Diana is pumped full of seed

by Gorel
Storyline Wonder Woman; Mother of all monsters.
Characters Wonder Woman Justice League
Category DC Corruption Transformation Growth pregnancy Mind Control M/F
Previous Chapter Wonder Woman demands to be bred again

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Dianna smiled down at her two lovers, her venom having reduced them to mindless puppets meant only to serve her every desire. Already Hawkman had grown to hardness as he was positioned in front of her loins by her massive tail coiled around his waist. As soon as he entered her she moaned blissfully, wrapping her powerful arms and legs around him to keep him from moving away. "Give me more my lovely sssslave, I want a flock of harpiessss to sssswarm these hallsssss..."

Grunting with effort the winged man began pounding into her roughly, her tail keeping her high enough for the man to stand while fucking her hard. Her breasts had swelled so large they almost touched her chin as they were mashed against Hawkman's barrel chest. "Yessss! Almosssst there... Yesss! More! Jusssst like... Thaaaaaaah!!!" Screeched Dianna as he finally came hard into her, filling her to the brim as she bit down on his neck. The extra dose of venom from her fangs made him pass out, slumping down in front of her as she squeezed her thighs together to keep his cum from spilling out of her. Her long black hair writhed and coiled like a nest of snakes before smoothing out behind her back. She chuckled as even though Hawkman was out cold his hard-on raged like a flag pole from his crotch

Looking over to Oliver Queen she licked the blood from her lips and pulled him close to her, kissing him roughly and plunging her forked tongue down his throat before pulling back with a coy smile. She felt so powerful, dominant! The aphrodisiac effects of her kiss already drove him rigid with arousal and was desperately trying to enter her, she laughed at his attempts before taking over and positioning him to her entrance. As they ground against each other Dianna could already feel Hawkman's cum taking effect inside of her, her belly began to swell and bulge with every heartbeat.

Feeling experimental she brought the tip of her tail up and stung Green Arrow in the thigh with her rattle/stinger. His eyes shot open as his muscles tensed up, she could feel him... growing larger inside of her. His cock began to grow slightly longer and thicker, his testicles swelling large and heavy as he thrust harder into her, almost desperately to relieve the pressure growing in his sac. Laughing at the results Dianna lolled her head as she was awash with pleasure, her plaything pumping hard and fast into her drooling pussy and sending sharp thrills up her body. With a pained cry Green Arrow tensed up and fired into her, cumming like a firehose and filling her almost to overflow.

She allowed him to slump back to rest as she roamed her claws over her breasts and abbs. Already she could feel the effects of his seed sprouting within her belly, her naval now plumping up to look 3 months pregnant and growing larger by the second. Coiling her tail around her she laid on her coils like a cushion as she ordered the two to awaken and feed her.

Just as Hawkman walked off to fetch meat for his goddess Dianna grabbed Oliver by his enhanced cock and shoved it into her mouth, licking the shaft and enticing him to flood her stomach with cum like he did her womb.


Circe raised a hand to hide her laughter as she sipped at her wine. she knew her curse would engulf Wonder Woman's mind with lust but she had no idea that the amazon princess would totally embrace her new form. looking back at the black pearl that hung from her thin necklace she dangled the gem at eye level to look at her prisoners, smirking at their futile attempts to over power thier prison.

"How does it feel to discover that deep down inside the chaste and proper Dianna is a depraved nymphomaniac begging to be knocked up?"

The three tiny heroes trapped inside the gem halted their efforts to look at their collective jailer. "You won't win Circe, even if we can't get out we're not the only ones who can face you."

Pursing her lips in mock distress the sorceress stood and stepped out into the balcony of her hotel suite, looking over Star City and its lovely view. "Too true man of steel but I'm not the problem anymore, its your slithery amazonian friend thats going to be the one to worry about now." Whether Wonder Woman would have liked it or not the curse would have driven her to bear a managerie of man-eating monsters to plague mankind, and now that she had considered it her calling, Dianna was going to do just that and enjoy every second of it.

Sighing in boredom and feeling cooped up she called to her servants to fetch her coat and call a limousine. "I think its time to have a night out on your town Billy Batson, I want to enjoy as much of this world as I can before Dianna turns it into a monster infested swamp." Changing her clothing to a more luxurious gown and mink over her shoulders she gracefully stepped out of her suite and down to the main lobby, pleased at the reactions she was getting from every man in the lobby and front gate before leaving.


Walking through the doors of the Halls of Justice Green Lantern, Flash, Zatanna and Martian Manhunter were led in by Black Canary and Huntress. The group had failed to find Circe and hadn't heard anything from Superman's team.

"So your saying she's awake? How's she doing? Is the curse... Killing her?!" Worried the Flash as the others asked quesions of worry as well. "She's ok, if anything she doing much better now." Hummed Dinah as she led the heroes to the eating area of the halls. "Oh yeah and her scales are so smooth..." swooned Huntress as she opened the doors to the cafeteria to let them in. "Scales?"

As soon as they stepped in the group of heroes were stopped dead in their tracks. Laying on a large leather cushion was Wonder Woman, naked save her braclets and tiara and sucking off an equally naked Green Arrow while Hawkman stood nearby with a tray of steaks and roast ham. What shocked everyone was the round orb at her middle being craddled and rubbed by her hands as she coaxed Oliver into cumming. Zatanna winced as she could hear the woman gulp down what had to be a gallon of the man's cum before he was shoved away.

"My friendssss, its sssso good to ssssee you all again." Hissed Dianna as she stood up and walked up to the group, it was then that they all discovered that the leather couch was actually a massive snake tail being uncoiled and slithering behind her hypnotically. Standing closer they could see now that her skin had become creamy smooth scales, her fingers and toes grown into sharp talons and from her pursed lips she had sharp fangs poking out seductively. Everything about her was alluring and distracting; from her waving black hair, her sharp golden eyes to her luscious curves and statuesque figure.

"D-Dianna is that you? Is this the curse Circe put on you?" Trembled Zatanna in fear as she stared at Wonder Woman's swelling belly, her claws rubbing its surface lovingly.

"Oh I wouldn't call it a curssse Zatanna, if anything I've never felt better." Hissed the snake woman licking her lips with her long tongue, giving her friends a show as she arched her back and raised her arms over her head, swivelling her hips and swishing her massive tail around her.

Narrowing his red eyes Manhunter looked over to Green Arrow and Hawkman. "What did you do to them Dianna? Their minds are in a trance like state."

"The sssame thing I'm going to do to you my lovely thrallssss, Huntresss do be a dear..."

the sound of a pole clanking against the double doors turned everyone's attention to Black Canary and Huntress, both sharing the same dreamy stare back at their friends as they essentially locked them all in the cafeteria together.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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