Dilton realizes that it is Betty.

by burke_rakers
Storyline Riverdale Shake-Up
Characters Betty Cooper Dilton Doiley
Category Gender Switch Corruption Mind Control
Previous Chapter Dilton comes home finding a changed Betty

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   "What did you do?"

   Betty took a moment away from admiring herself - flexing her muscles and gloating at her awesome physique - to notice that a shocked Dilton Doiley had entered the room. She was facinated that she genuinly didn't care if he was upset. She KNEW this was unlike her, but she also knew she couldn't be bothered with other peoples bullshit. 

   "Just palin' with one of your toys, Doi-ley..." she said, extending out his name in mockery. Dilton paused, then inspected the device she'd bumped into, obviously upset. Betty smirked at his worry, amused that he was so upset. Finally she asked "So, what's the prob, nerd? Did I break your stoopid machine?"

   Dilton looked worried as he said "No...but my Trait-Exaggerator has been jumbled. I think I can see what's wrong...but we've got to get you back to normal fast or else the traits will settle."

   "Trait's? What the fuck's this bullshit about, nerd-linger? It can't have 'exaggerated' my 'traits', 'cause I wasn't anything like this before." She said, trying to puzzle out what he was blathering about.

   "Dilton didn't turn to her (which pissed her off) as he opened the machine and inspected its settings. "It didn't exaggerate YOUR traits, it gave you exaggerations of someone elses. It was supposed to be able to copy and transfer good traits from one person to another. I wanted to give myself Moose's strength, for example. But it so drasticly exaggerates the traits its copied that it's dangerous to use. I made trait-patterns of all my friends, you see...and it looks like YOU'VE recieved an exaggerated dose of Moose's strength..."

   Betty flexed her muscles again, smiling.

   "...Archies libido..."

   She thought about that. Yeah, it made sense. She knew she wanted to fuck and be fucked. To taste secret juices and ride hot bitches and have guys eat her amazing cunt out.

   "...and it looks like Reggie Mantles personality and self-confidence. Geez, I'm sorry about this, Betty."

   Betty laughed. "Don't be a pussy, Dilton. Your stoopid machine works great...unlike most of your fuckin' inventions. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

   She reached around him, snatched the shoebox-sized machine, and started inspecting the display. Now that he'd shown her how it worked, it was easy to figure it out.

   "HEY!" shouted Dilton, grabbing for the device. Betty laughed, and held it high above the smaller boy, saying "Now, let's see...Cheryl's sauciness...Midge's height would be cute...Moose's intelligence...oh, Nancy's blackness...and Archies wonderful libido....and presto!"

   She pointed the devices sensor port at Dilton, and he shimmered...faded...and reformed...

   "Shee-it..." cried the tiny, huge-breasted black slut that suddenly replaced Dilton Doiley "...look at dees big-ass titties an' dis fine ass. Ah gotta gets mah lips 'round sum dick righ' now. Or hey, momma...how 'bout sum o' dat sweet puzzy."

   Betty Cooper spread her legs wide and the tiny black girl - no taller than 4'9" and just as stacked as any fantasy girl in a dirty cartoon - dropped to her knees and started working her very talented tongue into Bettys smooth, shaved cunt. Betty smiled down at the witless little slut, and checked the settings on the machine. She looked over her transformation, paused...then shifted the setting to 'permenent'. As she did, she felt...everything fall into place. There was not a trace of doubt in her mind. She...was normal now. This was who she was and always would be. 

   It was with even more ease that she erased Diltons old personality, making her new changes permenent. Dilton paused for a moment, then her big lips spread in a smile and she dove back into Bettys pussy with all her sluts heart, her thick lips and serpantine tongue quickly bringing Betty to orgasim.

   Betty stood up, then gestured to the tiny, dimwitted slut. "Come on, DeeDee. We've got places to go."

   Deedee? Was that her name? It sounded right, but she was so stupid she couldn't puzzle it all out. It was obvious that the big, sexy stud-bitch knew it was her name though, so she smiled and undulated her tiny, sexy body like a snake and slithered over to the woman who she loved...and who made all the rules she lived by. Betty smiled with genuine fondness down at the sexy little number she'd created. Deedee would be a much better friend than ol' Dilton Doiley ever had been. She made plans to find the little bitch a nice collar and sexy outfit to wear...but that would be for later.

   Right now...she had plans. Plans that some of her friends were going to hate...before she made them loved them.

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