Cass finds Steph first.

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Batgirl II (Casandra Cain)
Category Bimboization DC
Previous Chapter Fink calls in help.

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Cassandra heard something—a sound like quiet moaning ahead of her, hidden by the dark of the alleyway.

Stephanie? She wondered.  Cassandra couldn’t be certain, but the vans coming to back up Steph’s would-be-kidnappers were a split-second away; there wasn’t time to spare.  Ignoring her aching body, the fog in her mind and her blurry eyesight, Cassandra Cain pushed herself forward into a quick limping run.  If it’s Steph, at least she’s away from the vans she thought, silently thanking the gods for small favors.

Behind her the three vans came to a screeching halt, there was the noise of doors thrown open, of feet on the ground and of angry panicked voices.  Some saying that they needed to get their companions out of the wreck, others arguing they need to find “those little bitches!”  Nice spat Cassandra.  She could hear the two sides becoming increasingly heated with each other; they’re panicking Cassandra realized—this was not part of the plan.  ‘Let them fight it out like the dogs they are!’ That would buy her and Steph some time and it was obvious that the twisting wreckage she’d left behind for the moment was providing cover.  It gave her time, not much, a couple more seconds at most, but that was all Cassandra needed.  She’d find Stephanie, get some cover and get word to Batman.

Then these fools would have a real reason to panic.

Cassandra spotted Stephanie; she was back where this had started, the bodies of the four unconscious men sprawled out on the ground marking the spot like an ‘X’ on a map.  Stephanie herself was a little past them, up against the alley wall, bathed in the sodium yellow glow of an overhead security light.  She wasn’t alone.

Cassandra was stunned.

The sex-doll who Cassandra had backhanded previously was with Stephanie, rubbing her curvy plastic body against her friend, a gaudy small gold purse hanging from her right hand.  She had one hand, the right hand on Stephanie’s shoulder, sometimes she’d reach down to massage Steph’s chest the gold purse bouncing lightly against Stephanie.  Sex-doll had her other hand around Stephanie’s waist and down the front of her crotch; slowly and thouroughly massaging it through the treated fabric of the Batgirl uniform.

Stephanie reciprocated Sex-Doll’s actions with hushed moans of pleasure; slightly bucking her hips against the bimbos’ loving hand.  Stephanie’s own hands were at her sides, rubbing the sides of her thighs up and down.  Her head was tilted back, her face a look of pure bliss.

Cassandra shook herself from her stupor and moved to reclaim her friend.  The sex-doll noticed her and spoke in a high pitched and girly voice.

"Oh it’s you.  You gonna be all mean and stuff.”

"Release my friend before I break your arms” Cassandra ordered.

"Whatever,” the Bimbo said stepping away from Stephanie, “you don’t have to be a jerk about it.  Bimbotech just wants to make her happy."

"What’s that?” said Cassandra eyeing the sex doll, truly noticing for the first time that save for her high heels, that the bimbo was completely nude.  “Bimbotech?"

"Bimbotech!” giggled the Bimbo, “’Cause a woman’s place is on her knees.”  The Bimbo giggled a second time and then continued. “Bimbotech!  They’re the best.  They take boring ladies, with little titties who never get any cock and turn them into happy Bimbo sluts with like awesome tits who get fucked all the time!"

'This is madness’ realized Cassandra, she better get Stephanie and flee from here.

The naked Bimbo was on a roll, she began sauntering over to Cassandra.  “Like I use to be all drab!  All boring! With a dumb name who never got fucked!  But thanks to Bimbotech!  I’m Candi Sucksgood!  I always get fucked!  Bimbotech made me happy!”

Cassandra had had enough she forced her way pass this ‘Sucksgood’, ignoring everything helium infused squealing thing she blurted.

"Bimbotech is going to make her happy!"

Cassandra grabbed Stephanie by the arm, her friend moaning softly at her touch.

"Bimbotech can make you happy!"

Cassandra turned around just in time to see Candi Sucksgood pull out a small aerosol can from her gaudy gold purse.  She let go of Stephanie and lunged forward, but was too late, the bimbo pointed the can at her and sprayed.  A cloud of pink sweet smelling smoke exploded in her face; it immediately went up her nose and down her throat.

And suddenly Cassandra felt wonderful.  Every inch of her tingled with pleasure, it tickled her skin and shivered up and down her spine.  Her world became a floating cloud of empty pink bliss; there was no need to worry, no need to think only to feel and bask in.

Candi Sucksgood tossed the spent can of Happy-Gas away as she watched as the mean girl succumbed immediately to its effects.  The mean girl with small boobs and too much clothes let go of the small boobed girl with too much clothing and the two collapses to the ground together in a fit of moans and giggle.  This in turn caused Candi to giggle; the Bimbo was pleased with her part in helping these two boring girls become just as happy as she was.

Just then the men from Bimbotech finally arrived; they quickly loaded Batgirl and Black Bat into the back of their vans and sped away before any more unforeseen surprises.  And for her part, Candi Sucksgood was given a very good dicking on the way back to Bimbotech.


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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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