Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain are taken to Body Modification.

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Batgirl II (Casandra Cain)
Category Body Modification Bimboization
Previous Chapter Fink demonstrates to Luthor how they plan to get the info about Oracle from Stephanie's mind.

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Doctor Harrison Leiffeld was a balding man, fifty-three years old and six feet in height.  He wore thick black horn rimmed eye glasses, that seemed to be always perched on the end of his nose and ill fitting work shirts and cheap ties that were never correctly tied.  Associates said he looked like a disheveled version of Richard Jenkins; whom Leiffeld could only assume was an actor or something.  Not that he’d really watched a movie or a television show in the last few years; his job as the head of Bimbotech’s Body Modification Department dominated most of his time and attention.

And at that very moment his complete attention was on the two BodMod Tubes his lab coated assistants were filling with the new transformation formula.  It was made using Kryptonite supplied by BTI’s new benefactor Lex Luthor.  Leiffeld had hoped to test it more before putting into use, but word had come down from Mr. Fink himself “It was time to get this train moving.”  Leiffeld silently prayed that the end result wouldn’t be fifty foot bimbo’s rampaging through Gotham.

Dr. Leiffeld knelt down in front of the tubes to check the gauges, so engrossed in his work that he didn’t see the Asian Bimbo in the tight two piece spandex nurses outfit coming up to him.  She pressed her ample bosoms into his side, kissed the side of his head and massaged her hand up and down the front of his crotch.  The bimbo giggled in delight as she felt Leiffelds’ manhood harden to life under the thin fabric of his slacks.

“Yes Cookie” Leiffeld said flatly not looking up from his work.

“Like those two girlz are here” the Bimbo named Cookie cooed, “the ones Master Fink said were cum’n!”

This got Leiffelds’ attention.  He stood and looked towards the entrance to the BodMod room: a group of Bimbotech security men were leading two dazed figures in.  The one on the left was definitely Batgirl; Leiffeld didn’t recognize the other one.  Though the one with black hair also had a bat symbol on her costume, Leiffeld guessed she was just another Batgirl.

Suddenly Leiffeld felt delicate fingers slide down the waistband of his pants and lovingly wrap around the shaft of his penis.  He looked at Cookie stilled pressed at his side, her plump limps in a mischievous smile.  Leiffeld shook his head and pulled her hand out of his pants.

“Time enough for that later” he scolded her, “Go get your other Bimbo’s and we’ll help Batgirl and her friend get some cock!”

Cookie pouted slightly but complied.  She sashayed away giving Leiffeld an ample view of her backside under the thin spandex fabric of her mini-skirt.

Maybe Leiffeld didn’t have time for movies or TV since getting the job at Bimbotech, but having a succulent Asian Bimbo assistant named Cookie at his beck and call more than compensated.

Leiffeld returned his attention to the two BodMod tubes; they were about ready to go.  When suddenly he heard Cookie.   “Dr. Lay-field! Dr. Lay-field!”  Cookie was running up to him, her massive tits straining to free themselves from their top with each step she took on her high heels.

“Yes Cookie.” Leiffeld sighed.

Cookie pouted “We can’t get those outfits off.  We try and try.  But our sizz-ers all broke.  Those like boring girls must really not want to get cock!”

Dr. Leiffeld grunted in annoyance, he stood and stomped over to the two super-heroines, Cookie following close behind.  He examined the fabric of Batgirl’s costume; he could see the intricate weaving.  ‘Kevlar?’ he wondered.  Leiffeld skimmed his fingers across the surface of outfit, feeling its strength.  Looking down at the ground, Leiffeld counted five broken pairs of the scissors used by the Bimbo’s to get subjects ready for BodMod.

‘This will require something more hi-tech.’ he thought.

Dr. Leiffeld waived a few of his assistants and some security.  Together they led the two super heroines to the read of the Body Modification Floor, to the ‘Fabric Disassembler.’

The Fabric Disassembler was a round platform a foot high and four feet in diameter.  Four towers were equally spaced around the perimeter; they were eight feet high and bent inward at the top.  Two of the security guards led Batgirl into the center of the platform; the young heroine offered no resistance as she was still in the grip of the happy gas.  Once the two men were off, Leiffeld activated the platform.

There was a humming noise, and then the areas of the tower facing Batgirl lit up in a neon blue color.  The neon blue grew more intense—brighter and brighter and brighter…

Batgirl’s cape fell from her shoulders and to the ground.  Small hairline fractures began to form across the suit; small chunks began to flake off from the cowl like dead skin being shed.  And suddenly the entire suit fell to pieces:  unraveling like countless invisible hands were pulling every individual thread at the same time, peeling off to reveal Stephanie Brown.  For a brief moment Stephanie stood there in a black sports bra and panties, until those withered away under the blue lights leaving her toned, fit body for all to see.

‘Let’s not waist anymore time’ thought Leiffeld snapping his finger and ordering Batgirl to be harnessed and the other one to take her place in the Fabric Disassembler. 

Later Leiffeld would stand in front of the tube BodMod tubes watching as the bodies of Stephanie Brown and Cassandra Cain began to change.  Cookie was on her knees in front of him, her lips wrapped tight around his rod, her massive jugs finally freed from their spandex prison.  He had both hands on her head, guiding it as it bobbed up and down his shaft.  ‘Who needs movies anyway’ he shrugged.

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