space Saturn had moved to.  Venus stepped out of that shadow, and suddenly everyone realized she was there.  Hotaru tried to dodge the scantily clad Venus but was unable to avoid the grapple and subsequent pin to the ground.

"Hotaru!"  Michiru cried, preparing a blast, she was to distracted as Mars pulled a similar trick and appeared next to Neptune and swept her legs out from under her dropping her to the ground and Mar's straddled her.  Michiru tried to get off another attack but Mars struck the woman in the gut and driving the air out of her lungs.  Coughing, she barely noticed Mar's chanting even as her hands grabbed Michiru's breasts and began kneading them like they were dough.  Michiru protested the harsh touch until Mars finished her chant and pulled out a wicked looking dagger and stabbed it into Neptune's heart.  Instead of blood, blue light poured out of Michiru's wound and she screamed from the pain.  The light was almost blinding to look at but Mars would not be dissuaded and kept on chanting.  The Light flickered out and the blade fully submerged in to Neptune's body.

"Michiru!" Hotaru cried out even as Venus formed golden ropes that slithered across Uranus' body and began forming knots tying her wrists together, her elbows together, criss-crossed her body like a net, a single rope against her pussy and ass rubbing her as Uranus tried to struggle.  Throughout it all, Venus had that same vacant expression on her face even as a giggle escaped her lips, "Don't be like that, Minako is only making you ready for Mistress and Princess.  If you don't fight any harder Minako will be rewarded for making you ready and Mistress might even allow Minako to cum."

Uranus tried to buck Venus off her but the Dark Senshi had a strength that couldn't be beat in her current bonds.  Uranus was about to yell for Saturn to run away but a ball gag formed over mouth prevented her from speaking.

Saturn held her Silence Glaive perpendicular to the floor and called out, "Silence Wall"

Even as everything was going wrong Saturn still had faith that Pluto would set things right and refused to end the world.  Saturn formed a force field around her and Sailor Jupiter but instead of coming from in front of her the attack came from behind as her field included a little bit of Moon's shadow.  This was enough for Dark Kamen to effortlessly appear inside Saturn's defense and grab Hotaru by the back of the neck and force her down to her knees. Jupiter tried to call out a warning but it was too little too late.

Dark Kamen formed a black rose and stabbed it in to Saturn's back paralyzing the warrior and causing her to drop her shield.  Dark Moon, Mercury, and Mars walked past the bowed Saturn to the frightened Jupiter.  Jupiter was surprised as each kissed her on the cheek, "What are you going to do to me?"

Mercury sighed, "You see Mars really wanted you to be hers just as Moon is mine. It is a bit of a waste to have her use her method on you but you've been so much of a bother I didn't have the heart to tell her no.  Enjoy your trip to hell."

Before Jupiter could say anything else Mars was holding another dagger in her hand and driving it in to Jupiter's chest.  Weakened already, Mar's felt no resistance even as the blade slid in and her own hand rested on Makoto's breast.  Makoto let out a gasp even as her eyes turned red and her senshi outfit disintegrated till she was nude.  Mars rested her head on Jupiter's rack even as it grew larger to become a suitable pillow for her new mistress.  Jupiter's finger nails snapped off as curved claws grew out and her mouth became full of fangs.  Worn out Jupiter passed out from her change and it didn't look like Mars was going to move anytime soon.

Dark Mercury turned to Dark Moon, "Recruit Uranus and Saturn, I will tie up the last loose end.  Pluto herself."

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