Something strange is happening with Power-Girl and Super-Girl. Both of them are obsessed with Clark and the Idea of Children.

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Darkseid Superman Power Girl
Previous Chapter Cat and Clark alone in a abandon Factory? Not the best Idea

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The next few day he awoke in the Factory with Cat not being there anymore. She had left him this time like he had left her and he found a Letter with a big Smiley on it. Then he looked at the Communikator and found out that the JLA had tried to contact him but he had slept to deep. 

He flew back to the Watch Tower only to find most of the Member Wet and dirty.

“WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?” an angry Batman came to him and showed him Pictures of a Tsunami that had almost hit Japan. An undersea Quake had caused 30 meter Waves but thanks to Green Lantern and others it had been possible to save the Cities. 

“I was busy Bruce.” He said but this only fuelled the rage of Batman.

“WHAT DO YOU MEAN WITH I was Busy?! YOU ARE SUPERMAN! WE have almost lost a WHOLE CITY and YOU WERE BUSY?!” he said loud enough for everyone to hear. Not many would be brave enough to talk in such manor with Superman but they were very close friends and often weren’t the same Opinion. 

“I mean that I was Busy. I have also a Life as Clark Kent not only as Superman. If you don’t know what that means just put of that mask and try it out. As much as I remember you were called Bruce Wayne!” he countered and Bruce stepped closer to him looking deep into his Eyes.

“You have are Responsible for this World! Act like it! The World needs Superman more than it needs Clark Kent!”

“Would you let Alfred behind when he asks Bruce Wayne for help?” he asked but this time he went too far.

“Don’t Mention Alfred! Let him out of this!” Bruce hissed angry and everybody saw his Muscle under his Suit, ready to attack Superman any second. 

“Sorry Bruce. I just meant that…” just in this Second Power girl flew right between them and crushed into a Wall. Under the Pressure of the Impact and the Kryptionian Physique the Wall was almost vaporised and only a heartbeat later Supergirl flew right behind her with red glowing Eyes. Only 2 Members were fast enough to react to such a Proof of Super speed Movement. 

Superman was too shocked by this and didn’t act at all, but Flash tried to grab Supergirls Leg to stop her. What he hadn’t thought about was, that Supergirl moved with a Speed above Mach 1. He managed to get a hold on her Angle but then was pulled away by her. 

“Ups!” was the last thing he managed to say before he was hanging on her feet. But while Supergirl was able to fly through the little Hole that Power girl had created in the Wall Flash hadn’t such a Luck. He crushed against the Wall and looked around as if nothing had happened.

“Only 5 Minutes more Mommy. Wally is a big boy already.” He said before he felt to the Ground and took a Nap. 

“Did… my Cousin just fought her own Clone?”  Clark asked Bruce as he looked back at Bruce. Their little Dispute was gone and Bruce looked at the Wall and back to Bruce before he said calm and with his deep voice.

“Jupp. And she is destroying my Space Station.”

“I pay you the Damage.” Clark said as both of them moved to the Door.

“With your Payment as a Journalist?” he laughed as they entered the next room. It was a battle Zone. Supergirl whirled around with Power girl throwing her into a Javelin Jet. The impact was too much for the Docking Station and Power girl slammed with the Javelin into the next Wall, where the Jet exploded.
Bruce put out a little device and typed fast over the little buttons while Superman shouted at Supergirl.

“KARA! ARE YOU NUTS? STOP THIS AT ONCE!” but she only screamed at the burning wreck of the Javelin.

In a flash of White and Gold Power girl moved right into her and Shoulder tagled her into a wall behind Superman. 

“Why should he want a little girl like you?! He will be the father of MY CHILDREN!” then she saw Superman and in a second she knelt before him pressing her tits against his pant.

“Kal-El! We will have so much fun! I will love to be the Mother of your Chil..” before she could say anything else her younger Version pulled her by her hair and burned a Heat Vision on short Range just into her Face before kicking her away. Then she jumped at the stunned Clark and tried to give him a deep French kiss. It was too surreal so Clark responded to the kiss for a second before he managed to pull her away.

“What the hell?” he stammered as the Eyes of Power girl started to glow.

“I WILL KILL YOU! HE IS MINE!” a heat Vision Beam burned at the Place where Kara had just stood but she had moved faster than the eyes could see. The energy beam hit one of the outer Walls and raised the temperature to dangerous Levels. The Titanium Wall started to glow in a deep Red. Only seconds before it would break Wonder Woman send a mighty Punch into Powergirls Face. The Impact from the Amazon Princess let the surprised Power girl crush into the Floor and into the next Section. 

“We have to stop them! Before they tear apart the Station!” she screamed at the other Heroes and heard a Warning from Batman into her direction, but it was too late. Power girl was almost as strong as Superman and also so fast. She had regained from the Punch and moved back at the new Enemy. But she wasn’t stupid. She had managed to get her Golden Lasso and before Wonder Woman could react she was caught in her own magic Lasso. 

“Defend me with your Life!” Power girl grinned and it was too late to stop her. Not even Diana was strong enough to fight the Power of the Lasso. She turned to Capt. Atom and kicked him into a wall before he could reach Power girl. Even with her Hands bound by the Lasso Wonder Woman was a deadly foe and not many could hope to stand against her for long. 

“You take care of Kara. I handle Wonder Woman. The rest of you! TAKE DOWN POWERGIRL!” Batman said and moved into the range of the Amazon. Both of them were masters of Martial Arts but Bruce had his Arms free to fight. Superman Flew right into Kara and pressed her down on the Ground. She tried to break free and then finally she even tried to rub her body on him, but in this Situation Clark wasn’t able to find something like that Erotic. He looked around and saw that the entire League was forcing Power girl down. Not even a Kryptionian was able to defeat the complete JLA and he was clad that it was that way. Finally he felt a sharp pain his head as Capt. Atom was able to transform his own energy Signature into a Kryptonian Frequency.

“Sorry Superman. But we have to take them down.” He said and Clark nodded in Pain, knowing that Atom was right. Soon he felt his Power fade away and he fall to the Ground. Power girl and Supergirl also tried to escape from the Source of this painful Energy but felt their Hands and feet locked in some high energy Fields. Soon both of them were isolated and stunned. The actual threat was over but now it was important to find out what had happened.

Just as the fight was over Bruce moved to Clark and showed him his little Device he had typed around. It was a little Calculator shaped like a Bat.

“You have to pay me 12.923.311 Dollar and 32 Cents. 20 Dollar more or less.” He said and everyone had to laugh. Only the Dark Knight was able to make such a stupid Joke and sound so serious by it. 

It took the Martian Man hunter only a couple of Hours to find out what had happened.

“It seems that Supergirl was a victim of an old friend of us. I sense some Mind Control Presence in her. It is a Signature that I would guess comes from a new God of Apokalypse.” 

“DARKSEID!” Clark said as his Hand atomized the Table underneath him. Nobody was surprised by this Reaction from him but J´onn looked at him.

“I don’t think that it was Darkseid. It is much weaker than the Energy I have felt as he controlled you. But I fear you don’t like this one either. It is Sleaze.” 
Clark’s eyes took a dangerous deep red Colour as he heard it

“He is dead! This time I will crush this stupid little Punk for what he did to me and my family!” before anyone could stop him or say anything he flew into space and raised his Speed to his maximum. In a few seconds he had searched almost the whole world with his Super Vision only to find his enemy in the underground beneath Metropolis. He ignored the incoming transmission from his friends. This time it was too. Even that he liked the Idea that a brainwashed big titted Power girl would do everything for a round with him she was still his Family somehow. And this little Jerk had done too much. With a multiply of the Speed of Sound he crushed into the Ground right above Sleaze hide Out. He pinned him to the Ground before the Mind Controller even knew what had hit him. Before he knew what was going on Superman let him feel his full rage, not holding back this time. By most of the Villains of the Earth he had to limit his own Strength, but Villains from Apokolypse were quit tough. His right fist catapulted Sleez trough the Wall right into a Sky Scratcher from Metropolis. Only seconds later he crushed to the Other Side of the Building. Unable to fly he couldn’t do anything but to scream for his Life. But Superman was faster than a bullet and so he levitated right over Sleez. 

“MERCYYY!” Sleaze begged, seeing the burning deep Eyes filled with Hate and rage. But it was too late for such things. With a mighty two handed Blow Superman send his enemy right into the Ground where he crashed like a little Bomb. The Buildings near felt the Impulse and hundreds of Windows crushed. Superman screamed and send a Heat Vision from unknown intensity right into the Crater he had formed. The Energy Beam would have burned most of the toughest Villains of this world but Sleaze wasn’t from this Earth. He was almost dead and blood run from all over his body but he tried to crawl away only to find Superman right in front of him.

“This time you will pay for what you have done!” he saw the other Member of the Justice league looking at him and many Civilian People were shocked to see him like that. Many really thought that Superman would kill this little ugly Men but that was never an opinion for him. He had something even worse in Mind. Something that Death would be a nice gift against.

“Open a Nexus to Apokolypse!” he informed Batman and he nodded cold. He knew now that Superman wasn’t on a blood trip. He ordered the technician of the Watch Tower too great a Nexus and saw Superman going through with a screaming Sleaze. He begged for mercy, even to kill him but Clark didn’t listen to him. 

As Clark reached Apokolypse he hadn’t to wait long until Darkseid landed right in front of him, a little surprised. He had been informed from Amazing Grace that there was a change going on in his Mind but nothing about that he had planned to attack Darkseid alone. Darkseid was an opponent that was maybe the greatest foe Superman had ever meet and also Darkseid had never fought so hard battles. 

“What do you want Kryptonian? Do you want your Place back at my side?” he misjudged the Situation as Clark throw Sleaze right in front of him.

“If this thing will ever be free again I swear that I will tear this Planet apart and then I will deal with you! Let him suffer like no one suffered before!” he said and went back to the Nexus before Darkseid could launch an attack with his Omega Beams. 

Darkseid looked down on the heavily injured Sleaze. He had managed to make Superman angry. Not the easiest Thing to do. 

“What have you done WORM!” he commanded him and Sleaze sank together helplessly afraid of this Entity.

“I I I I tried to bring Supergirl and him together so she would be pregnant!” he stammered and Darkseid smiled.

“You wanted an army of pure Kryptionian to fight me. Interesting!” he then raised his Hand and Sleaze felt his Body stretching and mutating in pure Agony, but suddenly it was all away and he was finally finding peace.

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