by Wilder
Storyline Bimbotech
Previous Chapter Luther gives Fink Bimbotech's first target.

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"Batgirl seems to be the best choice." Fink said. "Even with the possible Batman problem, I think it'd be a mistake to try to take on all these, ah, "Birds" at once - better to get an isolated target and pump her for information once we've got her squared away."

Luthor nodded.

"That would be the logical choice, Mr. Fink. I'm glad to see that a CEO of an empire built on making women brainless has some intelligence himself. I do so hate working with amateurs."

Fink bristled at Luthor's condescending tone but just nodded and smiled. Better NOT to antagonize the brilliant genius funding his company, after all.

Luthor pressed on his holographic interplay. Several bright dots appeared on a map of Gotham City.

"I've managed to crib together from Calculator's notes that this new blonde Batgirl has uniquely advanced "Batarangs" with their own electronic signature. It was child's play to trace them remotely. The purple dot is our young Batgirl."

"And the other dots?"

"The black dot is our HQ, obviously. The red dots are a few of Arkham's merry freaks running about the city due to a terrible traffic "accident", so as to occupy the Batman and possibly provide our target with exertions that will both exhaust and distract her."

"What about the yellow ones?" Fink asked, noticing that they were at several addresses that looked familiar.

"The yellow ones are the locations of your "Satisfied Customers" and the transformed women you've sent out into the world. I understand that grubby little Penguin was quite pleased with how you helped him 'improve' his wait staff at the Iceberg Lounge."

Fink chuckled. That job had been a genuine pleasure. Although it was theoretically a legit nightclub, The Iceberg Lounge certainly was raking in a lot more cash now that the waitresses worked for Penguin's cum instead of cash. Penguin certainly hadn't had any complaints - or, if he had, Fink hadn't been able to hear him as three pairs of massive tits rubbing against his face muffled the sound of his voice.

"Just a sneak peak - something to get the Gotham underworld interested once we open for business 100%."

"Economically sound . . . but absolutely an abysmal idea in terms of security, Fink." Luthor grumbled. "You're lucky that the Batman has had more important things to focus on as of late than the increasingly large breasts of the waitresses at Penguin's tawdry little theme restaurant. No more 'promotions', understood?"

Fink bit his tongue and smiled.

"Absolutely. I hear you loud and clear. I take it you have an idea already for how to snare Batgirl?"

Luthor snorted.

"Of course. Here's the plan . . ."


Batgirl AKA Stephanie Brown sighed heavily as she heard yet another cry for help from the East End alleys below. She'd had a long night already after having to punch out Mad Hatter and his new gang of mind-controlled goons. Hopefully, this wouldn't take long.

"You'd think people in this town would learn to stop walking in freakin' alleys by now." she mumbled, stretching her leggy blond teenaged form briefly before swinging down to see the cause of the commotion.

She landed noiselessly in a flash of purple, black and blonde hair, slamming into a large man who seemed to be menacing a topless woman. The man went down with a grunt and Steph flipped neatly, landing on her feet near the woman. The woman was-

"Holy shit!" Batgirl said, unable to contain her shock at the lady's unbelievable figure. "Uh, did you get lost on the way from a porno lady? The Kandy Kane's on the other side of town, y'know."

The redhead's boobs were literally bigger than her head - bigger than freaking Power Girl's famous rack with long, perky pink nipples. She could tell that this woman was a natural redhead because she wasn't wearing anything besides a set of eight-inch clear plastic heels. Bizarrely, however, she did have a tiny purse covered in gold sequins. Was this a pimp and whore thing gone wrong? Most Gotham hookers looked away less used up and far less, er, endowed than this ridiculous looking wet dream in front of her.

The busty redhead giggled.

"Um, hi! I'm Candi Sucksgood! You're, like, Batgirl, right?"

Steph raised an eyebrow.

"No, I'm Aquaman." she replied sarcastically.

The redhead tittered at that, huge boobs jiggling like mad as she laughed.

"You're silly! Men have cocks and you're a GIRL! With bat-thingy on your tiny boobs!"

"Wow, Einstein, you got me - I'm Batgirl. No fooling you." Steph said, rolling her eyes. She turned to leave, aiming her grappling hook back at the rooftops. This bimbo wasn't worth having a prolonged discussion with. "Have a good night and maybe put some clothes on so this doesn't happen-"

"Like, WAIT! I'm supposed to give you something." the nearly-naked bimbo said with a pout.

"What, chlamydia?" Batgirl deadpanned. "No reward necessary, Boobs McGee, saving morons is just-"

The bimbo dug something out of her tacky gold purse and shoved it in Steph's face. A blast of aerosol gas filled her lungs before she even realized what the busty redhead was holding. She slumped to the ground, the world suddenly going soft and everything feeling wonderful. Why was she going to leave? This was perfectly perfect perfect. Everything was soooo nice.

Steph could feel every inch of her body rubbing against her tight costume and practical underwear - it felt soooo good. Everything felt amazing suddenly, like her body was one giant erogenous zone. Everything felt wonderful . . . even the cool sensation of the concrete rushing up to meet her forehead,  right before everything went pitch black.

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