Huntress rescues Batman from Two-Face.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Batman Huntress Wonder Woman Fire Ice Power Girl
Category DC M/F Corruption Transformation Growth
Previous Chapter Power Girl manages to subdue Diana, but her own body is still changing!

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Batman was prone and helpless on the bank floor, his ears still ringing from the sonic weapon that grazed him not two seconds ago by one of Harvey Dent's goons. The nozzle of the strange weapon pressed against his cowl as the grunt slowly pressed the trigger down...

And was swiftly body tackled by some dark blur that swooped in and flung him to the wall as easily as tossing a garbage pail. The rest of the hired crew shot blindly in every direction, crumbling stone work as they tried to hit whatever took down one of their buddies. One by one they were snatched up, their screams ending suddenly as soon as they were out of sight.

"What the hell are you?!" Yelled out Two-Face as he fired a pair of hand guns in the last spot the 'blur' was seen before he was suddenly grabbed from behind and twisted into a wrestler's hold on the ground, the rest of his men unconcious and battered around him. Looking over his shoulder he gasped at the cold yellow eyes staring back at him, along with rows of sharp teeth mere centimeters from his face.

Huntress snarled at the scarred man under her grip, she had easily taken down his entire group by shifting into the shadows and finally had their leader under her gaze. Before she could do anything permanent a gloved hand touched her shoulder, whipping her head back to strike she stopped instantly when she recognized Batman standing behind her and holding his side with his other hand.

"He's done Huntress, just cuff them and leave them for the police to pick up."

Slowly nodding as she moved aside to let Batman tie up the former lawyer she looked down at the terrified man and screeched at him like an owl, the sight made Two-Face turn white before passing out. With the group of criminals all bundled together in the bank safe the two swiftly made it back to the batmobile to resume their hunt for Circe.

"For a moment I was worried that you weren't in control of yourself, You looked like you wanted to bite the rest of his face off."

"He deserved it! I could SMELL the sin off of him!" Growled Helena as she tried to calm down, her chest heaving with every deep breath. Turning to look at her behaviour more closely Batman was pinned against the door of the car and found a pair of lips crushing against his own. Huntress had pressed her naked body against his and was making out with the Caped Crusader forcefully before pulling back, her wings fluttering as she smiled at the man. "But you... I taste pain, and suffering... Tell me who hurt you Batman and I'll make them feel ten times worse!!! Or..."

Roaming her claws over the Dark Knight sensually she pressed her lips back onto his, trying to slip her tongue into his mouth before he pushed her away slightly, making her moan in disappointment. "We need to find Circe, your already starting to act differently, even you have to see that."

The thought of the demi-goddess made Huntress's eyes glow brightly, a wicked smile on her lips as she took her seat in the black car.

"Yes... Circe! The thousands of lives she's ruined... The lives she's TAKEN! I'll thoroughly enjoy tearing out her soul and dangling it in front of her before I EAT IT!"

Grimacing at the new Huntress Batman sealed the doors and drove off to find the sorceress and end this quickly before any of it becomes permanent.


Huffing as she dragged an unconcious succubus to the rest of the group tied up in the middle of the halls Terra wiped her hands as she came up to the rest of the group.

Fire and Ice were looking over Power Girl as she sat anxiously on the floor. "How're you doing Kara?" Asked the small girl as she watched the winged cat woman clutch her head as if in pain. "Hard to think, the poison's still in me, damn I'm hot as hell." Groaning in discomfort she leered at the prone forms of the former Green Arrow and Martian Manhunter, imagining them pounding away into her like a whore and enjoying every second of it.

Shaking her head to get rid of the lurid thoughts she looked up at the three and stood up on shaking legs. "We've got to inform Batman that we succeeded in containing Diana, now all we have to do is find Circe."

Just as Ice was about to press the comm in her ear she screamed as something stabbed into her back.

"Contained? ME?! You should know better my pet."

Turning to face the source of the voice Fire was jabbed in the leg by Diana's stinger as she too collapsed to the ground as the corruption began effecting her.

"Asssss if my own venom could hurt me, I KNEW I should have devoured Batman when I had the chance." Hissed the snake woman angrily as she easily broke her bonds and faced down Terra and Power Girl, behind her her thralls began to stir and wake, freeing themselves as the two remaining heroes were backed into a wall.

"I'm far more forgiving then you might think Kara, join me and you will know pleasure beyond your ssssenses."

Holding Terra to her muscular body Kara stared down the group of heroes turned monsters staring her down, even Fire and Ice stood with them ready to attack if their mistress commanded it.

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