Fiona goes to tell Queen Mera that Tula and Andrina have been found

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters New U Salon Wonder Girl Wonder Woman
Category Corruption F/F DC
Previous Chapter The New U Salon's influence is spreading to Atlantis

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Fiona sashayed down the long corridor that would lead her back to the portion of Atlantis that Aquaman had given to his queen, Mera.  The large area contained the home of the queen's handmaidens, which Fiona called home.  She completely ignored the school of fish flitting past her through the clear walls of the deep underwater walkway.  The filthy creatures of the ocean held no place in Fiona's new and vain mindset.  This was the way Queen Mera liked her, and Fiona had to admit that she had been a fool to appreciate stupid things like the underwater world surrounded Atlantis.

The senior handmaiden passed the first of many handmaiden bedroom suites, and Fiona's glistening lips curled into a knowing smile at the sounds of wanton feminine moans coming from the passing rooms.  Her pussy tingled and she ran her hands over her tits in devilish delight, fantasizing about the types of sex her sister handmaidens were engaged in.  She couldn't stop reveling in the knowledge at the role she played in their whorish downfall.

She continued to pass by the sleeping quarters, but stopped for an instant to glance into a large common room.  Inside was a throng of handmaidens, all sitting nude save for sky-high heels.  They had daintily crossed their legs in an overly feminine manner, which Fiona had found simply delicious.  They watched intently as Shari, a representative from the New U Salon Gotham that had returned with them, instructed the girls on several beauty and sexual techniques so they wouldn't have to make so many trips to the surface world.  Shari had been a gift to Mera from Dee Dee herself, but Fiona knew that the queen would only have the best work on her and that, of course, meant Dee Dee.  That also meant that it would be her duty to join Mera on these trips.  Pulling her dress down to her waist, she grabbed hold of her tits and Fiona savored the thought.

"Fiona!" came a squeeling voice from down the hall.

The clickity clack of high heels rushing to meet her from down the hall pulled the older woman's attention away from the New U representative educating her fellow handmaidens.  She saw the young handmaiden, Camilla, rushing towards her.  Fiona's full lips curled into a smile at the sight of her.  The girl, formerly so quiet and reserved, had a wide, excited smile on her whorishly painted face.  But what Fiona loved the most about the young slut's overall look was the fact that her face was covered with some slut's dripping juices.

"Camilla, you look amazing!" Fiona purred, looking hungrily down at the smiling girl.

"Mmmmmm," Camilla moaned, groping Fiona's naked tits, "I feel amazing!  And the best part!  I just got to eat out Queen Mera!  She came all over my fucking face.  I'm the luckiest slut in Atlantis!"

A shiver of pleasure ran through Fiona, and she wasted no time in leaning down to give the young handmaiden's face a long lick.  She closed her eyes in rapture at the taste of her queen's divine juices.  It almost made her cum on the spot.  Fiona took a deep breath to compose herself, remembering back to Andrina and Aquagirl.  Her queen had to be notified that they had been found.

"Camilla, where is the queen now?" Fiona asked.

"In her room, of course."

"Thanks, honey.  I must say you've never looked better," Fiona sighed, dragging her finger on the girl's juice-covered face and inserting it into her hungry mouth.  She then slinked away from the excited girl, who called after the senior handmaiden about when they would be visiting the New U Salon again.

Finally, Fiona turned a corner and came to Queen Mera's chambers.  A full-length mirror had been placed next to the entrance to Mera's room.  Fiona smiled knowingly.  This mirror meant that before entering Mera's quarters the New U Salon-branded royal wanted everyone to look their best.  In the past, this would have meant an unnecessary step for Fiona but now she loved that she could look at her highly sexualized reflection.  She made sure that not a hair was out of place or that her makeup had been ruined, before finally removing her little white dress.  She reached up and gave her nipples a slight twist before striding confidently into Mera's room, her thoughts a whirlwind of fantasies at how her queen would reward her for turning in Tula and Andrina.


Meanwhile, Cassie Sandsmark knocked on the door to Diana's apartment.  It was late at night and if the petite blonde known as Wonder Girl knew her mentor as well as she thought she did, she figured Diana enjoyed quiet nights alone if she wasn't on a case.  But Diana wasn't answering.  She hadn't answered her cell, her email or the door the other times she had come calling.  Cassie was getting concerned.  It was like Wonder Woman had dropped off the face of the Earth.

She huffed and exited the building.  She walked to the side alley and looked from left to right to make sure she wasn't being watched by anyone.  Cassie then rose up off the ground and flew to Diana's apartment window.  She peered inside and saw that the apartment looked like it hadn't been touched in a week.  Dishes were even sitting in the sink, having not been cleaned.  She looked down on the windowsill and saw that it looked like a week's worth of dust had built up.  Usually when Diana went on a mission that lasted longer than a few days she asked Cassie to take care of her apartment.  But she hadn't heard a word from her and she was getting a sick feeling in her stomach.

"Diana, where are you?" Cassie asked, her voice trembling.  She couldn't wait to get back in contact with Supergirl so they could get serious with their search.


The former Diana moaned loudly and threw her long, sweat soaked mane of platinum blonde hair back as pleasure coursed through her entire body.  Extremely erotic sensations were shooting through her, as Dee Dee feverishly kissed, sucked and nibbled at her slutty girlfriend's sensative, rock-hard nipples much to the former Amazon's delight.  Di grabbed the back of Dee Dee's head and pulled her closer, and desperately told her not to stop.

Dee Dee had returned to her rented apartment located high in the Gotham skyline in a foul mood.  The day had been close to perfect.  She had converted Batgirl into the Joker's crazed plaything and arranged to go into business with Lex Luthor of all people.  And then that bitch Suzie had to ruin everything.  Suzie had always been on her side.  Sure, there were times when the sexy receptionist simply reigned her in but this time had been different.  This was full-blown disrespect in front of her subordinates at the New U Salon.  It was unacceptable!  So she wanted nothing more upon returning home than to fuck the former Wonder Woman for all she was worth, and that started with the fat new pair of tits she had given Di.

"Hmmm, Di groaned, glancing down at the kneeling stylist gorging on her tits, "That feels sooooooooo good, lover.  I can't wait to return the favor."

"That's music to my ears, baby," Dee Dee husked, stretching up to give her full-figured girlfriend a wet, open-mouthed kiss.  Their tongues entwined and the two knew that they were made for one another.  Dee Dee giggled into the kiss, knowing full well that she actually had made Di especially for her.

"And we can do this all the time now that we're going to be living together...full time!  Life is just perfect," Di purred, before puffing her bottom lip out in a sexy pout, "Well, almost perfect.  With the exception of Suzie's silly behavior."

"Ugh," Dee Dee huffed, "Don't remind me, babe.  She's like a guardian angel, and I love her for it, but right now she feels more like a leash.  And what was she thinking questioning me about Lex in front of the other girls?  I'm the boss and what I say goes!  What if the other sluts start to actively question every decision I make?  That reminds me, Di, would you like to accompany me to Gotham to meet with Mr. Luthor to plan Supergirl's downfall?"

Di squealed at this exciting news.  To Dee Dee's surprise the normally submissive former heroine grabbed her head between both hands and pulled her in for another long, steamy kiss.  As the two whorish women's tongues wrestled in one anothers' mouths, Di's mind was a fury of excited thoughts.  Not only would she be moving in permanently with Dee Dee, but now she would be playing an active role in her business.  She had already helped Dee Dee ensnare that inquisitive bitch, Lois Lane, but now she would help her girlfriend lure Supergirl into life of servitude and bimboish ecstasy.

And all for Lex Luthor of all people!  In her past life as Wonder Woman she would have never imagined helping Lex Luthor in any form or fashion, but she was Di, the New U Salon-christened whore, now.  She used to spend her days helping the innocent, but now she spent her days fucking her slutty holes until Dee Dee finally returned to the spacious apartment.  As Diana she used to think Lex Luthor a monster for the atrocities he had committed, but now she simply viewed him as a fucking stud that just wanted money and power and there was nothing wrong with that.  It was Dee Dee's money that draped her from head to toe in diamonds and with Supergirl as Lex's cum-slut she knew that would bring more and more power to Luthor and Dee Dee.  This was the way of the world now to Di, and the selfish former heroine couldn't have been happier.

Di broke the kiss and smiled wickedly at what she had become.  She slipped off the cum-stained bed and onto the floor.  Dee Dee followed her lead and switched places with her.  The sexy stylist spread her legs lewdly apart and looked down at Di, looking up at her with blind devotion in her smokey eyes.

"Can I take that as a yes, babe?" Dee Dee asked, with a knowing grin.

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