Diana bite's and stings Power Girl

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Man Power Girl Batman Huntress
Category DC Corruption M/F F/F Growth Transformation pregnancy Mind Control
Previous Chapter Powergirl arrives in the Hall of Justice to find the altered League and their mistress Dianna.

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Power Girl could only swoon as she was caught in the mesmerizing gaze of the new Wonder Woman. Her sensuous claws tracing over Kara's shoulders and face before pulling her closer to her new mistress.

"MMMmmm you'll make a fine replacement for Huntresssss, I wonder what you'll turn into after I'm done with you."

Power Girl's eyes rolled back as Dianna pressed her soft lips to hers, her fangs piercing her tongue as she felt her mistress lick the inside of her mouth with her own. She could only moan as she deepened the kiss further, her large breasts mashed against Power Girl's, causing milk to leak and dribble over to stain her costume. Moaning into Wonder Woman's mouth Kara felt something sharp sting her thigh, Dianna's stinger pulled away rattling like a snake just as she pulled away and licked her lips.

Groaning as the corrupting venom coursed in her body, Kara squirmed as her body began to grow. Her breasts strained the fabric of her outfight while her hips broadened wider, the curve of her growing ass pushed her closer to her mistress as she rubbed against her nude scaled skin, licking and nipping at her leaking breasts and rubbing the dome of Dianna's pregnant belly.


"Thatsss right Kara, drink from me, I make enough for all of you."


Grunting over to her thrall Green Lantern she raised her tail just enough to give him room to mount her mistress from behind. "All thissss nurssing hasss made me hot, itsss time I REALLY ssstarted to grow."

Lining himself up he thrust deep into the snake woman and began to pound into her, Dianna moaned with a smile as she was pounded into while feeding Kara. She gasped in excitement as she felt Power Girl bite her leaking nipple with newly formed fangs.


"Ssssooo good.... Makessss me wonder what ever happened to Huntressss."



"PLEASE! FUCK ME! I'LL DO ANYTHING!" Sobbed Huntress as she ground her hips and bust against the glass of her prison. It had been hours since Batman captured her and began detoxing the venom out of her system, all the while Helena begged the Caped Crusader to screw her, her please growing louder and more desperate over time.

Whatever Dianna's venom was doing to the Huntress it had seemed to finish transforming Helena into some kind of Erinyes or Fury, large owl-like wings had sprouted from her back after she had torn all of her cloths off. Her back, chest, arms and hair had small feather plumings that matched the colors of her costume and the striking yellow eyes of an owl. She was sweating profusely as she continued to grind and gyrate in front of Bruce, desperate for ANY kind of pleasure.

"Why won't you fuck me? You wouldn't do this to Catwoman if she were here!" Cried Huntress as Batman finally turned from his computer to see her. "Just look at my tits, they're bigger than hers by at least 3 cup sizes." Gestured the changed woman as she pressed her cleavage together and mashed them against the glass. "Or maybe your an ass man? Just look at this, you could balance a mug on this shelf." Turning to show off her hips and rump she smacked her own behind,which hardly shook with the firm muscles underneath.


"Your sick Huntress, the venom is almost out of your system, I don't know what will happen but I DO know it won't kill you."

Slunking down to her knees she began to cry louder, she needed sex, needed her mistress, needed another dose of her sting again. "But I am dying Bruce... Dying to get a bite out of that sausage in those tights of yours." Pressing her lips to the glass she began to lick across the surface, keeping her eyes on the scowling man looking down at her as he stood unfazed.

"Just one bite? I'll be good..."

Eventually all her efforts took their toll on her and she slid down further until she lay asleep on her side, her wings folding over her back like a blanket as she moaned in her exhaustion.

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