Cat and Clark alone in a abandon Factory? Not the best Idea

by colleem
Storyline The Masterplan
Characters Superman Cat Grant
Category Mind Control
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Clark flew to the Daily Planet after his little intermezzo with the Dr. He had done it again, but this time he had even used some Mind Control to get what he needed. What was wrong with him suddenly? He felt not as he were under the effect of some Red Kryptonite or something like that. He had been scanned two times and when he didn’t abuse the Doctor she hadn’t found anything strange. He remembered her words that this could maybe be some natural thing born out of his Superior Physique. But if that was true didn’t that meant he started to see himself as something over Human? He questioned his motives a found that he found nothing in his mind that could be a hint for some cruel evil tendency. His obsession for big breasted Woman was nothing uncommon in this World. Many Men had it too. And he was a child of this Planet as well as he was the last Son of Krypton. The thing with the Hypnosis was another thing. He had been under effects of Mind Control before and always it had been a terrible humiliation for him. His enemies had forced him to fight his friends, betray the earth or even do worse. One time he was also forced to make a Porno with Big Barda. Now he maybe thought about this a little bit different but back then it had been a horrible Experience for him. He had almost killed Slezz for it. Maybe it was this tragic event that had created this little Fetish right now. He wanted to feel something good coming from Mind Control and as long as both were having fun why not. While he levitate to the Daily Planet he told himself that he would have a long Talk with Dr. Wayland and after that with Lois. He wasn’t sure how she would respond but he knew that she felt similar to him. The sexual Relationship had died between them and only on rare Moments both were feeling the old feelings for each other. 

But first he had to take care of Cat Grant. She had finally managed to get her Life into the right Ways and he didn’t want to be the one who would destroy it now. It had been a terrible Mistake and he hoped that she would understand it. He changed into his Clark Kent dress and moved into the Building. He used the Time to finish some of his Works and finally saw Cat. She seemed somehow changed. She run around with tons of Books, a Tablet were she could not get her eyes of and almost run into another Men. He knew this Look from Lois. She was behind a big Story and was focusing on it with all her Mind. 

“Uhm. Cat. Do you have a minute?” he asked her and she looked at him smiling but her Smile faded away only seconds after. Cat had been a bad woman for a long time and had plenty experience with Men. She knew when a Men wanted to say something that wasn’t good for her. Her guess was that he was full of guilt feelings for what he did and that she could make it even worse if she would make now a wrong step. So she played a little Role for him, knowing that she would need a little bit more time.

“Clark. As much as I loved it… it was a failure. If it comes out I will lose my Job and you your Wife. Never talk about it okay?” she said to him and covered her Books as good as she could. All these books were about Hypnosis and soon she would feel him again deep inside of her. Feeling the Darkness washing over her as he had fucked her senseless. In all her Years she had never felt anything addicting like being fucked to a Blackout. Clark felt his Heart jump as he heard her. 

“I am glad that you understand it Cat. I see you as a very good Friend of me and I didn’t wanted to hurt you. I don’t know what came over me but …” she cut him silent as she said.

“I said don’t talk about it or I have to regret that I won’t try it out again!” she smiled and let her Books drop on her Desk. “BUT my good boy … this won’t be easy for you! You own me something.” She grinned and Clark had the feeling that she didn’t really tried to Blackmail him. It was just Cat´s Style to talk like this and so he crossed his arms and put an eyebrow higher. 

“Do I?” he asked her and she eagerly nodded.

“I need help with a story of mine. Something big… Okay. Big for MY Abilities. Nothing like an Alien Invasion or such things. But I could show Perry that I can do more than just these stupid little Jobs. Please Clark! Only this time!” she begged at him and he felt his fear fade away. Cat had never tried to fool him. She had always been a woman which was very direct in her Words. She had told him right into his face once that she wanted to fuck with him. It was before he was in a relationship with Lois but since then a friendship had evolved between them.

“Okay Cat. What do I have to do?” he asked her and she smiled happily.

“I have to meet an Informant! My first one! But I have never done something like that and now I hoped that you could come with me and tell me if I do something wrong. You have way more Experience about this.” 

It was an easy task for him and after all he wanted to get this thing out of the World. Clark knew that Cat was working on a Promotion for a Job in Gotham City. If he could help her with that maybe she would get the Job and then he would be away and Lois would maybe never knew what happened. 

“Sure Cat. I will do what I can to help you. When and where?” he asked her and she told him that it would be this evening in round about two hours. He nodded and called Lois and explained her the Situation. She was on her Cardio Trainer because her Voice sounded like she was doing exercises. Her Breath went faster than normal and also her voice was a bit monotone. He was distracted for a short moment as Jimmy tried to explain him something and so he didn’t notice the moan from another Men in the Background of the Call. What would he have done if he would have knew that his wife talked to him deeply under the Influence of a Mind Control Drug that Lex had used on her so she would respond a little bit more to his fucking. He was bending over the Kitchen desk again and Lex had filled every Hole of her by now. Both of them were covered in sweat and Lois body was also covered in his cum. Helpless in his spell she was forced to talk to her Husband while she felt the Dick of Lex hammering into her dripping cunt. Unable to do anything against it she obeyed the command to talk to him as If nothing had happened. Lex had been unable to resist this Possibility and since more than 6 hours both of them were fucking like Rabbits. Too sad for Lois that she would not remember anything. She would have liked it. 

“Jimmy. Did you noticed that I was talking with my wife?” he finally cut the Phone call with Lois and looked at the young Men. 

“Sure I did. But Clark! You have to see this Photos! Aren’t they great? I will win a Price for them!” he showed him a set of black Photos. “You are the first one who sees them!”

Clark had to smile and nodded. “Great Work. Next time. Take off the Lenses before you trigger it Jimmy. Then there is a possibility that you get some good Shots. Or is this Metropolis by night?” he turned the Picture so that he could see it too and saw him lose all his Colour in the Face before he run away into the Dark Room followed by Clarks laughing. Then he walked with Cat to the Place where he wanted help her. Both of them got into the Car and Cat drove him to an old Theatre that seemed abandoned for a long time. 

“Here you want to meet your Contact?” he asked and looked around with his X-Vision for a moment. The Building was empty right now but maybe they were a bit too early.

“Yes Clark. Come on. Let’s get inside. I can’t wait to get that Story I want to have!” she said exited as he had never seen her before. 

As they entered the old building Cat was in front of him and smiled. Everything worked as planned for now. Maybe Mr Perfect Husband Smallville Farm boy was able to play his little Role while they were at the Daily Planet, but here he wouldn’t be able to do anything against her. She had found this Place in the Internet and that it was perfect for her Plans. 

“Let’s split up Clark. If you see him call me!” she said and moved to the left. Clark wasn’t so sure about it but she was always inside his range of vision and so he wasn’t worried too much. Thanks to his abilities he knew that nobody was here. But then Cat went Silent suddenly. He looked around and saw her standing near an old Mirror. She didn’t seemed injured or anything and so he moved away to search the Contact. After 4 Minutes he looked for Cat again seeing her standing still in front of this Mirror. He was worried now a little bit and moved closer to her.

“Cat? Everything okay?” he asked her and she answered him with a sultry Voice.

“Yes Clark everything is fine. Look what I found here!” 

He moved to her as she turned around. In her hands she had a long necklace with a ruby coloured Gem at the end. Swaying it right in front of her now open cleavage she smiled at him. She hadn’t any plan of Hypnosis but had seen enough Movies about how it should look like. And she guessed that Clark also knew it only out of Movies and wasn’t a trained Hypnotist. 

“Doesn’t it remember you on Hypnosis Clark? A swaying Necklace? From the left to the right?” she mocked him and he stepped back feeling his lust growing rapidly. 

“Cat stop it! That isn’t fair!” he moaned as his Back felt a wall right behind him and left him no way to escape. It would have been a funny thought if it wasn’t so a Humiliation for him. 

“Unfair? Why should it be Unfair Clark? Just because I know that you get Horny when you think of Hypnosis? That it makes your Cock so hard and big? Just thinking about getting hypnotized makes you hard right?” she said moving the Necklace from left to right far too fast to have an effect but the mental conditioning that he had got made him vulnerable for such an assault right now.

“it makes me so damn Horny” he finally moaned starring at her face as he felt his willpower fading and Cat could see it and it made her horny to see him like that. Slowly she put the Necklace around her Neck and moved away from him until she reached a Box where she sat down spreading her legs for him.

“Yes Clark. It makes your cock hard and big. Come on! We both know that you want me! You want me on my knees in front of you. You want me undress for you playing with my big tits. I know you secret Clark!” Clark had to swallow hard by her words. “I know that you want to feel me again! Like you fucked me senseless in the Archive. Nobody had fucked me senseless before! I want you again! I NEED you again Clark! I will do everything to get you! Feel you! Fuck you! It is your choice! Fuck me anywhere, anyhow and as often as you want… or risk it that I will hypnotize you and then you will be my little Hypno Fuck toy!” she moaned at him while she started to play with her tits. Clark moaned loud as he heard her as she toyed with the Necklace.

“Mhmmm Yes Clark! I know you cannot resist it! We are doing the wrong thing and should feel ashamed of it but it makes me just too horny to think of your cock! GET IT OUT!” she moaned loudly as he pulled his pants down without even thinking what he had underneath it. His Cock sprang to action and he started to jerk it as she moved to him and ripped his Jacket open. She licked her lips as she saw the Superman Symbol under his cloth and moved one finger over his chest.

“Mhmmm what a wicked little Boy you are Clark! Does it turn Lois on if you wear HIS dress? Does she need it?” she wanted to tease him more but he grabbed her and if he was ten times stronger than he should be he lifted her against the wall burring his Face between her breasts. 

She felt his hot face on her skin and his warm fast breath all over her skin. She felt his wild tongue that tried to get as much of her tits as possible. She moaned in Need as she finally had him again. Her hands laid down on her tits and she ripped her Blouse away. She felt his Lips on her black bra immediately and his hands pulling it down over her breasts. As soon as her Nipples were free he started to suck on them as if there was now tomorrow. She moaned in ecstasy and grabbed his Head pulling her harder against her Tits. Her legs crossed round him so he could not escape her anymore. Not that he wanted it right now. She felt him turning around and both of them crashed into an old Desk. It was a loud Noise but neither he nor her cared. He pushed her back on the desk and bowed over her so he could suck on her tits again. She moaned louder and one of her Hands moved to his dress and undressed him as fast as she could. While undressing both of them kissed each other in a sexual heat none of them had ever felt before. It was pure ecstasy. Soon Clark was topless and Cat´s hand moved over his perfect Body following his detailed Muscles. He moved his fingers up to her Breasts and played with them causing Cat to scream in sexual Pain and Lust at the same time. He had such strong Hands. 

Then Cat pushed him away and starred at him with a fire in her eyes. He saw the same fire in his eyes as she moved down from the Desk and kneeled down in front of it.

“Come on Clark. Have you ever wanted to fuck my tits?” she moaned and grabbed her Tits and pressed them together. 
She licked her lips as she saw him move to her and pressing this giant Member against her Tits. It was now the first time that she really saw it. By her last time together she had only felt it inside her and was too lost in her lust to take a look at it. It was huge, perfect just like everything about him. She had never saw such a great Piece of meat and eagerly pressed her Tits together to raise the Pressure he would feel. She put her head down and sucked on his cock as it moved out of her bosom. IT tastes like ambrosia and his moaning only made her hornier.

“Yes Clark. Fuck my tits harder! Yes baby… Come on! Fuck them! OH HELL I can’t get enough of your cock between my tits! Please baby! Cum on my tits! I want you’re cum all over my hot bit boobs!” she screamed between her sucking and pressed her tits so hard together that it almost hurt.
He then stopped in his motion and bend down to her giving her a deep sensual Kiss. Their tongues played lustfully with each other’s while Cat took his Throbbing Cock into her Hand and jerk it as fast as possible. She felt him moan inside her mouth but forced him to kiss her harder as she felt some warm liquid on his cock. He was Cumming every second. She wanted everything and moaned into his ear as she pointed his cock onto her tits. 

“Cum for your Hypno Slut!” 

She felt his cum on her tits as if she was hit by some Paint Ball Bullets. He screamed almost and his body arched in his Orgasmic bliss. She looked down on her and saw her round tits covered with his semen. Unable to resist it she pressed them together and started to lick her own tits clean while she starred at him, knowing how hot this must look. He moaned animalistic at her and pulled her up and after a deep long kiss she turned around and bent forward.

“Please Clark!” this time it was a beg from deep of her Heart and Clark knew it. 

He pulled her Skirt up and just as Cat awaited his brutal Thrust she could feel him penetrate her carefully and slowly. This drove her mad and she screamed like she had to die. She felt every inch of him entering her as he fucked her with unbelievable deep thrusts and his thick cock filled her cunt like nobody before. His hands found her ass and forced her gently to take each of his thrusts without any resistant. She was forced down on the desk and again she had lost control over this Act. She could not believe how easy she succumbed to him and how easy he could take her the way he wanted. She tried to get control back but as she tried to raise the Speed she felt him stop his Movements. Only for seconds but in her Lust filled mind it was an eternity. 

“PLEASE FUCK ME… PLEASE CLARK DON’T STOP…. I DO ANYTHING BABY!!! PLEASEEEEE CLARK FUCK MEEE PLEASE!” she screamed and felt his cock leave her only to press against her asshole. 

Her eyes grow in this shock as she felt him entering her. She tried to breath but it was impossible with this sensation. She had been fucked in the Ass before but not by such a monster. She tried to relaxed and take him inside her. With each movement she could take him a little bit deeper. She could feel how his balls slammed against her pussy as managed to fuck her with all his might. She tried to scream, tried to call his name but only animal Voices left her Lips. She saw her face inside an old mirror and it was a mask of lust. She drooled over the desk and her giant tits moved with each of his thrusts. Then she felt him pulling her up and this caused his cock even deeper inside her. She screamed as the Climax washed over her mind. She felt his Lips on hers and his tongue entering her. She wasn’t able to resist any longer. She couldn’t take it anymore. Her whole body exploded in her Orgasmic Bliss and then again she felt the warm soft darkness washing over her with the last word she went down.


Clark let her down and laid her on the floor. He saw her body move in the aftershocks of her Orgasm and that she had passed out again. Smiling and a little bit proud he put his Cell-Phone out and made a call. On the other line he heard a woman scream in ecstasy and also a Man moaning something about a Slut and such things.

“I have betrayed Lois with Cat Grant. She is senseless in front of me.” He said to the fucking couple on the other side of the Line as he heard a familiar voice.

“Fuck her harder Farm Boy! Fuck her while I fuck your Wife!” the men moaned and Clark put the Cell phone down and looked at Cat. 

A second ago he had been satisfied and had planned to let her sleep peacefully. But right now he wanted nothing more to fuck her silly. He grabbed her and put her on the Desk again. In her slumber she moaned something but wasn’t able to defend against him as he fucked her cunt again with his hard cock. He dreamed of Lex and Lois and let his lust drive him made. Cat woke up from his hard fucking and was trying to get away but her own lust was soon to strong again. She had lost count how often he came in her and how often she came herself. But it was more than a Human could take. Superman fucked the Senseless woman for hours until he finally broke down on her side, even his Stamina had his limits. But he felt awful good and put Cat into his arms. When she would awake she would lay in his Arms and he would protect her!

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