The enthralled heroes that have been with Diana the most begin to show monstrous, demonic features

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Justice League Batman
Category DC Corruption Transformation Growth pregnancy
Previous Chapter One by one Wonder Woman turns the League into her sex slaves.

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It had been days since Dianna had been transformed by the Eckidne curse, brought on by the vengeful demi-goddess Circe. She had transformed into a powerfully built snake woman and became consumed with lust, she now desired to bear as many children as she possibly could, to refill the world with monsters and fiends that once haunted the age of old, and she was on a good start already...

Dianna lounged on the coils of her long muscular tail like a bed, the tip of her rattle shaking idly as she rubbed her round taut belly, her womb was so full and large it forced her legs apart to make room. Her breasts constantly leaking milk and her first thralls Black Canary and Huntress did their part to lick her clean of the dripping bounty. Hawkman, Green Arrow and the Flash offered her plates of meats and foods to satisfy her unending hunger while Green Lantern stood behind her with a conjured fan to waft a cool breeze over the dark goddess.

Arching her back and humming in contentment Dianna allowed more room for her former friends Zatanna, Huntress and Black Canary to lick her breasts clean of the mother's milk dripping from her tits. Her milk production never stopped and seemed to increase when she bore a large litter of children. Already she had a large flock of harpies guarding her new temple and a band of satyrs and fawns hiding invisibly in the hallways. The most impressive were the pair of phase-beasts she bore last night from mating with the Flash, the tenticled panthers stalked through the shadows of the old Halls of Justice waiting for something to pounce on and devour.

A grunt of pain distracted her from her musing as she looked up at Hawkman, the Thanagarian dropping the tray of food in his hands and buckling over. Right before her the winged man began to bulk up with muscle, grower taller and stronger by the second. His boots burst open to make room for his new talons as fur and feathers spread out over his body, his hands grew out into wicked claws by the time fur had completely covered his arms. With a final cry his face stretched and hardened into an avian beak, completing his transformation into a humanoid griffon.

Wonder Woman was shocked!

She remebered the effect her stinger had on the man when she decided to spice up the wild fucking she had with the man, he had bulked up and grew slightly then but this was incredible. Looking over to Green Arrow she found him scratching his head as gnarled horns arched from his brow with dark hair spreading over his entire body, becoming just like the rest of the satyrs he helped sire.

Dianna laughed at the current state of her studs-thralls, her constant doses of venom had transformed them both into monsters. Their powerful bodies began to tear and burst at their clothing, their hard erections threatening to explode out of their pants as they completed their transformations. Looking down at the women cleaning her breasts and belly with their tongues Dianna smiled as she noticed Huntress now had owl-like eyes, and Canary was sprouting horns and a barbed tail of her own.

"Hmmm... Sssuch lovely transformations my petssss, I approve!" Biting her pouty lips Wonder Woman felt a powerful jolt in her womb as her growth excellerated, moaning out softly as her harem kissed their way over her body.


Batman hid at the ledge of a building over looking the Halls of Justice, he felt concerned when all contact with the Hall died a few days ago, Looking through binoculars into the building he frowned at the sight of the former League members being controlled by the transformed Wonder Woman, Zatanna must have been co-erced into turning the inside of the Halls into a kind of temple to her new master's worship and leisure. the Walls and floors decorated with plants and art depicting Dianna as a goddess... Or conquerer.

Pulling a zip line from his belt he made his way over the roof of the Hall and spied over the skyline looking down. Dianna's water had broke and was in the throes of labour yet she acted like she was drowned in pleasure, crying and moaning as if the experience was the same as sex to her. After an hour she had birthed what looked like half a dozen creatures, each of them being placed before their mother to be fed her milk. A slight clicking sound alerted him to an enemy behind him, the barrel of a crossbow aiming at the back of his head as the arrow nudged his cowl.

"Our mistress doesn't like spies Batman, even I could hear the zip-line hitting the roof... Well I can now..."

Turning his head slightly to look at the Huntress he found she had changed slightly; her eyes had turned yellow and wide like an owl's, her finger nails looked as if they had dropepd off some time ago and were being replaced with talons, and short feathers had started to grow out her hair making her look like an owl/human hybrid. Her breasts had almost doubled in size and her hips were wider, her frame had gained lean muscles that caused her torn costume to creak as she aimed her weapon at the caped crusader.

"I'd rather you didn't fight back Bruce, our mistress would love another stud to add to her harem, maybe you'd give her bats as progeny."

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