Powergirl arrives in the Hall of Justice to find the altered League and their mistress Dianna.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Power Girl
Category DC Corruption M/F F/F Growth pregnancy Transformation Mind Control
Previous Chapter Huntress wakes up in the batcave as a prisoner.

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Powergirl was a little late returning to the Halls of Justice after stopping a robbery in Metropolis, recieving the message from Black Canery she came back to see how Dianna was doing after the incident with Circe. Wringing her cape she frowned at the burn stains from the blast. "Stupid robbers, oh look at me I've got a bazooka." Mocked Kara in a sing song voice as she smoothed out the singed cloth behind her. " I've got to find out how Clark gets these stains out of his cape when there's explosions going off everywhere." Opening the double doors she walked in with a smile, heading to the main lobby.

"Hey guys you won't believe what... Happened... To..."

Her sentence got stuck in her throat as she stared at the massive snake woman lounging in the middle of the lobby with several creatures huddled around her either fawning her with loving attention or flat out screwing each other in an orgy spread out over the large room.

"Why Kara how ssssweet of you to drop by." Hissed Wonder Woman as she uncoiled her tail and sauntered to the kryptonian woman at the door. Her golden eyes piercing into Kara's as her gyrating body and flowing hair hypnotised the stunned woman.

"Come join usss, your more than welcome Kara." By now Dianna stood a few feet from the powerhouse in front of her, licking her pouting lips with her forked tongue as she posed rubbing her belly. Power Girl blinked having to break eye contact with the tall creature that looked strangely like Wonder Woman, she felt sleepy and it was getting hard to think. A clawed hand delicately raised her chin up to return eye contact with Dianna as she laughed lightly at Kara's distraction.

"Wha-What happened to you Dianna? Is this because of Circe?" Dianna slowly wrapped her tail around the two of them, bringing her closer to her and pinning her between the powerful coils and the firm dome of her belly. "Why yessss Kara, and you know what? I like it, I have sssso many planssss for this city once my next batch of kids are born."

"Kids? You mean your pregnant? B-But how?..." She started to feel woozy as Dianna forced her to keep eye contact, her golden eyes drawing her in as her long black hair swirled and coiled like a nest of snakes.

"I've had quite a few kids ssssince you've been gone Power Girl, and the bessst part is I found out I can... Enhance some of our friendssss."

Turning Kara's head to the group of creatures standing around them, Power Girl moaned as she was forced to stare at what looked like a massively built goat man with a penis the size of a bowling pin and grapefruit sized testicles holding a tall curvy succubus around his muscular arm. "Recognisssse him Kara? Thatsss Green Arrow, and thatssss Black Canary." Gasping in surprise Power Girl could only stare wide eyed as she suddenly recognized all of her friends surrounding her, twisted into monstrous versions of themselves as they now served Dianna.

A pair of soft delicate fingers traced over Power Girl's shoulders from behind, turning her head back her lips made contact with Zatanna's luscious lips, the fawn sliding her tongue into the blonde's mouth and swirled it, making Kara moan before pulling away.

"She's ripe my mistress, and powerful. What do you desire of her?"

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