Huntress wakes up in the batcave as a prisoner.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Batman Huntress
Category DC M/F Corruption Growth Transformation Mind Control pregnancy
Previous Chapter Batman overpowers the altered Huntress and escapes with her in tow.

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Alfred walked down the steps to the batcave with a tray of tea and scones for Master Wayne's late night work, walking up to the Caped Crusader working over a computer consul he looked over to the side to find a strange woman contained in one of the glass cylinders ment for Batman's more toxic villains such as Poison Ivy or Killer Moth. Huntress had awoken after being brought back by Batman and imprisoned in the containment cell, her cloths lay in tatters at her clawed feet as she stared back at the butler with wide yellow eyes.

Even when unconcious during the trip back to the batcave, she continued to changeher; her skin had turned a dark shade of grey with short mottled feathers sprouting around her arms, legs, chest and hair. Her eyes were sharp and yellow like an owl's with sharp black claws o her hands and feet, her body was now lean and statuesque with broad hips and a full bust. Making eye contact with the female creature she winked at the butler before licking the glass wall of her cylindrical cage with her long prehensile tongue.

"Is Doctor Langstrum outsourcing again Sir?"

"No Alfred, that's Huntress." Unfazed by the shocking fact Alfred offered tea before it was waved away. "Wonder Woman has been turned into a monstrous snake woman by Circe, she's been birthing mythical monsters for the better part of a few days now."

"My Mistress will not stand for my departure human, when she discovers me gone she will..."

"She knows already Helena, and she can't do a thing about it, no one knows the location of the batcave save a few with X-ray vision so your staying with me until I find a solution to your problem."

"Problem? I've never felt more alive Bruce... Let me out and I can give you the night of YOUR life." Husked the owl woman as she pressed her body against the glass, her large breasts mashing together as she ground her hips before the two.

"I've taken a blood sample from her and found it loaded with some kind of venom, its been changing her into a creature of folklore while altering her mind to be consumed with the desire for sex."

"And to think youths were into hemp or pcp..."

"What do you plan to do with me Batman? Magic was never your specialty."

"Its simple really, wait for the venom to burn out of your system." Turning back to the consul with Alfred leaving the tray behind, Huntress stood in her prison with shock written on her face. She wanted, NEEDED someone to fuck and the longer she was denied that she found an ache in her body spreading over her like a withdrawal. Pressing her back to the wall she slumped down, rubbing her breasts and crotch to relieve the ache, she had to get back to her mistress. The memories of being Dianna's sex slave and romping with her children kept her occupied while Batman waited for the poison in her system to die down.


Wonder Woman laughed with bliss as Hawkman plowed into her, the snake woman was on her back with her stout legs wrapped around her stud-thrall's waist as he tensed up and came hard into her. The human griffon had been trying to consul his mistress for hours and his labour was showing with Dianna's belly swelling with new children. "Did I tell you to sssstop ssslave?" Moaned Dianna as she traced a clawed finger around one of her leaking breasts.

"I tire mistress, your appetites are difficult to... AAaargh!" His excuses were cut short as Wonder Woman stung him in the leg, her venom re-energizing him as he grew larger and more muscular, his balls swelling up like grapefruits as his shaft grew larger and solid as stone. With a mighty growl he started to fuck his mistress again with more urgency, now he was a 10 foot tall brute with a single-minded drive to breed his mistress.

Looknig around her temple Dianna smiled as her tralls pleased each other while they waited for their turns with the amazon princess. Green Arrow now a satyr lord was tangled up with Black Canary, a succubus with luscious curves and a crack-whip tail. Her wings fluttered as Oliver fucked her from behind, his horns had grown into antlers after a few more doses from his mistress's stinger, his powerful body almost as large as Hawkman.

Green Lantern and Martian Manhunter were double-teaming Zatanna, Hal had turned into an ogre of sorts while J'onn j'onzz had draconian features forming on his green body. Zatanna like Green Arrow was turning into aFawn; a female satyr. Her four breasts shook as she was spiggoted by their cocks at her mouth and pussy, her cloven feet clicking the tiled floor as she kept her balance.

Gasping with pleasure Dianna cried out as she shared another orgasm with the griffon flooding her womb with hot seed, her cries of lust and passion echoing out of her temple as her lover overflowing her pussy. Dismounting her to regain his strength Hawkman walked away on all fours and slept on the floor nearby leaving Dianna to bask in the after glow of their mating. Her belly already showing signs of growing larger as new lives took root.

Dianna began to daydream while rubbing the walls of her womb, imagining what the world would look like once it was filled with her children. Dragons soaring high in the sky while bands of ogres and orcs rampaged through the human towns, the forests filled with harpies and satyrs and other creatures of legend as she continued to pump them out, one litter at a time.

Her musings were interupted when the double doors to the Halls of Justice opened up, Dianna smiled as she recognized the new comer, alerting her thralls to the arrival.

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