Stephanie Brown finds herself in a new reality surrounded by her secret crushes . . . but she will only get fucked if she tells people who Oracle is

by ESchorcho
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Batgirl II (Casandra Cain) Lex Luthor
Category DC Bimboization M/F Body Modification
Previous Chapter Cassandra Cain awakens.

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Cassandra Cain's desperate cries of wanton desire rang in Stephanie Brown's ears until the chair she sat in started to vibrate.  Soon the sound was drowned out as the helmet she wore began to hum alongside the seat's low rumble.  Even before being strapped into the chair Stephanie was in a lust-filled haze on account of her new super-sensitive bimbo flesh.  She had came several times by her own hand, and now found herself with her limbs bound to the damned thing.  Part of her rebelled against everything that was being done to her but a growing part only mourned the fact that with her hands strapped down she could no longer bring herself off.

Stephanie's fears didn't last long.  From out of nowhere a tidal wave of pleasure floored her body and Stephanie was struck by the strongest orgasm she'd ever experienced.  Through gritted teeth she wailed like a banshee, and suddenly her entire world grew brighter and brighter until she was consumed by a vast white light.


Stephanie Brown's eyes snapped open and she looked around frantically.  Everything was much darker and a cool breeze blew past her.  The first thing that dawned on Stephanie was that she was no longer horny and she could finally think straight.  Panic surged through her again and she immediately brought her hands to cup her breasts.  She breathed a deep sigh of relief when she felt her normal B-cup rather than the gargantuan soccer-ball sized monstrosities given to her by that horrible place.  Somehow her Batgirl costume had been restored to her as well.  Stephanie Brown had no idea what had happened but she knew her body had been restored to its previous athletic build and that she seemed free of the entire perverse operation.

As her eyes adjusted to the world around her, Stephanie's suspicion only grew stronger and stronger.  She was no longer in that strange room strapped to the equally strange chair with her friend and fellow crimefighter begging to be fucked.  Nor was Lex Luthor and his leering group of sickos starring at her with mocking smiles plastered on their faces.  Another cool breeze blew past her and she heard the sound of a helicopter in the distance.  Stephanie looked up and saw the cloudy Gotham City night sky above her and realized, right at that moment, she had somehow found herself standing on a rooftop.

"Cassandra," Stephanie whispered to herself as she started to devise a plan in her head on how to get Black Bat out of that building.

The only problem was that she didn't exactly know how she had escaped their vile clutches, or how she could get get back to wherever they were.  A name popped into Stephanie Brown's head.  'Oracle.'  If anyone could track down who had captured Cassandra and her it would be Oracle.  Stephanie strode forward confidently, ready to make her way to the Clock Tower, Oracle's base of operations, its location was privy to only a select few.  That was when she nearly tripped over something on the ground.

Stephanie looked down and to her astonishment found a body lying unconscious at her feet.  Looking then to her left, right and finally behind her, she saw several more unconscious figures.  Stephanie recoiled in horror and anxiety as she counted up to a dozen muscular thugs sprawled out around her.  She bent down and felt a pulse on all of the men.  This calmed her but only a little.

"What the...?" Stephanie gasped.  Things weren't making sense.  How did she magically get to the rooftop and who had disposed of these thugs?  It certainly couldn't have been her.  Was something or somebody messing with her?  How had her body been restored from the ultra-voluptuous sex goddess it had been when she had last seen Cassandra?  Her frantic thoughts were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a slow clap coming from the shadows.

"Now that is some nice work," came a familiar voice.  Stephanie's head snapped toward an area of the roof cloaked in shadow, thanks to a large billboard, and saw The Red Robin step out into the light.

"Tim?" Stephanie asked, perplexed by the sudden arrival of her on-again, off-again boyfriend.  Just at the mere sight of him Stephanie felt her pussy tingle and the rest of her body became flush with sexual need.  The blonde Batgirl held back an involuntary moan before uttering, "I don't know what...what happened here."

"It's all simple enough.  These thugs attacked you and you disposed of them rather quickly.  Not as fast as I would have done it, but still..." Tim Drake spoke, his lips curling into a cocky grin, as he walked up to her until he was mere inches away.  Looking down at her, he brushed her cheek before smiling, "Nothing more to do now than to alert this mysterious Oracle I've heard so much about.  After that we can move onto bigger and better things."

"You...you," Stephanie stammered as another wave of arousal washed over her, "You saw me fight...these men?"

"That isn't important now, is it Steph?  What's important is that you contact Oracle.  She needs to know what happened here," Tim urged, before snapping his fingers, "I have a better idea.  Why don't you let me give Oracle a call since something seems to be the matter with you?  I did see one of these thugs get in a lucky shot.  Maybe you're still seeing little birdies flying around your head.  I will call Oracle for you, but I can't call her if I don't know her name."

Stephanie's head was spinning and the deep sexual need in her loins wasn't helping things.  Turning away from Red Robin, Stephanie made her way over to the rooftop entrance and tried to steady herself on its brick wall without looking back at the handsome stud dirtying her thoughts.  Nothing was making sense.  Where Tim Drake should have been her lifeline in her sea of confusion and sexual frustration, he was only proving to be another piece in a puzzle that needed solving.  Tim had known Barbara Gordon for years.  He definitely knew of Barbara's identity as Oracle and he'd even known before she did!  Why did Tim need to know her name if he already knew it?  Stephanie took a deep breath as a large current of lust again surged through her body.

She never saw Tim walk over to her.  She jumped slightly when he took her cowl and lifted it off her head.  "Tim...," Stephanie gasped, but her breath caught in her throat.  Red Robin said nothing as he pressed himself against her and his hand moved between her legs.  Stephanie tossed her head back and moaned, feeling the damp sensation spread within the tight confines of her Batgirl suit.  Tim was making her feel so good and all thoughts of Cassandra Cain, Lex Luthor, her sudden appearance on the roof and all other questions associated with this bizarre scenario were being consumed by the intense pleasure taking over her body.

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