Kitty programs Storm

by LesLes
Storyline Miss Frost's Finishing School for Gifted Young Ladies
Characters Shadowcat Storm Hope Summers Bishop
Category F/F Female Counterpart Female Dom Gender Switch Marvel Mind Control Nudism
Previous Chapter Emma notices a few students missing from her class, mad she takes out an amulet given to her by Stephanie Strange and shows her class what her wayward students are up to

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Kitty pulled Ororo's pleated skirt down her legs and off. The teen lay on her back on her open white blouse, utterly relaxed despite now wearing only red lacy panties and white socks. Of course there was nothing unusual about that. Ororo loved nudity. She never wore clothes in the dorm room if she could help it and, if the rules had allowed it, she probably would have attended classes topless with her big tits out.

Ororo stared blank-eyed at the ceiling. Her nipples were hard peaks, her aureoles were black circles on dark skin and wet with Kitty's saliva. Kitty looked down on her drugged 'friend' and slipped a finger under red panties. Ororo was wet, her body still responsive as Kitty slowly fucked her. Fingers still exploring Ororo's familiar cunt Kitty clambered forward to lie on top of the white-haired girl.

Kitty resumed whispering in Ororo's ear, the mutants mind soaking up the words as Nurse Darkholme's medicine turned them into her new reality.

"You love your pussy. You love pussy. You love my pussy most of all. Your greatest wish in life is permission to pleasure my pussy. You love fingers in your pussy. You love my fingers in your pussy most of all."

Kitty raised herself up to look down onto Ororo's face. Relaxed and utterly expressionless the white-haired girl showed no reaction to Kitty's words. Her cunt had reacted though. Only one finger in and nowhere near her g-spot yet Kitty could feel Storm was already close to cumming. She really did love being fingered by Kitty!

Poised above her roommate Kitty flashed back to earlier in the morning. Then it had been Kitty who had lain beneath another dominant women, lain on the silk sheet's of Miss Frost's bed in much the same position as Ororo. The gorgeous headmistress had been poised above Kitty, utterly in command, as the double dildo slid into both their wet cunts. As Kitty's slid a second finger into Ororo, triggering a mini-orgasm, Kitty had a revelation.

This was what it was like for Headmistress Frost all the time!

"You love my fingers in your pussy so much. That's why your pussy is my pussy. Your pussy belongs to me. I own your cunt. It's my property. You love whatever I do with your pussy. You can't say no. You love that your pussy is my property."

Kitty was fucking Ororo's mind and body and there was nothing the other girl could do about it. But Headmistress Frost could do that to any woman or girl, teacher or student, at any time. Headmistress Frost was so potent, so powerful, so incredibly hot. Kitty wanted to be just like her and the medicine she had stolen from Nurse Darkholme's was allowing her a little taste of her idol's mutant power. And it felt so unbelievably good.

"You love that I control your pussy. You love being controlled by me. You love being programmed."

Kitty paused as an idea magnificent in scope occurred to her. She needed to think about it. It could be a stroke of genius. She pulled her fingers out of Ororo's snatch, the girl's red panties sliding back more or less into place to conceal it again. To give herself time to think she walked over to her own bed and got some lube and a pair of scissors out of the drawer in her bedside table.

Emma's telepathy was part of what made her the sexiest woman at the school (in the world!), but in generl telepaths could be a problem. Emma had given Kitty private lessons in mental blocks and defences. But eventually one would notice what Kitty had done to Storm and then her new toy would get taken away. Emma might even feel the need to punish her though Kitty might like that, depending on what the headmistress decided to do. And if it was Jean who found out - after all she and Ororo were friends - then even someone as naive as the redhead might figure out what Kitty had been up to. That could get really serious. Telepaths were definitely a problem.

Kitty turned Ororo onto her side and raised one of the girl's legs. She cut a crude hole in the back of Ororo's panties and then tossed the scissors aside. Yes, it could work. She squirted lube onto her fingers and onto Ororo's anus. She could protect herself from the telepaths and have even more funny. She just had to give Ororo some more advanced instructions. She pushed a lubricated finger into another of Ororo's fuckholes and leaned down to whisper once more in Storm's ear.

"'Roro, you love being programmed by me."

* * *

Bishop turned towards the calling student and stumbled. For a moment reality itself seemed to bend and shift. The green grass of the lawn flickered and was replaced by rubble pinning the tattered remnants of at a school uniform. Then another flicker and the grass was back but Dazzler in form-fitting filligreed armor and carrying a lance thundered past atop a horse. Flicker and flicker, reality was changing almost too fast to differentiate.

Scared that it wasn't just what could be seen that was changing Bishop tried to hold on, to keep hold of the most recent thoughts and memories. Thoughts and memories which felt as if they were flowing to match the changed world. Bishop repeated the same phrases over and over, desperate to hold on.

"Teach them how to behave." "Dykes." "Respect." "Big black teaching rod."

Then as suddenly as it started it stopped. This wasn't Bishop's first time at this rodeo, reality was stable again. Whatever it was had passed.

"Hey, Ms. Bishop!"

A bird sang in the distance as Bishop dizzy fell to one knee, a hand in the soft grass of the lawn. Looking around nothing appeared altered. The student put her hand on Bishop's shoulder.

Lucia Bishop shrugged the hand away and stood more than six foot tall. She demanded respect, not sympathy. As a teaching assistant she didn't have to wear the school's uniform with its tie and tiny pleated skirt. Instead she wore tight blue jeans, a dark t-shirt and a leather jacket that had had its arms crudely cut off. The outfit did nothing to hide Bishop's flat chest and everything to display her impressive musculature. She was a dyke and proud.

"You felt that," the student said. It wasn't a question.

Lucia Bishop ran a hand through the short black hair of her crew cut. She towered a full over the other girl. Another uniformed girly-girl: all soft curves and long hair with big tits and grabbable ass. Bishop's pussy twitched at the thought of bending the princess over and fucking her till she squealed.

"Hope Summers," she grunted.

The redhead tossed her long locks nervously. Hope Summers, the infamous girl, the only one the headmistress wouldn't touch. Of course there were plenty of others who had rubbed pussies with Hope. Some before it became obvious the headmistress was avoiding her, and afterwards the curious and adventurous and those seeking out the not-quite-forbidden.

"Cable, I mean Nathania Summers, needs to speak to you." Hope told the imposing black woman. She paused to gauge Bishop's reaction. "It's about what just happened."

Bishop smiled. The girl was afraid of her. Good. There was something about Hope that Bishop just didn't like. Bitch looked like someone had blended Summer Frost and Jean Grey into one hot body. Bishop could feel the weight of her big black teaching rod hidden at the back of her leather jacket. She enjoyed teaching girly-girls how to behave. Time for a little warm up discipline.

"A 'lady' doesn't shout," Bishop rumbled.

It sounded like the sort of shit Frost came out with. Whatever, it was an excuse for a little punishment for the Hope bitch and reward for Bishop. Bishop grabbed the back of Hope's skirt and tucked it into the student's thong so her butt was mostly exposed.

"Lead on," Bishop instructed smacking Hope's ass.

Cheeks of her face and butt both a little red, Hope headed for one of the entrances to the school. Bishop followed, appreciating the extra wriggle the student was adding to her derriere as she walked.

* * *

Ororo Munroe stood entirely naked in the dorm room she shared with Kitty Pryde. Stood was not entirely correct: her legs were straight but the regal black girl with her mane of long white hair was bent horizontal at the waist. Her arms dangled loose, and her head craned up to look straight head.

Kitty Pryde circled the motionless mutant. Kitty was still dressed in her school uniform as she walked round the naked girl, running her hands over Ororo's back and ass. Kitty's thong was soaked where it sat over her slit. But then lube leaked out of Ororo's anus, and her inner thighs were slick with her own juices.

Kitty finished her circle of Ororo to stand in front of her. Kitty took a moment to look again in those blank eyes. It had been so fucking erotic to watch them go blank, it made her so horny to know that Ororo was her obedient puppet. Just for a moment some forbidden part of her mind imagined the light in Headmistress Frost's eyes going out. Her fingers were pushing under her sodden white silk thong before she got control of herself and buried the idea as deep as she could.

Kitty took a deep breath. She was ready. Her voice taut with excitement she spoke clearly.

"Sexbot, turn on."

Immediately Ororo pivoted at the waist, her arms folding back as she straightened with impossible smoothness, her head remaining perfectly level. She stood motionless again, staring straight ahead with those same unblinking eyes, her forearms jutting horizontally forward.

"Command acknowledged."

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