BTI moves in to capture Stephanie Brown but Cassandra Cain interferes

by misbegotten2
Storyline Bimbotech
Characters Batgirl III (Stephanie Brown) Batgirl II (Casandra Cain)
Category DC Bimboization
Previous Chapter "Batgirl."

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From the vantage of Bimbotech’s control room Fink and Luthor watched everything happen from Batgirl’s arrival to her being gassed by Candi Sucksgood with the Happy-Gas.  The Control Room was a 10 by 15 foot bare room dominated by a bank of four 36 inch LED screens at the far end of the room, set high up the wall.  Beneath the screens was a two man Computer station which held dispatch equipment and five smaller computer screens displaying the coming and goings of Bimbotech.  Two Bimbotech employees fussed at the Computer stating while Fink and Luthor observed the action play out on the LED screens.

The pictures on the screen were being broadcasted from the onboard cameras from the recovery van that was waiting to retrieve Batgirl.

"Bingo!” Fink declared the moment the figure of Batgirl went down on screen, snapping his fingers in delight.  He turned to Luthor behind him, but found the Metropolis billionaire inscrutable, who in turned looked back at Fink with had to be the single most condescending look physically possible by a human being.  No wonder Superman hates this guy Fink thought to himself.

Fink moved to the computer station and carelessly reached between his two employees, pressing a large red button beneath a microphone.  The microphone crackled to life and Fink said two words:

"Grab Her.”

The Bimbotech’s retrieval van, which had up till then been sitting idle at the far end of the alley, safely hidden from the action roared to life.  To observers on the outside, the van was cream colored white, with tinted windows and had stenciling on the side which read: ‘Gotham Medical Supply Delivery Service.”  It screeched to a halt at the feet of the poor Bimbotech employee lying cold-cocked in the alley, who had drawn the short straw to play the part of ‘abusing Pimp’.

Three men, all wearing white BTI uniforms and massively built with huge tree trunk like arms, jumped out of the van.  The driver, a bald guy with a long face and a neatly trimmed black goatee looked back at his companions.  “Go get the bed ready” he said in a whiskey voice, “I’ll go check on Cutter, make sure he doesn’t have brain damage.”  The two men grunted in agreement and went to the back of the Van opening its rear door and revealing the bed.

The bed was a plain looking hospital bed, with restraints for feet and hands.  At the head was an oxygen mask, connected by a long worm like clear plastic tube to two tanks, which would supply a small mix of oxygen and Happy-Gas to keep bed’s occupant docile on the way back to Bimbotech.

Driver looked down at Cutter and kicked him hard in the foot, the splayed out Bimbotech man gave no response.  “Got you good, didn’t she dude” he snickered.

Candi Sucksgood trotted up to the driver giggling “Did I do good and stuff

"Sure thing baby” the Driver grinned with wolfish lust.  He reached under the hem of Sucksgood very short skirt and inserted three fingers into her.  “And on the way home, my boys will give you a good dicking!”  The Bimbo moaned in joy, gripping both of her massive tits, massaging them in joy.

The driver removed his fingers and wiped them off with Sucksgood hair and looked down at Batgirl.  The purple clad avenger was in the full thrall of the happy gas, squirming on the ground her eyes screwed shut in ecstasy.  Batgirl’s mouth was slightly open in a small smile, her tongue darting out occasionally like a pink eel, to lick her lips.  She moved her hands over her body like they had a mind of their own and then started to slightly buck her hips.

Driver couldn’t wait to see what she would become once they got to Bimbotech; the mere thought of it got his dick hard.

Suddenly there was a series of noises from behind the van: yelps of surprise, followed by grunts and two thuds.

"What the hell was that?” the driver called out sprinting for the source of the commotion, “You guys all right?”  The sight that greeted him as he rounded the back of the van answered the driver’s question.

Both his guys, big enough to play for the Chicago Bears were passed out cold on the ground, the bed was barely half out of the van.  The driver was gob smacked, unsure of what to do, suddenly the van shifted behind, squeaking as something was now on its roof.  Not wanting to with all his heart, the Driver forced himself to turn around.

There was a slim, athletic feminine figure all in skin tight black.  She had pitch black hair and wore an even blacker domino mask that looked like two bat wings fused together.  From her shoulders hung a ragged looking purple cape and her chest in yellow was the yellow symbol of the bat.

Before the driver could say anything, the figure somersaulted off the roof of the truck and brought her heel down hard on his face leaving him as senseless as Cutter.

Back at the Bimbotech control rooms, things had exploded.

“Who the fuck is that!” ranted Fink at the LED screens, disbelieving how fast things had suddenly gone south.

Lex ignored the raging Bimbotech executive and studied the black figure on screen now making her way to Batgirl.  He had his suspicions about the figure and if true, than he and Mr. Fink may had unintentionally opened a whole new can of worms he didn’t need.

"Lady Shiva” he whispered to himself.

It was supposed to have been a simple visit.

Cassandra Cain, heir apparent to the League of Assassins, former Batgirl, currently Black Bat and best friends with Stephanie Brown had flown back to Gotham to barter some info Batman involving his BATMAN Inc. project.  Stephanie had found out and had invited her friend for a night on the town over the rooftops of Gotham kicking some criminal ass.

They had agreed to meet up near the East End and Cain, running late, arrived just in time to see Stephanie gassed by the Sex Doll and the three men, now lying unconscious on the alley floor.

“Hey what you do!” squealed the topless sex doll running up to her.  Cassandra eyed the obvious idiot and observed that her breasts looked like the two halves of a soccer ball glued to her chest.  Cassandra answered the bimbo with her backhand, sending the girl spiraling into the alley floor.

Cassandra looked down at Stephanie; the gas was having an ‘interesting’ reaction.  Black Bat sighed.  She didn’t think she’d be able to rouse her friend from whatever this is and Stephanie would be too heavy to carry back on her own.  Cassandra considered calling Batman, but that traffic accident was keeping him occupied.  Looking back at the idling van of Stephanie’s would be kidnappers, she got an idea.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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