Cassandra Cain awakens.

by Wilder
Storyline Bimbotech
Previous Chapter Stephanie Brown awakens.

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"N-no! Gotta stop but GNNG! So good! Fuck!" Stephanie moaned and whimpered, thrashing feebly as the BTI employees strapped her legs in the wheelchair, leaving her hands free to molest herself.  Her faint cries and the slamming of the door behind her awoke the other girl in the Body Mod chamber: Cassandra Cain.

Cassandra was different than Stephanie, than almost any other girl alive really. She was acutely aware of her body, having used to communicate for several years of her life, so she knew something was terribly wrong before she even opened her eyes. She feigned unconsciousness, just in case someone was watching.

She was kneeling, arms at her sides. Her legs - they were longer. Her feet - she was wearing shoes of some kind but not ones she had ever worn before. Wait. No, they were heels. High heels. And her ass was . . . fuller? She could feel it resting against her legs. It felt oddly pleasurable. All of her body felt oddly pleasurable, actually, her skin tingling wherever it was exposed to air. She was hairless below the neck but her long, jet-black hair was longer, hanging straight down her back to just above her newly enlarged glutes. Her lips tingled and felt odd but she dare not lick them without giving away that she was awake.

Most of all, she could feel a new, bizarre weight on her chest. Was there some sort of harness or vest on her? No, it was her breasts - they were huge now somehow. They felt warm and soft, the tingling there more pronounced than anywhere else. Just how big were they? She wished she could move or at least touch her new body but that would give away the only element of surprise she had. Cassie just hoped that her center of gravity being so vastly different wouldn't prevent her from fighting her way out of wherever this was.

"Sir? The other girl's life signs just spiked. She's awake." she heard a man say.

"Huh. I don't think I've ever seen someone just go through the Body Mod playing possum. She must have incredible willpower . . . not that it matters." another man replied.

Cassandra Cain opened her eyes, taking in the sight of the two men. She wasn't as good as she used to be but she could read their body language. They wanted to fuck her. For some reason, that made her virgin pussy shudder with need. She tried to ignore the feeling, glancing only briefly at the newly gigantic tits she now possessed, their dark, chocolate-colored nipples now up and hard. She trembled but remembered her training. If they thought they could just fuck her, they had another thing coming.

Her steely resolve and self-possession lasted all of twelve seconds. That was how long it took the men to open her tube and for one of them to grab one of her huge tits before she could stop him. The hand she feebly placed around his wrist tightened but not in an attempt to break it. Instead, it was involuntary, her whole body exploding as she had the most powerful orgasm of her life. Her body sang with pure pleasure, just from this man's single hard squeeze of her new tit, hard nipple rubbing against his rough palm. She screamed and thrashed with uncontrollable delight.

"Wow." chuckled the man, sounding to her ears distant and faraway. "So much for playing possum, huh, Sweetheart?"

His words didn't matter. Words never mattered. Her body mattered, it always had. And now she knew it could feel that from just one touch. What would it feel like to be touched in other places? Fucked like they wanted to fuck her?

She finally found her voice, panting and desperate as she was lifted by hands into a chair.

"Muh . . . nuh . . . " she mumbled, trying to remember how to form words, staring lustily at the men through half-lidded eyes.

"What's that, honey? I couldn't quite hear you." said one of the men, grinning.

"M-MORE! No! Please, more! MORE!" she shouted, thrashing and moaning, all thoughts and pride gone away by these wonderful, perfect new sensations. Now she got it - sex. Why everyone looked like that at each other, why everyone wanted it so badly. Now she needed it, had to have it, had to feel what something in her pussy would feel like, what a mouth on her beautiful new breasts would feel like.

More. She needed more.

Being so in tune with her body actually left her worse off than her friend Stephanie Brown. If she could have processed anything but pleasure and the need for more pleasure, Cassandra might have been darkly amused. Instead she just shoved one hand into her needy pussy and mauled her new boobs with the other, groaning in a guttural series of gasps and screaming out in pleasure, having orgasm after orgasm as they took her away to rebuild her mind.

"Jesus." chuckled the technicians. "Home run city, huh? I haven't seen a woman react this much to the Bod Mod tube since- well, ever."

"Moooooooore . . ." whimpered Cassandra breathlessly and helplessly. "Pleeaase . . ."

"Oh, don't worry - you'll get more soon enough." came Lex Luthor's amused voice from across the room.

Cassandra didn't care about who the voice belonged to, even who he was, just his body language. All their body languages said they wanted to fuck her, so why wouldn't they? Why?

"Oh, no! Cassie!" came a voice that didn't matter. A girl's voice. Stephanie. Didn't matter. Wouldn't fuck her. Would she? She looked over at her.

Steph was like her now. One hand in her twat, the other on her huge new boobs but strapped into a fancy chair. One look made it clear - Steph wanted to get fucked too.

Cassandra Cain shook her head violently. This was horrible. Not right. Had to stop.

"FUCK ME FIRST! MORE! ME FIRST! ME FIRST!" she screamed, desperately thrusting her tits forward, crying with need. No way, Steph was going to get fucked first!

And that was the last thing Stephanie Brown heard before a helmet came down over her face. A single tear fell from her face, indistinguishable from the sweat on her body just before her mind was taken somewhere else . . .

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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