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by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Category Bimboization DC
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Mr. Fink let out a deep breath.

He hadn’t even realized he’d been holding it until after his men had secured the Batgirl and her would be rescuer.  What a clusterfuck this could’ve been he thought to himself.  ‘Hell it is a clusterfuck! Three vans ruined! Seven guys injure!’  Fink looked back at Luthor, the Metropolis Billionaire was off in his own world intently studying a small handheld device.  It was an actual PDA, not the fancy Holographic projector Luthor had used earlier.  Suddenly Fink felt nervous.  One does not go into business with Lex Luthor without already knowing his reputation; the man was a shark who on a regular basis went toe to toe against the single most powerful being on the planet. The BTI CEO had no doubt that Luthor wouldn’t have a second thought at ‘liquidating’ him should he feel disappointed by Fink’s performance.  Did the tonight’s events count as a disappointment?  Was Luthor at that moment ordering his execution!  Fink tried to shake such thoughts, he decided he needed to move forward.

'If you’re going to swim with the sharks, might as well dive in head first.’

Mustering all the courage he could, Fink blurted out “Mr. Luthor, would you like to see how we plan to extract the information about Oracle from Batgirl?”

Luthor gave no physical indication he heard Fink, he continued with his PDA, typing something into it.  A creeping dread started to spread through Fink.  He could feel his balls shrink to size of peas, as a number of potential horrifying fates started playing in his mind.

Suddenly Luthor, without ever looking away from his PDA, spoke in a dry tone of voice, like he was giving a lecture.  “Her name is Cassandra Cain”.

“What?” responded Mr. Fink, unsure of what to do or what that meant.

“The kink in tonight’s operation.” Luthor said, “Her name is Cassandra Cain.  I’ve heard of her in passing.  The child of two assassins: Richard Dragon, leader of the League Assassins and this woman.” Luthor finally looked at Mr. Fink as he held up his PDA, which showed the image of an Asian woman with long straight black hair and a gorgeous if severe face.  “Lady Shiva” Luthor smiled, “so-called ‘Deadliest Woman Alive’ and considering the size of her ‘known’ body count, I’m inclined to believe it.”

Luthor clicked off the PDA and stuck it into the right front pocket of his slacks.  Crossing his arms, he gave Fink a small, thoughtful smile.  “I don’t think we’ll have to worry about Mr. Dragon; suffice it to say Cassandra and her father had a ‘falling out’.  They’d kill each other on site if given a chance—still, if need be we should expect to make some restitution.  Her mother on the other hand?” Luthor smiled.  “Tell me Mr. Fink what do you think will happen when ‘The Deadliest Woman Alive’ finds out about tonight? About Bimbotech? About you? And believe me she’ll find out---they always do.” 

“I imagine she’ll want to make me one more notch in her body count.” Fink said matter-of-factly.

“I imagine so Mr. Fink” Luthor laughed.

Luthor took a step towards Fink, bringing himself within inches of him.  The bald man was a good foot taller than Fink and he drew himself up to his full height, looking down at the Bimbotech CEO like a judgmental godl

“If I seem overly melodramatic, rest a sure I don’t do it in jest, but to make the point that when we entered this venture together we accepted a burden of risk of extraordinary variables, like Ms. Shiva.  And while she may be incapable of flight or do magic or bend steel with her bare hands, she is still unlike the usual Bimbotech fodder.  You saw what her daughter almost accomplished tonight.  Think of what she could do?  Would you be ready for her?  Are you ready?”

Fink lowered his head, deep in thought.

'If you’re going to swim with the sharks, might as well dive head first.'

Fink looked back at Luthor, meeting the Billionaire eye-to-eye.

“Let her come.  You think she’s the first pissed-off mother we’ve dealt with?  Thousands have marched through our doors and every single one of them left just like their little girls:  big titted, air-headed cum-hungry Bimbo Sluts!” Fink’s voice began to rise, like a fire being fed a steady stream of gasoline. “Do you know how many times I’ve had my crank serviced by mother-daughter combos?  I don’t even bother to keep count anymore.  Besides you hired me to turn Super-heroines and Super-Villainess into Bimbo’s and that what I aim to do!  No matter the odds!  So yeah I’m ready.”

Luthor erupted in laughter and slapped Fink on the shoulder in affirmation.  “We’ll make super-villain out of you yet Mr. Fink!  Now let’s see how you’ll deliver Oracle to us."

Fink led Luthor out of the control room, quietly adding as they left “But if you’d like to help, I wouldn’t say no.”

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