On Bimbotech and Bimboization.

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
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Bimbotech is housed in a 12 story office building located four blocks South of WayneTech Tower, in the heart of downtown Gotham city.  It was formerly a high end shopping mall called the ‘Gotham Plaza’, that had gone out of business during the recent economic crash.  Mr. Fink chose the location personally; attracted to the finger it kept on the pulse of Gotham and its close proximity to the movers and shakers of the dark city.  

Fink had the building completely overhauled:  purchasing the finest security money could buy—trained ninja guards, cameras, motion sensors, pressures sensors, coded locks, laser sensors etc.—and had it installed into every nook and cranny of the ex-Gotham Plaza.  Thanks to Luthor and his contacts, Fink was also able to get a series of wards designed specifically for those with “special” skills; be it Meta or magical.  He also had the ventilation torn out and re-installed as dual system, one for airflow and the other to move the potent Bimbotech ‘Happy Gas’ to any spot in the building. 

There existed an underground parking garage with easy access to the subterranean highway system that flowed like arteries beneath Gotham’s skin.  Above that was the basement, heavily retrofitted and repurposed to become Bimbotech’s R&D department.  There was the main floor, of which we’ll have more to say about momentarily and then floors two through five.  These four floors were dedicated to Bimbotech’s day-to-day business needs; Bimbotech is still a business, despite its decadent heart—formed by floors six, seven and eight. The ninth floor was the ‘Bimbo lounge’ and it was the favored spot of potentially new clients to ‘sample the wares’.  The tenth floor was ‘the mixing room’; the place where the Happy Gas and other necessary chemicals were formulated and mass produced.  The eleventh floor was the entertainment floor; it had a dance hall, stripper stages, bars and a restaurant.  The final floor was doubled as Finks office and personal living space; a throne room fit for a king.

Despite the opulent changes Fink made to the inside his new home, he made sure to do the exact opposite for the outside.  He stripped away every vestige of the buildings old identity and replaced every window pane and glass door with double tinted glass.  The only outside marking was on a small stone placard to the right of the front door which read ‘BTI’ and then listed address directly below it.  This effectively turned Bimbotech into a blind spot to the multitudes that passed its front door each day.  Not only was it a further precaution against those who didn’t appreciate Bimbotech’s work, it also created an air of discretion many of BTI’s clients preferred. It also allowed the building to serve as the perfect trap to fuel the engine of Bimboization—

Consider Victoria Mollner, a 20 year old student at Gotham University who walked into Bimbotech the morning before Fink and Luthor launched their trap for Batgirl. Victoria had been out that day collecting signatures to petition the city to clean up Gotham River. She was a petite girl, with a slim boyish figure, short spiky brown hair and a round, friendly face.  She was wearing baggy, dark green jeans that hung down to the heel of her brown work boots; a black snug fitting tee-shirt and an oversized long sleeved plaid men’s shirt over it.  A weathered brown back pack hung from her left shoulder and she carried a clipboard, cradled in her right arm.  She had spent hours approaching people on the street, going in and out of different businesses, fishing for people to sign her petition.  Victoria opened the front doors of Bimbotech with as little though as checking a box on a list.    

Victoria entered into a small wood paneled security room.  At first glance she saw no other doors, a white marble floor and six security cameras along the ceiling in a single line like soldiers in formation.  Had the security staff on the receiving end of those cameras recognized her as a client, than the hidden door on the left would have slid open.   That door leads to short passageway, which opened up into the ‘Clients Entrance’ of the main floor.  A great hall, narrow but long with tall walls and an arched ceiling, lined with ornate expensive lamps that kept everything brightly lit.  On either side of the hall were two people sized windows into small rooms; in each room was a freshly minted Bimbotech Bimbo: it was very reminiscent of the red light district in Denmark.  An official BTI executive would be there to meet the client, even offering them a chance, while pointing at the windows, to “sample the wares” before they got to business.  But Victoria Mollner was obviously not a client; the hidden door on the right opened.

Victoria went into the ‘Special-Guest’s” entrance of the main floor.  She entered a small boxy room and the first thing she saw was the logo which covered the entire back wall:  A huge pink circle, with the silhouette of kneeling large breasted women in its center looking up.  Along the outer half of the top hemisphere, in florid writing was ‘BIMBOTECH INDUSTRIES’ and along edge of the bottom in the same style of font was ‘A woman’s place is on her knees!’  Victoria was so taken aback by this sight; she didn’t see the Bimbo sitting behind a desk at the foot of the pink monstrosity.  That is until the Bimbo giggled and welcomed her to Bimbotech with a breathy, dumb high pitched voice.

The bimbo’s name was Tittiefuck: she had dark chocolate skin and long straight black hair.  She wore a very low cut white latex mini-dress that hugged her perfect Bimbotech body like a second skin.  Tittiefuck was a personal favorite of Mr. Fink, having once been his boss.  For her part, Victoria may have absent mindedly walked into Bimbotech, but the seeing that logo and now Tittiefuck was enough to send this young socially conscious woman running.  Unfortunately for Victoria one of the few things Tittiefuck knew beyond getting all her slutty little holes filled with as much cock as possible, was that silly ‘smart-dumb’ girls who enter Bimbotech can only leave one way: “As cum-hungry, cock-loving, sexy-ass Bimbotech Bimbo-SLUTZ!!!”

Tittiefuck pressed a round large pink button on her desk, there was a whooshing sound as a cloud of the pink Happy Gas was pumped into the room from overhead vents.  Victoria was enveloped and immediately succumbed; her clipboard and back pack dropped to the ground forgotten, as she entered the Blissful catatonia of the Happy Gas.  After the gas had been sucked back into the vents, a door to the right of Tittiefuck’s desk opened.  Two men in the white BTI uniforms exited, collected Victoria and returned with her in tow.  Tittifuck gave a kiss goodbye then went back to waiting for the next special guest.

The two men led the blissed-out Victoria down a long torpedo tube-like narrow hall to an elevator; a carriage to deliver her to the sixth, seventh and eighth floors of Bimbotech.  The three floors which comprised the decadent heart of Bimbotech; its engine of Bimboization, they were in order: Body-Modification, Prep and Mental conversion.

Body-Modification was a large warehouse floor like space, lined with dozens of large glass cylinders, twelve feet high and five feet across.  Each tube was filled nearly to the rim with a neon green glowing liquid that looked like Gatorade tapped from a glow stick.  At the base of each tube was a mass of tubing and machinery; men in white lab coats scuttled about, moving from tube to tube, fussing over each one.  There was also Bimbo’s in two-piece latex, nurse outfits; three of them giggled with delight when Victoria was brought in.  They quickly swarmed the young woman like piranha, cutting away her clothing joking amongst themselves about all the “Stuff Smart-Dumb girls” wear.  Soon Victoria is naked as the day she was born; her old outfit thrown away, shredded and useless.  Men in the white lab coats come and take her to a tube; they click her into a harness that looks similar to the one used in parachutes.  Two cables are lowered from the ceiling and hooked to the harness; Victoria is raised into the air then lowered carefully into neon green liquid.  The tube hums to life and three silver, tentacles emerge from the bottom of the tube like three eels on the prowl.  One enters Veronicas’ vagina, the second her anus and the third and final her mouth.  Suddenly the green liquid bubbles to life, there are pulses of energy and Victoria’s begins the transformation.

Within these tubes small breasts expand and thin lips fill out.  Flat hair becomes full and stumpy legs become long. Thin becomes curvy and sagging becomes firm.  The exact nature of the process is known only by a select few; when asked about the power of the green liquid, Mr. Fink will only smile and shrug and say “Its a little science and a little black magic.”  What can be said about the transformation-the body modification-is that it’s more than mere cosmetic change.  It is a complete metamorphosis; those that emerge from the green liquid do so like butterflies from a cocoon.  Completely transformed into truly sexual creatures: their flesh lighting up with electric pleasure at the slightest touch; pussies that are always gushed with hunger; every movement now an invitation and so on.

After three hours Victoria Mollner emerged from the tube transformed: her boyish frame now a perfect hourglass sporting two huge basketball sized tits and a plump, apple like backside perched on a pair of long luscious legs.  Her once short, spiky brown hair was now a mane of platinum that reached to the mid of her back and her friendly round face was dominated by soft, pillow like lips that would look perfect wrapped around the shaft of a hard cock.  Before Victoria was completely set down, a pair of pumps was latched onto her feet as they were now extremely arched and pumps were the only shoes could walk in.

The experience of Body Modification is extremely taxing.  As such people like Victoria are led from the sixth floor to the seventh; the Prep floor for recuperation.  Here there are special rooms; that are only able to be open from the outside, with a small bed in each one and mirrors lining the walls.  Here subjects can be observed through closed circuit camera to ensure their ready for the last step.  To help keep the subjects calm, a small ration of the Happy Gas is pumped steadily into each room.

Victoria woke in such room, groggy and confused.  Then she saw her reflection in the mirrors and shock gripped her being; she couldn’t believe who it was staring back at her from the mirror.  She began to panic, but it abated as the happy gas took effect; if the gas caused bliss in her old body, it caused near over-whelming rapture in her new one.  Victoria laid back on the bed, her brain wanted to fight what was happening to her, but her body betrayed her.  Her flesh was hot and hungry, her sex seared with wet heat; without thought she brought her hand to the edge of her slit.  She gasped as the tips of her fingers teased the edge of her clit and then without realization, Victoria plunged three of her fingers deep into herself.  She furiously began pumping her hand in and out of her pussy; instinctively moving her hips to the rhythm of her hand.  Despite her better nature, Victoria began mewling in pleasure and she passed out in the throes in self pleasure.

When Victoria finally came to, she found herself in a seated position, strapped down at the wrists and ankles and across her chest.  She couldn’t move her head to get a better look at herself as there was something around her the top half of her head preventing its movement.  She had been moved to the eighth floor-Mental Conversion and she was strapped into a conversion chair.

If Victoria could have stepped outside of her body, she would’ve seen that she was in a white circular room, shaped much like the inside the interior of a missile silo.  The chair that confined her sat at the center of the room and looked vaguely like a dentist chair mixed with a corset.  Hanging straight down directly overhead the chair was large metal tube, which ended in an upside down bowl that went around Victoria’s head.  This is the conversion chair and before Victoria could say anything the chair roared to life.

The Conversion chair pumped extreme pleasure into Victoria’s body, which her new hungry flesh readily accepted.  She began orgasming, again and again, each one stronger than the last.  The helmet around the chair suddenly flashed and Victoria back outside on the street offering to give people who signed her petition a blowjob/now she was back in high school surrounded by the football team and she naked and whorish and begging them to bang the hell out of her/She was in a bathroom of a dance club being fucked from behind—

The assault by the chair on her mind overwhelmed Victoria so much, that she didn’t notice the creeping coldness in her brain: draining her intelligence, replacing her thoughts and needs.  It took the form of a darkly seductive voice, which poured its words out like hot honey over Victoria’s brain.  The young women did try to resist, however meekly, but the pleasure of the chair, the immersive visions and the alterations were too much and soon Victoria Mollner was no more.

"That’s a silly name” whispered the voice, “a dull name for sad, boring girls who never get fucked.  You need a fucking hot Bimbo name so people now what kind of awesome slut you are.”  The voice told her this new name; a proper name for a Bimbotech Slut like her and the former Victoria Mollner readily accepted, screaming it out orgasmic acceptance.


“This way” said Mr. Fink as he led Lex Luthor through the Mental Conversion floor, “we’re set up at the end.  The R&D boys have whipped up something pretty impressive."

Suddenly a door to one of the conversion rooms opened and a freshly minted Bimbo with platinum blond hair and save a pair of pumps was completely naked stumbled out on wobbly legs between Fink and Luthor.  She eyed both men with dumb hungry Lust, noticeably ogling their crotches.  She giggled and said in a sweet high pitched voice:

"Like, I’m VICKI HARDFUCK! Can I fuck your cock or something!  It be awesome.”

Luthor smiled.

"Maybe later” he said, stepping by the Bimbo and motioning Fink to continue.

Vicki Hardfuck watch the two retreating men, taking their awesome cocks from her and pouted in disappointed.  Then she was happy, certain that there be some cock for her to fuck soon.  And as she watch a few BTI employees coming towards her she giggled in delight and was wet in anticipation.

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