Luther gives Fink Bimbotech's first target.

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Black Canary Huntress
Category DC Bimboization
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Luthor reached inside the jacket of his suit and pulled out ‘A PDA?’ thought Fink as the Bald Billionaire laid a palm sized pencil thin black rectangle on his desk.  Lex pressed one side of the rectangle with his thumb, there was a click and it began to glow, turning from black to a bright white.   A current of electricity started to fill the atmosphere and the air above the device began to shimmer.  Waves of color appeared than mixed, forming two distinct images which rotated above Fink’s desk.

‘A handheld 3-D Holographic projector’ Fink’s excited mind declared as he bent in closer to examine the floating scenes, ‘Fuck Cameron, I need to get one of these babies!’

The first image was of a single figure, a costumed heroine, in the middle of what looked like to be a flying kick ‘into the jaw of some poor schlub’ mused Fink.  The costume was purple, with a yellow belt hanging loosely around the waist and a second yellow belt secured tightly around her right thigh.  She had a cape, purple like the rest of the outfit and long strawberry blond hair flowing from out behind a cowl with two distinct pointed ears on it.  Fink recognized the shape of the cowl, quickly guessing who the girl in the picture was and the symbol on her chest cinched it:

“Batgirl” Luthor said matter-of-factly vocalizing Fink’s own conclusion, “or at least the current incarnation.  There’s been at least three or four.  Who can keep count?”

Luthor gestured to the next image, which showed a group of four heroines deep in action, Lex pointed to each figure and rattled off their names: A blond in a leather jacket, wearing a one piece swimsuit looking leather outfit with fishnet stockings and a pair of black gloves he labeled “The Black Canary”.  The second had coal black hair and wore a purple costume similar to Batgirl, except it lacked the bat symbol and the mid was missing revealing tight, well-toned abs.  She wore a mask that wrapped around her head and formed two sharp points above her scalp like horns.  In her right hand she brandished a wicked looking Crossbow and from the fury in her eyes Fink could tell she had no hesitation in using it.  “The Huntress” Lex named her, he pointed to the third one, “and this one is Lady Blackhawk, she supposedly time-displaced from WW 2”.  Fink could believe it, Lady Blackhawk looked like a 40’s movie starlet, in a black WW 2 flight jacket and hat and a black skirt that went down just above her knees.  On the front of both the jacket and the hat were the same symbol, a yellow circle and silhouette of a Hawk.  “And finally, the Manhunter” Lex said pointed to the final figure who wore a very form fitting red unitard, that metal armor for shoulder pads and around the neck.  She had a red mask that covered most of the head, save her black hair which was tied off into a pony tail and her lower jaw.  The Manhunter had two steel gauntlets and she brandished a long white staff which crackled with energy at the end.  On her right tit was a black starburst pattern that Mr. Fink found ‘nice’.

“Collectively they’re called the ‘Birds of Prey’” Luthor dismissively began, “and while I’m sure either them or Batgirl would make fine additions to your stable Mr. Fink that isn’t their true value in regards to our venture.”  Lex snapped his fingers, the two images of Batgirl and the Birds of Prey shimmered away and a new one took their place.  “This is.”

To Fink the new image looked like a green Kabuki mask.  “Oracle” Luthor began, “very little is known of her.  The closest anyone ever got to her was an associate of mine called ‘The Calculator’ who in the course of pursuing his own personal vendetta was placed into a vegetative state.  He left very little about her behind, or maybe the Oracle got to it, who knows.  All I got from Calculator is that the Oracle is based in Gotham and is a red-headed woman with glasses in a wheel chair.”  Luthor looked at Fink and eyed the Bimbotech CEO.  “I do hope you have no moral reservations about going after the disabled?”

Fink shook his head and Luthor continued. “What we do know for certain is the Oracle is definitely the go to information source for practically every do-gooder infesting the world today.  The whole of the Justice League uses her and it stands to reason that even Batman and others like the JSA do so also.  The stores of her knowledge of every super-human on this planet must be gargantuan.  Could you imagine what we could do with the knowledge she holds Mr. Fink?  It boggles even my great intellect.”  Luthor stopped for a second, than took a deep breath and continued, a somber timber slowly encroaching his voice.  “Some of those we go against Mr. Fink are literally Gods walking Earth; our greatest weapon will be knowledge.  Which is why our first target must be Oracle.  She has what we need to feed this fire and take it to our preferred end.”

Lex snapped his fingers again, the image of Oracle faded away and the Holographic projector shut down, returning from hot white to cold black.  Luthor returned the device to the inside of his jacket, then stared straight into Finks eyes and spoke through a smirking smile in a tone of serious intent.

“We’ve learned that both Batgirl and the Birds of Prey are in direct contact with the Oracle, it is through them that we will ensnare her.  I cannot tell you which one will be the easiest; both have their pluses and minuses.  Don’t let the fact that Batgirl is by herself lead you to believe she would be the easier target.  Gotham may not be my hometown, but even I’ve learned that where there’s a Batgirl, Batman isn’t too far behind.”

Luthor crossed his arms and asked Mr. Fink: “Who do you want to hit first?”

Fink sat in his chair, closed his eyes and rubbed his chin.  Minutes ticked by, Fink opened his eyes and gave his answer.

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