Waking up Huntress is in control again but still in her corrupted body.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Batman Huntress Wonder Woman Zatanna
Category DC Corruption Growth pregnancy Mind Control Transformation
Previous Chapter Diana bite's and stings Power Girl

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Helena groaned as she awoke, rubbing the headache out of her as she regained her bearings. Looking around she found herself still in the glass prison but the hunger for sex was gone, looking at her hands she gasped as her clawed fingers flexed into fists and back again in front of her.

"You didn't change back, I believed that when the venom burned out of your system you'd return to normal but it seems magic is still not my strongest suite."

"What am I?..." Moaned the owl woman as Batman clicked a file over the massive screen of his computer. It depicted a group of bird like women tearing apart a man in some hellish landscape, some part of her cringed at the similarities the pictures had with her own altered body. "You've been turned into a fury, Dianna's venom has twisted the rest of the League as well, they've all been turned into monsters."

"How... How long was I out for?" Asked Huntress as she stood on her taloned feet, her wings folding back as she pressed against the glass.

"Three hours, the aphrodisiac effects of the venom has dissapated but I'm more than certain there will be permanent after effects." Clicking a button at the consoul Huntrees was let out of the glass cylinder where she stretched and flexed her tired limbs, completely oblivious of her nudity.

I don't remember much... Just wave after wave of wild sex... And monsters..."

Moving towards the changed woman Batman handed her a towel before walking down the pathway to the batmobile, forgetting the towel in hand she followed the Caped Crusader down the pathway, not even covering up her naked body as she followed him.

"The curse Circe put on Wonder Woman has turned her into a breeding factory for those things, she's trying to refill the world with every mythical abheration in folklore and she's got quite a legion already."

"So how are we gonna stop it?"

Scrunching herself into the passanger side of the car Huntress looked over to Batman as he sealed the cockpit and began to drive. "Circe is the root of it all, we find her and we can stop this before it gets worse."


Dianna cried out in ecstasy as her pussy dialated from another creature being born, already she had two newborns suckling from her breasts as she bore a third child in her latest clutch. Moaning loudly she gave a final push as she gave birth to another monster to add to her ranks, her many varied children stalking the corridors and grounds of the Halls of Justice.

Looking down at her luscious physique Wonder Woman frowned slightly at her curvy frame, feeling up her broad hips and thick calves before hefting her plump breasts while her two newly born sons drank from her milk, their growth excelerating from her enriched cream.

"Zatanna my dear, if your not busssy admiring your mistressss or getting off on one of my thrallsss then approach me."

Among the many beasts and monsters tangled amongst each other in a massive orgy around the snake woman one stood and bowed before her mistress. Zatanna had been corrupted by several hours of sex and venomous stings from Dianna's tail, becoming a fawn; a female satyr. Her body was covered in a fine coat of fur while small horns arched over her head, her four hefty breasts bounced as she stood back up to address her mistress.

"What do you wish of me my lady?" hummed the magician turned fae creature as she leered at her mistress.

"I tire of bearing ssssmall creatures to plague the humansssss, my band of harpiessss are vicious as are the horde of orcssss and ogres I have ssssired around me but I crave more."

"I know just the thing my mistress."

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