Stephanie Brown awakens.

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown)
Category Bimboization DC Corruption
Previous Chapter Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are taken to Body Modification.

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Stephanie Brown woke with a sudden jerk. 

Her mind was a jumbled mess of images and sensations.  Then she remembered her experiences in the alleyway with the naked, red-headed Bimbo in focus.  ‘Candi Sucksgood?---Shit.’  The idea that some idiot Porn star nudist managed to get the drop on her caused a twinge of embarrassment in Stephanie.  ‘Who needs the Scarecrow?’  Stephanie quickly quashed such thoughts, now wasn’t time for doubt; she needed to get her bearings.

She was flat on her back and looking straight up into a low circular ceiling with a bright white fluorescent light in its center.  The air was chilled and the floor under her felt to be matted with a layer of rubber.

Stephanie Brown realized she was completely nude.

‘Oh my god!  Oh my god!  Oh my god!’   Stephanie struggled to sit up, but her body felt tired and sluggish and there was something else.  Stephanie couldn’t describe it but she also felt softer and heavier.  She marshaled all her strength and pushed her body to move.  Stephanie started to rise.

The cool air tickled her skin like soft feathers, small bursts of pleasure erupting where the tips touched.  The pleasure spread through her body as a soft but powerful wave.  Stephanie moaned softly. ‘What?’ It had been involuntary and Stephanie immediately clammed up, biting down on her lower lip.  ‘Oh!’ Stephanie’s lips felt different to her, she stuck out her tongue out and ran it over the bottom and lower lips.  They were bigger and they tingled appreciatively at the wet touch of her tongue.

“What the hell happened to me?”  Stephanie cursed as she rose into a kneeling position doing her best to ignore the sensations she was feeling.

Stephanie saw she wasn’t alone.

A kneeling girl was directly across from her.   The girl had a curvaceous hour glass body, with two huge round soccer ball sized boobs and a full shapely backside.  Her skin was unblemished and tanned like a SoCal surfer girl; her hair was platinum blond and hung straight from the top of her down past the bottom curves of her chest. ‘Looks like I found Candi Sucksgood sister.’ Stephanie thought as she held up her hand to the over girl.  The other girl held up her hand at the same time.  Stephanie grimaced and so did the girl.  Stephanie’s eyes went wide and so did the girl.   Stephanie Brown realized the truth.

“This can’t be.”

She choked the words out as she examined her transformed body in the surface of the mirror; a quick look to her left and right confirming that the entire room was lined with them.  She looked down at herself unable to see past her breasts.  She fingered her hair, eyeing the platinum blond shade with disgust.  With both hands she cupped her two now massive boobs—

If the cool air caused bursts of pleasure; this was an explosion of it.

“Nnnggghh.” Stephanie moaned as orgasmic pleasure cascaded through her body.  Her whole body shuddered.  She collapsed to the ground in quivering sexual release panting heavily.  Steph was no virgin, but this was unlike anything she’d ever experienced.  It was intense to the point of all-consuming; it frightened her.  But it also enraptured her and a small primal voice in the dark of her mind begged for more.

Steph rolled to her side panting heavily.  She pulled her legs under her and felt something about her feet.  She glanced down and chuckled darkly.  ‘At least I’m not completely naked.’ Both of her feet were contained in super arch white pumps that managed to be both whorish and utilitarian at the same time.

Recovered from her sudden orgasm, Stephanie tentatively stood on wobbly legs.  She was worried about how well she’d be able to walk with the pumps, but found them easy to move in once she was standing.  She walked closer to the mirror to get a closer look at herself.  She examined everything, with only her eyes, afraid of what physical contact would do to her.  She studied every exaggerated curve, the smoothness of her skin and how her vagina was now completely shaved.  ‘I look like a blow-up sex doll!’ She bemoaned.  The thing that bothered her the most were not the changes in her body, but in her face.  It was more than her brand new porn star lips: Tim once described her as Gotham’s “girl-next-door, all sweet and apple pie”.  There was something off now, a slutty tinge tainted it.  Even her most sour look seem to have a ‘come fuck me’ vibe behind it.

Stephanie Brown got angry.

But then she got horny. 

It just happened.  Struck hard and fast like a famished shark attacking from the deep.  Her body burned, her skin and breasts yearned to be touched.  Her vagina grew hot and wet in want and desire.  Stephanie grunted in meek resistance.  She turned and leaned back against the mirror, the cool surface doing nothing to douse her fire.  A lusty haze fogged her mind.  Stephanie struggled against it, but it was so primal.  It felt so good.  A pink cloud of bliss she could fall asleep in.  Maybe she thought as she started caressing her mid with her right hand, I can alleviate it.  Stephanie spread her hand flat against her stomach than slid it down straight for her ravenous sex.  Just a little, just a little bit.  Her fingertips reached the lips of her Vagina; her hand suddenly took a life of its own and dove ahead plunging three fingers deep into her core.


Stephanie squealed in rapture, it was like an atomic blast had gone off between her thighs.  Her knees buckled and she slid to the floor.  Steph began pumping her hand in and out of her slit like a jackhammer, she could feel muscles in her sex she didn’t even know she had begin squeezing her fingers.  She began moving her hips to match the rhythm of her hand.

Stephanie Brown knew this was wrong, but it felt so good---a level of bliss she’d never thought was humanly possible.

“Even the strongest minds are weak against the hungers of the flesh.”

The sound of the man’s smirking voice shook Stephanie from her masturbatorial reverie; not enough for to her remove her hand though.  There were a group of men in the room, having entered unnoticed through a door she had missed.  Two of the men were in sharply cut expensive looking black suits.  The rest were in white outfits; white t-shirts with a logo Stephanie couldn’t read over their right breast and white cargo pants.  The men in suits stood at the front and were obviously the ones in charge.  She didn’t recognize the one on the left, but the one on the right-

“Lex Luthor!” Stephanie gasped.  She had to do something; spring into action.

Stephanie shoved her free hand into her vagina, to join her right.  She moaned in ecstasy and bucked her hips.

The man on the left grinned and spoke; he’d been the one to speak in the first place.

“Especially when that flesh is Bimbo-Flesh!”

“Indeed” said Lex Luthor, his voice flat and monotone.  “Let us get Ms. Brown upstairs with her friend.  We must get hold of Oracle if we are to begin Phase 2!”

The man on left grunted in agreement, stepped aside and motioned to the men in white.  They quickly fell upon Stephanie, lifted her and carried her out of the room to a waiting wheel chair.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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