One by one Wonder Woman turns the League into her sex slaves.

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Justice League
Category DC Corruption Mind Control M/F pregnancy
Previous Chapter Diana is pumped full of seed

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"You've gone insane Dianna, this isn't like you at all!"

The four trapped heroes stood their ground against the corrupted amazon and her mind-controlled minions, Black Canary and Huntress guarded the door ready to fight for their mistress while Green Arrow and Hawkman stood behind Wonder Woman at the ready.

"Insssane? I've merely had a change in priorities Zatanna, I wassssted my life fighting the criminals and sssupervillains of Man's world, nothing I ever did made me fell like I accomplished anything." The group cringed as Dianna flicked her long forked-tongue out to smell the air, smiling at their reaction as she took in their fear. "But now I feel better, now I feel POWERFUL. When my brood are born they'll lay waste to the human world, thissss is the new me my friendssss and I refuse to go back!"

"That's enough Wonder Woman! We're stopping you here and now!"

Hal Jordon aimed his green ring at the snake woman and bound her and the rest in green glowing chains, the mind-controlled members of the Justice League fought against the bindings but Dianna merely smiled, chuckling to herself as the rest looked down at her in confusion.

"Oh children..." Called out Dianna in a sing-song voice. "Do help out your mother, she needsss your help."

"Children?" Wondered a confused Flash before a series of shrill cries filled the large room, the sound was so deafening it brought them all to their knees holding their ears. Distracted by the intense sound Hal was pinned down and knocked out by the pair of harpies hiding above the ceiling panels, their clawed hands and feet keeping the Green Lantern held down as they continued to scream and cry out at the rest of the heroes. Everyone was on the ground holding their ears except for Dianna, with Hal's concentration broken so too were the chains he fashioned.

She laughed openly, enjoying the fact that she was immune to her daughter's sonic powers. Sashaying up to the prone man she picked him up easily and crushed her fanged lips to his, Hal's eyes shot open for an instant before they lulled into a trance like stare, her venom making him loyal and subserviant to her and her alone. Shoving him away she made her way to the Flash and did the same to him then the martian J'onn J'onzz. By the time the men were all bitten Zatanna slowly awoke, moaning as she tried to get her bearings after nearly passing out from the pain. Before she could get up she was pinned back down by a strong pair of hands, the sound of a goat nicker just above her head. Looking up she found a hairy ghoteed man keeping her down, his large erect cock bobbing at her thighs and butt suggestively as he pressed down on her.

"You can't do this Dianna, we're your friends!" Screamed the magician as she was hoisted up like a child by the powerful snake woman, their eyes making contact for a brief second before she was forced into passionate kiss with her. She moaned in shock as she felt Dianna's slithery tongue travel down her throat and a sharp pain jab at her lips, eventually she too fell into a dreamy state before her mistress pulled away licking her pouty lips.

"Yessss Zatanna and now you are my loyal sssservant, I plan on enjoying this new life of mine for some time and now that I have you all that will be ssso much entertaining."

"Hmmm..... Yes my mistress..."

Smiling at the results of her conquest Dianna turned back to the center of the room, looking over her shoulder at the rest of her thralls as they recupperated from her daughter's sonic attacks. "All of you strip down, I want to sssample you all as you appeassse me."

Coiling her long tail back into a corded pile she sat down on her 'throne' rubbing circles around her dome of a belly and enjoyed the view as her servants stood naked before her. Enticing Flash over with a clawed finger Wally stood before Dianna ready to bow before she pulled him up close. "Do I arouse you my thrall? Do you wish to pleassse me? Fuck me? Knock me up like a wanton whore?"

"Yes mistress...." Mumbled the glassy eyed man as Dianna smiled at his response. "Then fuck me! Fill my belly with your cum, do it until you have nothing left to offer me." The man cried out in shock as Wonder Woman's stinger jabbed his leg before pulling back into the pile, rattling as it disappeared into the coiled mass. With his eyes bugging out in excitement he plunged into her offered pussy, grabbing onto both of her stout muscular legs he moved like a blur fucking his new master. Her cries of passion filling the room as she enjoyed every second of her new thralls talents.

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