Batman overpowers the altered Huntress and escapes with her in tow.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Batman Justice League
Category DC Corruption Growth Transformation
Previous Chapter The enthralled heroes that have been with Diana the most begin to show monstrous, demonic features

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Batman's eyes narrowed at the crossbow aimed at his head, he didn't even hear Huntress sneak up from behind as he spied on Wonder Woman and her harem. "Your not yourself Huntress, I don't think any of you are." A slight giggle was his only response from the owl woman as she nudged her crossbow further against his cowl. "Get up Bruce and no funny moves, you have no idea how strong I am now."

Standing up to his full height he raised his hands over his head and moved to where she gestured. "My mistress will reward me for this, perhaps maybe..."

Her crossbow was knocked out of her hands by a roundhouse kick from the Dark Knight as she was distracted, in the same fluid motion Batman pulled a spray from his utility belt and shot a dose of anesthetic mist into her face, the effects were immediate as she fell limp into his arms. "I can't do anything here, your coming with me until I can find a way to fix all this." Lifting the woman over her shoulder he snapped back when the skylight of the Halls exploded out as Dianna lunged out onto the roof.

She looked like a massive snake coiled in front of him, but where the head should be was Wonder Woman's voluptuous body, her arms crossed as she glared down at the Caped Crusader. "YOU WILL NOT ESSSCAPE BATMAN!" Hissed the monster woman angrily, her hair coiling behind her back as her sharp yellow eyes bore down at the man stealing one of her subjects. The massive griffon and satyr Hawkman and Green Arrow lept out of the broken window and stood ready to attack at their mistress's command.

"I don't know what's happened to you Dianna but don't think for one second you can catch me... Even Superman had more common sense then that."



Circe was enjoying herself as she made her way through Star city, with her prisoners Superman, Captain Marvel and Dr. Fate trapped in the gem in her necklace they were forced to watch all the torrid 'fun' the demi-goddess had at their expense.

Currently she sat at the center row of a strip bar called 'The Twirling Wand' surrounded by more than half a dozen men as she rolled the gem in between her fingers sipping at her drink, several women all around performing for their audience with Circe paying for all of it. Openly she scoffed at the women putting on a show for her entourage, after all the attention should be on her and her alone. "Pff... I could dance better than these harlots, not one of them knows the art of enticing a man properly."

Smiling deviously she stood up and made her way over to the changing room in the back, just as the group of ladies finished their performance the DJ bolted upright, his eyes glazed over as his mind no longer belonged to him. "Now gentlemen give a warm welcome to the lady of the hour; the temptress of Odysseus, the Queen of Aeaea and the hottest ass this side Tartarus give an applause for... CIRCE."

The slow melody of 'I put a spell on you' chimed out as a slender leg poked out of the curtains before Circe sashayed out into the crowd, shimmying her way to the center stage as she pulled the attention of every man there. Her mischevious grin never left her luscious lips as she twisted and posed over the brass pole on the center stage, garnering oohs and aaahs from the crowd as she put the other dancers to shame, the more she danced her audience threw hand fulls of money over the stage making it rain bills as she continued to put on a show.

All were oblivious to the enchantment of desire she had over them or that the women in the back were suddenly replaced with clumsy pidgeons pecking the floor for bread crumbs. "Just you wait boys, I'm just getting started!"


With Huntress over his shoulder it was difficult for Batman to move out of the way of Hawkman and Manhunter barrelling into him, their new talons scrapping out gouges of stone fom the roofing as Batman dodged out of the way. An arrow whizzing passed his feild of vision as he righted himself, the goat-man had his bow trained on Batman and made ready to aim another shot, he never made it as a batarang flew out and cut the string before the shot was made.

Rolling to his side he barely had the chance to escape the whiplash from Dianna's tail, the rest of her coiling up to assault him head on with claws slashing over his cape. Grabbing a handful of his cloak she pulled him back, holding the tattered cloth like a noose around Batman's neck. "I have you now you insolent mortal." Hissed Dianna as she smiled at his struggles. "You should feel grateful that I have decided to devour you whole, you gave usss quite a struggle.... For a human."

Her mouth stretched, opening wide with her fanged spreading out to make room, just as Batman crammed a gas grenade into her mouth and pulled the pin. The smoke billowed out from her open maw, choking her and the others with black smoke that filled the entire roof. "Find him 'cough' my thrallsss 'cough' your mistress demands it!"

As he was ordered Hawkman had used his wings to blow the smoke away but by the time it had cleared the Caped Crusader was gone as was his prisoner Huntress. Coiling up in anger Dianna walked back to the opening in the skyline, walking pass her three stud-thralls as they lowered their heads in shame. "We will find him soon mistress, I promise." Growled Hawkman just as Wonder Woman grabbed at his naked shaft and pulled him close forcefully. "You cossst me one of my thralls Hawk! You will make up for it by sssatisfying me until I deem you worthy of forgivenessss."

Pulling her stud-thrall with her Dianna began making plans to deal with Batman, but first there was an itch she had to scratch and Hawkman was going to scratch until he was down to the nub.

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