MJ bumps into a Spider-affiliated hero and can't help but fangirl crush on them too!

by q
Storyline Manifest Nightmare
Characters Black Cat Mary Jane Watson
Category Marvel
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"I can't wait to see SPIDER-MAN!"

Mary Jane wasn't really keen on thinking her cunning plan through, but boy did she love hate love it. Slipping into the group of giggling tweens didn't really feel like slipping in when she stood so tall and her fake tits busted out so much bigger compared to the girls around her, and that made her pussy all the wetter when an oblivious security guard walked up to the group and gave her a quirky once-over. She held her breath with a cruel mix of anticipation and fear. Anticipation from the part of her that hated what she was doing, that wanted to get shooed off before she made a bigger ass of herself than she already had for the news. Fear, because the urges she loathed so much dreaded getting sent that much further away from her idol.

Ruining her career, and her reputation, on the news made for one element of her worst nightmare... but to truly capture it, she had to see the man himself. She had to walk right up to Peter in his costume, while she wore this amalgamation of branded Spider crap, and show him how much of a pathetic obsessed fangirl she could be.

She held her breath when the guard approached her.

"Umm... miss, you look a little mature to be part of the fan club."

He didn't recognize her! He would soon enough, but for now, she'd take it for all she could, and squealed with girly joy. "I LOVE SPIDER-MAN! Team Spidey is the bestest! I'm gonna show I'm his biggest fan and lay his spider-babies!"

Ugh. That was embarrassing. And she held her crotch as it tingled with excitement.

"Nevermind," the guard said. "Kids start puberty so much sooner these days. Wait here, we're gonna have a special guest take you in to see the man himself."

"OH MY GOD!" She squealed. Not only had the guard mistaken her for a dopey tween, special guest could only mean one thing: another Spider hero! She tried to imagine who else it could be. Maybe AraƱa Spider-Girl? She was so ready to geek out over the high schooler turned superhero.

Black Cat, hanging from a ledge, looked down at the group of giggly tween girls outside the convention center. There were so many ways her big reveal could go down, sporting cleavage down to short of her navel while her trademark fur-trimmed catsuit hugged all her curves in the right ways. She still wasn't quite sure if this was the best plan, and she sincerely hoped it wasn't, because what she had in mind for herself was bad enough. Unable to shake the deep desire any longer, she leapt down into the alley.

"Here she comes!" a tween shouted.


Outwardly, Mary Jane sneered when she saw the silver-haired tart descending from the walls into the alley. Every part of Black Cat looked oozed physical perfection, a grown mature woman very much unlike the wannabe tween Mary Jane looked like. The whole time of Felicia's descent, Mary Jane's thoughts ran through their own parade of vicious catty jealous designs to get back at Black Cat for getting her hopes up and to keep Black Cat away from her Spidey.

Hazed over with all those thoughts, what came next was like a dream come true in the midst of a nightmare for the urges commanding her.

Black Cat watched in ecstatic horror as her powers freshly tweaked to her twisted desires by Doc Tramma went to work. Her feet landed on the edge of the upraised dumpster lid, she seductively ran a hand through her long beautiful silver hair, and for one sweet second, she looked cool. Then her bad luck kicked in. The lid began to waver under her. Struggling to maintain her balance, her arms flapped almost as wildly as her tits bounced from her ridiculous flailing. Finally, shamefully, she fell into the dumpster. As the lid slammed down, its lock clicked together, sealing the famous Black Cat inside.

"Umm, can someone help me out of this? Please?"

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