Fiona informs Mera, who is being serviced by her slutty handmaidens, of Andrina and Tula's whereabouts

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Mera New U Salon
Category DC Bimboization Corruption F/F Masturbation Mind Control
Previous Chapter Fiona goes to tell Queen Mera that Tula and Andrina have been found

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Fiona strode confidently into Mera's personal chambers inside the vast underwater kingdom of Atlantis.  She had already stripped completely naked, save for her towering heels and handed her tight mini-dress to the female attendant at the door.  The cool air of the room tickled her skin and her already erect nipples only grew harder.  She fought back the urge to stop and play with them.  And yet she fought those urges.  Fiona had important news to tell her queen and that was more important than her own selfish desires.

Passing two large marble statues of big-titted sluts feeling themselves up, Fiona continued to mince her way to the large common area of the refurbished sanctuary.  Like everything in this part of Atlantis the Queen ruled over, Mera had given the space itself given its own New U Salon-inspired makeover.  An exhilarating thrill ran up Fiona's spine and she felt her bald pussy get wet when she saw all of the changes that had taken place in Mera's quarters.

Through the countless exchange of sexual favors by the now New U Salon-enlightened handmaidens, the large space that Mera called home had been completely remodeled.  Fiona remembered how the formerly chaste handmaidens were practically drooling over themselves as the Atlantean work crew labored tirelessly to get the job done as fast as possible.  But in truth it wasn't all hard work for the workers, Fiona recalled.  In a stroke of genius, Mera had ordered the foreman of the construction crew to form separate units that would work different shifts.  This way one unit could work hard on the project, but when they switched over, they had the opportunity to be pampered, served or even fucked by the whorish handmaidens.  This turned out to have a profound effect on the motivation level of the crew and the job was completed in record time.  It didn't hurt that Mera had decreed that if anything was not to her liking, the men would be forbidden from their Queen's domain in Atlantis.  Fiona glanced up at the balcony outside of Mera's private chambers that overlooked the large spa-like space and recalled her queen looking out over the completion of the project as every single one of her slutty handmaidens, including Fiona herself, serviced the construction crew in one large orgy before she excused herself to fuck the foreman personally as a special reward.

This was how Mera now ruled over her part of Atlantis, and as the New U Salon influence would continue to spread to the upper-crust of Atlantean society, so would Mera's.  Soon, the Queen's campaign of change wouldn't need to be shut away in a separate part of the underwater kingdom.  Soon, women would be free to act as the depraved harlots they truly were.  It was just as Dee Dee had taught those who had been blessed enough to sit in her beautician's chair.  The slutty stylist only wanted to help all women release the inner whores kept repressed inside them by society's chains and Fiona would forever be in her debt.  The elder handmaiden almost came on the spot from just looking at the large picture of a nude Dee Dee on her knees fingering her bald cunt as she leered wantonly at the camera.  It was a special gift that Dee Dee had given Mera on their last trip to the surface to get the most recent batch of handmaidens their own New U makeovers.  There were other equally lewd paintings and photographs adorning the walls of the large space, but the picture of Dee Dee was without question the hottest of them all.

Fiona kept her heavily made-up eyes on the picture of Dee Dee, which was positioned next to the large double-doors of Mera's personal chambers.  The rest of this space was still to be considered Mera's room, but it now had other uses for her handmaidens that happened to be lounging about.  In truth, the room looked like a giant spa out of a high-end porno flick and really that was what it was.

Looking over the scene of beautiful sexuality before her, Fiona shivered in excitement as a melodic sound teased her ears.  She had been so lost in her thoughts up to that moment that she never realized music had started playing.  Focusing her gaze, the Queen's personal servant observed a small group of maidens situated on the large jacuzzi built into the floor at the center of the room.  All but two of the six sluts were reclining lazily around the pool, some sitting in the water and others having perched their perfect nude asses on the water's edge.  The remaining two, the youngest and clearly most submissive of Mera's exquisite collection of girls, were both on their feet in the water.  One stood to the side, an Atlantean harp in her hands, strumming it delicately with nubile fingers to create wave after wave of sensual notes and harmony that governed the erotic movements of her fellow handmaiden.  The other slut was busy gyrating her young body for all it was worth for the other, older women.  Fiona wanted so much to join in the fun, but she had a duty to attend to.

"I hope you are enjoying yourselves, girls," Fiona murmured, her lidded eyes focusing on the dancing slut as she licked her lips slowly.  Their only responses were husky sighs of contentment.

Trying her best to not be completely distracted by the sexy display, she made her way past massage tables lining the walls.  Out of the corner of her eye, Fiona saw a shapely handmaiden lying completely naked on the table as another squirted a hefty dose of oil onto her back and began to work her hands into the other slut's toned skin.

She finally arrived at the base of the staircase that would take her up to her queen's sleeping quarters.  Fiona made a quick glance at the clear glass doors placed in the wall adjacent to the bottom step that led to a smaller salon room.  The idea behind its installment was to allow more intimate sessions between stylist and slut, and also so those yet to be enlightened would be fooled into feeling a false sense of privacy from the rest of the hall.  It had turned out to be a surprisingly effective illusion.  Although, one could not really call a room 'private' if all on the outside could look in, Fiona chuckled to herself.  Nobody was inside at the time, but it just reinforced the concept that Mera's world was now very much a part of the New U Salon and that everyone was just going to have to adapt.  That brought the formerly kind and compassionate woman's twisted thoughts to Andrina, the last of the handmaidens to accept the New U Salon into her life, and that trouble making do-gooder, Tula.

Fiona scaled the stairs, then knocked lightly of the door to her Queen's main chambers.  Upon hearing the unmistakable sounds soft mewing and moaning through the door, the slutty handmaiden sighed, content in the knowledge that her Queen was receiving the exquisite pleasure she so richly deserved.  Her shiny lips curled in an aroused smile as she waited for permission to enter.  Without thinking, Fiona dropped her perfectly manicured hands to her waiting bald pussy and began to softly caress the slick slit.  A pleasant and warm sensation spread over Fiona's body immediately from the sinful touches, reinforcing her acceptance of her new New U Salon-influenced way of thinking.  However, before the senior handmaiden could reach the sweet orgasm building in her hot core, Mera's husky voice cried out and moaned for her to enter.

By the time Fiona had opened the door and slinked past the threshold with a healthy sway of her hips, her pussy juice was already trickling down her thighs.  Even as her hands left her soft lips, her nectar continued to flow and her nipples were straining hard in anticipation of what was to come.  Mera's loud, wanton moaning didn't help her reign in this mindset in the slightest.  The senior handmaiden's heavily made-up, half-lidded eyes widened when she saw what was going on inside the large bedroom.

Queen Mera of Atlantis was seated on her large bed, legs spread lewdly, as ecstatic, carnal cries of pleasure flew loudly from her full, pouty, shiny lips, as one of her handmaidens ate out her perfect, hairless cunt.  Fiona could see the dainty, high-heeled feet visible beneath the plush, oiled ass of the kneeling, tanned slut feverishly servicing her Queen, and a soft moan escaped her own lips when she realized that it could very easily have been her chosen to taste Mera's divine juices.  It should have been her, Fiona lamented with a sexy pout on her own glistening lips.  She thought back to a time when she served her Queen in such a calm and selfless fashion, but those days were long gone.  She was the handmaiden in charge of the other handmaidens and that came with certain benefits!  Chief among which was the right to the first chance to eat out her Queen.  An extra loud groan drew her attention back to the scene before her, and Fiona gasped when she saw how worked up the royal beauty had become.  Mera had tangled her fingers into her servant's perfectly-styled updo, forcing the girl's face deeper between her thighs while she gyrated her hips roughly against her subordinate's chin.  Finally, she screamed in pleasure as she came wildly, coating the pretty young thing's face with her womanly nectar.

Fiona stood there, her chest heaving at what she had just witnessed.  In her newly vain mindset, she knew her hair had been styled to perfection, thanks to the representatives from the New U Salon, but perfection wasn't good enough now that she saw how her Queen looked.  Mera's long red hair had been pulled back into an elaborate updo, revealing her whorishly made-up face.  There were curls on top of curls on top of curls that rose off her Queen's scalp.  The elaborate hairstyle had to have taken hours to make perfect, but then it occurred to her.  Her Royal Majesty should look the best out of all of the women in Atlantis, and she could only be speechless in front of her beloved Queen's perfect beauty, shaped by those wonderful sluts at the New U Salon.  For a few moments, Fiona forgot why she was in the royal's inner sanctum, she was so captivated by the scene playing out before her.  The elder handmaiden could see the trickles of warm liquid arousal flowing slowly from Mera's bald pussy, and it took all of Fiona's will power to not stride forward and help her fellow handmaiden in cleaning her Queen with her tongue.  All the while, as Mera came down from her blissful orgasm, the regal woman caressed her oiled tits to stretch out her afterglow.  Fiona whimpered softly to herself, taking in the sight of the perfectly round, gleaming globes shining in the room's ambient lighting.  Her whimpers must have attracted the attention of the self-obsessed Atlantean royal who now looked in Fiona's direction with those smokey green eyes.  Fiona immediately lowered her head in a sign of submission to her Queen, to which Mera's lips curled in a delighted smile.

"Fiona, my lady," Mera panted, still coming down from her powerful orgasm, but still alert enough to give her tits a deliberate squeeze for her audience, "To what do I owe for the pleasure of your company?"

"I am so sorry for disturbing your fun, Your Majesty," Fiona spoke, her head still bowed.

"You could never disturb me, but that's not why you have come, or else you have joined in...naughty girl," Mera purred, studying her handmaidens face curiously.  Her hands never left her glossy, oily tits, "No, you have something to tell me.  Good news, I hope?"

The Queen inflected her tone to pose her question and Fiona nodded in reply, to which Mera beamed, "Wonderful!  Now, why don't you take your place at your Queen's side, Fiona," the nude temptress beckoned her friend and servant to her side.  Fiona happily complied, slinking forward onto the bed, her own naked form trembling in the close proximity to her Queen, "Tell me, what good fortune has come our way?"

"Truly joyous news, Your Majesty," Fiona spoke, crawling on top of the bed on all fours.  She came to a stop just behind Mera, her own tits, not nearly as spectacular as her Queen's, pressed into the royal's back.  She planted soft kisses from Mera's shoulder up to her neck and back down, and very soon Fiona's hands were all over Mera's glossy tits, kneading, teasing, rubbing and squeezing the large mounds much to the Atlantean royal's delight.  Fiona never stopped what she was doing, but moved her head so to speak softly into Mera's ear, the smell of her Queen's perfume driving the handmaiden wild with lust.  Mera, meanwhile, was so caught up in the rapturous pleasures of being 'cleaned' by the younger handmaiden beneath her and Fiona manhandling her breasts from behind that she almost didn't hear Fiona whisper in her ear over the sounds of her soft moans, "Andrina has been found!  I spotted her not fifteen minutes ago, my Queen, and she has enlisted the help of your troublesome former protege, Aquagirl."

"Excellent work, my lady," Mera hummed happily, lazily leaning back into the older woman's body to kiss Fiona's plump lips with her own.  Despite their wanton displays of affection for one another, both women's sculpted, arched, pitch-black eyebrows lowered and they shared a conniving look as their mouths separated.  They were both planning the next move carefully, "To think of all the stress Andrina has put herself through so needlessly over the past few weeks.  It makes me very happy to know that it will soon be at an end.  Once she meets Miss Dee Dee she can finally be happy as the whore she was born to be."

"Yes, Your Majesty," Fiona breathed, kissing her Queen back with devotion, "but what of Aquagirl?"

"Ah, yes, dear Tula," Mera chuckled deeply from within her chest, "I suppose it is my responsibility to help her let go of the old teachings I, myself, was once foolish enough to preach."

"It was before you visited the New U Salon, my Queen," Fiona murmured, "Nobody can be blamed for how they were before visiting that amazing place."

"Very true, my sweet," Mera mused lightly.  Lifting herself away from Fiona, Mera briefly turned her attention to the dutiful young slut who was just finishing cleaning the redhead former heroine's snatch with her tongue, "Umbriel, you may leave us now.  But know that you have pleased your Queen very much."

"Thank you, Your Majesty, I live to serve you," the brunette sighed, her voice shaking with a mixture of unabashed arousal and regret for having to leave the warmth of her mistress' thighs.  Rising to stand on her own six-inch heels, the otherwise naked Umbriel bowed to each of the older women in turn, "Queen Mera.  Lady Fiona."

Fiona nodded, though she gave no verbal response, her voyeurific eyes following the oiled, youthful whore as she made her leave to the outer chambers.  The girl did have an amazing ass, the older servant realized as Umbriel swayed her glossy hips with every step and quickly decided she would have to have her own taste of the young maiden very soon.

"A true slut in the making," Mera quipped, noticing how her most trusted consort perversely ogled Umbriel's shiny butt cheeks all the way out the door.  She loved how the once honorable and kind-hearted woman was becoming more and more perverse as each day passed.  Mera had already resolved that she would encourage Fiona's lust for her underlings at every opportunity, as she truly enjoyed watching the lecherous woman her old friend was becoming.  However, Mera then put the focus back on their previous discussion when Fiona looked back to her Queen, "But yes, the New U Salon has truly changed our lives for the better, and we will be forever indebted to Dee Dee for opening our eyes..."  As the Atlantean royal then trailed off, Fiona suddenly found herself on her back, looking up at her beloved ruler pressing a knee between Fiona's thighs.  Mera grinned down at her pinned servant, eyeing her like predator would cornered prey, while pressing a knee between Fiona's thighs, "...and our legs!"

With that, Mera leaned down, pressing her naked tits against Fiona's and her handmaiden stretched up in reply.  Instantly, both women were sharing an open-mouthed and very wet kiss, their tongues entwined.  Suddenly, Mera broke the kiss.  She was pleased at the troubled, yearning look on Fiona's face.  She was in control.  She would always be in control, and it sent a shiver of excitement down her spine.  Fiona's worried look didn't last long, as Mera moved her amazing chest just above Fiona's face.  The slutty handmaiden saw how her Queen's nipples throbbed lewdly, painfully erect and pointing directly at her.  Calling her, beckoning her like a mythical siren of legend that called sailors to their doom.  Fiona was enraptured, and she knew that Mera's thrust out tits offered nothing but pleasure and soon she was kissing, suckling and nibbling softly on her Queen's rack.  She wrapped her pouty lips around one of Mera's nipples and sucked on it, teasing it with her talented tongue.  Fiona swooned internally over how much more she was enjoying this experience over any cock she had ever sucked.  She desired Queen Mera more than anyone else in this world, wanting nothing more than to make her mistress sing in ecstasy, and she reveled in being a lucky enough whore to have the object of her desire all to herself for this precious moment.

And she owed it all to the New U Salon!

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