Power Girl manages to subdue Diana, but her own body is still changing!

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Man Power Girl Batman
Category DC Corruption Transformation Pregnancy Growth
Previous Chapter What has become of Power Girl?

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Power Girl and Wonder Woman clashed back and forth while the others fought around them, fist meeting claw as they traded blows with one another.

"Stop this Dianna please! This isn't you." Cried Kara almost in tears as she grappled with the snake woman. "You shall not defeat me Kara, thisss iss only the beginning!"

The sound of something akin to a bullwhip snapped in Power Girl's ears, reacting with the same speed she caught Dianna's stinger with her claws and jabbed it into its owner's thigh. Dianna hissed in pain as she was stung by her own tail. "No! I won't be defeated sssso easss..."

Passing out from the venom coursing through her, Wonder Woman fell limp to the ground while the victorious heroes stood around her. "You did it Kara, she's out for the count." Beamed Terra as the rest gave cheers before Power Girl groaned in discomfort. The venom coursing through her own body was still hard at work changing her, twisting her into something inhuman.

"Grrrrrr.... Stay back, don't... Know what will... Happen."

Clutching at herside she began to change again, fine fur began to spread around her body matching the color of her blonde hair while her lean muscles grew slightly in bulk. Her breasts swelled with each heart beat until they were nearly the size of volley balls, her chest began to itch as small bumps formed under her impressive rack. Four additional breasts were forming under her original ones, each pair slightly smaller than the others until the combined mass split her costum open.

She brought her claws over the large sets of mammaries before she sent them straight to her hips, her ass grew large and firm while her hips grew wider, a fur tuffed tail shot out above her rounded cheeks, splitting the rest of her costum and leaving it in tatters at her clawed feet. Arching her back in pain two lumps formed at her back and exploded out into a mass of golden feathers that flexed into a pair of wings. Panting in exhaustion as the transformation slowed and completed she looked over to her friends and found herself having to look down slightly to meet their eyes, she had turned into a sphinx-woman.

Looking over to her shocked friends she purred instinctively like a feline as she roamed her claws over her new body.


Batman had left Huntress in the batmobile, hidden from sight while he loomed over the bank ceiling. Two-Face flipped the coin in his hands again while his crew emptied out the vault to the 2nd Municipal Bank in Gotham, several of his men were holding large fire-arms that looked both heavy and hard hitting, probably gifts from the Penguin since he came back to Gotham and made a name for himself as a gun smuggler.

"Hurry up, its been 2 hours already and thats twice as long as I'm willing to wait."

One of his men giggled at their boss's pun before he was pulled away by the scarred man with a coin pressed against his forehead.

"It wasn't a joke friend... Heads you apologize, Tails... You'll feel sorry." Flipping the coin in the air the goon shivered in fear as Two-Face snatched it once it fell towards eye level.

Before he opened his hands to see the results a batarang struck his palm, sending the man reeling and dropping the hired grunt. Small gas pellets landed over to the rest of the crew and spraying a noxious fog over the room, causing the men to gag and cough, dropping the bags of money in the process.

"The Bat! 'cough cough' GET HIM!"

Snapping t oattention Batman found one of the weapons trained in his direction, the click of a trigger soudned off before the entire room fell silent, jumping out of the way on impulse the ceiling and walls around his previous location shattered as if it was pounded into by extreme force.

"Sonic weaponry Bats, won't cut you up but it'll turn ya bones into dust."

Hearing the room turn silent again Batman lunged to the side and was caught by a glancing hit by the beam of sonic force, making his head reel as his inner ears rang. Falling to the ground as the world went numb to him.

"Looks like we caught ourselves a bat boss, what cha wanna do with him?"

Standing up to his full height and dusting off his suit jacket Two-Face stood over the Caped Crusader before pulling out his coin, flipping it in the air once before catching it and looking at its face.

"The coin says you lose Batman, turn him into jello and serve him to the rats out in the alley."

Slowly getting his bearings back he found the nozzle of one of the sonic rifles aimed at his head as the slow hum of power entered the trigger.

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C.King - 5/16/2018 5:15 PM
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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