The New U Salon's influence is spreading to Atlantis

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Aquagirl New U Salon
Category Corruption DC
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Deep within the vast underwater kingdom of Atlantis, a lone female warrior named Tula made her way to her personal quarters.  Known throughout Atlantis as Aquagirl, she had just returned after leading an attack on The Trench after receiving word that the underwater menace were feeding on a defenseless pod of whales.  Normally, the responsibility to protect Atlantis and its aquatic citizens fell to Aquaman himself but Tula had been told that the king and his queen were too busy.  Aquagirl still couldn't understand why the monarchs were avoiding their duty, since they prided themselves on taking a hands-on approach to the defense of Atlantis.  At the thought of the queen, Tula's brow furrowed and realized that she hadn't seen her since Mera she had boarded an Atlantean submarine for the surface nearly a week ago.

Tula was nearing her quarters, when she saw from down the long hallway came a group of women that she instantly dismissed as a group of Queen Mera's handmaidens.  Taking a second look, though, caused Aquagirl to stop dead in her tracks.  The handmaidens had changed their look.  Before she could study any specific details, she heard a voice whispering frantically to her from behind a large pillar, asking for her help.  Tula took one last look at the approaching group and ducked out of sight.

"Andrina?" Tula questioned in a hushed tone.  The scared and tired-looking handmaiden had been missing for a few days now and an order had been given by the queen herself to keep an eye out for her, "Where have you been?"

Before she could get an answer, Andrina placed her hand over Tula's mouth and turned her to see the passing handmaidens from the safety of the shadows.  Aquagirl's eyes grew wide at the handmaidens' new appearance.  Gone were the long draping robes that hung loosely over their bodies.  Instead, the handmaidens now wore white sleeveless and slinky dresses that left nothing to the imagination.  Tula couldn't decide if the most striking detail about the dresses were the plunging necklines or the ruffled hem that ended scandalously at mid-thigh.  Thick makeup was also new for the handmaidens, and their normally loosely flowing hair had been styled elaborately in complex updos.  It was a far cry from the naturally beautiful look the handmaidens had for as long as Tula could remember, which made this glamorously sexually makeover disturbed the heroine to her very core.

"You see it, right, Aquagirl?  How wrong this all is?" Andrina said in a hushed tone, as the handmaidens passed by, their hips swaying and breasts thrust out, perched atop sky-high heels.

"I see that your fellow handmaidens have changed their look, and not for the better," she then regarded Andrina, "But speaking of someone's looks.  You've looked better.  What's happened to you?"

The woman still wore the old draping robe but its white color had been dirtied and it was badly wrinkled.  The poor girl's hand was a mess and she looked completely worn out.

"I've been hiding!  Been constantly on the move.  From them!  From her!" Andrina stammered, tears welling in her eyes.  Tula could tell in an instant that Andrina hadn't spoken to anyone for days and whatever had driven her away from the handmaidens' chambers came out in frantic, abbreviated sentences.

Tula hugged the panicking woman, "Andrina, everything is going to be alright.  Come with me to my quarters, and tell me all about it.  I swear I'll protect you.  I'm not going to let anyone lay a finger on you while you're with me.  How does that sound?"

Andrina fought back tears as she nodded gratefully to the heroine.  Tula looked out into the hall to see if anyone was coming.  It didn't matter if it was a changed handmaiden, a guard or Aquaman himself.  The poor girl was terrified and it was her duty to protect her.  At any rate, she would calm Andrina down and help her get some rest before sorting things out.

Just as the two women rounded a corner to Tula's chambers, a figure stepped out from behind another pillar further down the hallway.  It was the queen's senior handmaiden, Fiona.  The formerly good-natured servant's eyes narrowed and her swollen, glossy red lips curled in a conniving smile.  Andrina had been found and she was with Aquagirl!   Massaging her firmer and rounder tits openly, the senior handmaiden uttered a soft moan of delight, as she felt her bald pussy grow moist at the very thought of giving her beloved mistress and queen the news.

Just a week ago, Fiona had been happy with her looks.  She had sincerely believed that she was an attractive woman, aging gracefully with time, and that had been just fine with her.  And then Queen Mera had returned from a trip to the surface world and everything in Fiona's world turned upside down. 

At first, Fiona had been so worried about by the changes in her queen's behavior.  She had become nothing short of irrational and had suddenly taken to judging people by their appearance alone, even going as far to call the handmaidens boring and ugly to their faces on several occasions.  Needless to say, it had not gone over well at all with the female servants who hadn't been at Mera's side for as long as Fiona had been.  Being the senior handmaiden, she wanted to find out why Mera had grown so far away from the kind, calm and heroic monarch she had known and grown to love.  The final straw had come when she caught Mera murmuring under her breath, wishing for someone named Dee Dee to be with her so she could..."enlighten these whores!"  Fiona had been so shocked by those words that she decided right then and there that she would be the one to confront her queen over her strange behavior.

Mera's reply hadn't been what Fiona had hoped for.  Instead of an explanation, or even the slightest denial, the royal had simply smiled at her most trusted and senior confidant with complete nonchalance, telling the older woman that the only way she would get the answers she wanted was by accompanying Mera on her next journey to the surface.  Fiona had considered challenging this, but Mera was her Queen and she had felt bound to her duty and her friendship with Mera to meet what would usually be considered a friendly request.  The senior handmaiden had hoped that the time alone together in the queen's personal submarine would allow her the time to reconnect with her friend and chat her way to an answer for the queen's odd personality transformation.  However, throughout the entire trip to the surface, Mera had maintained that all would be explained to Fiona once she met Dee Dee, who the redhead at least revealed as her new personal stylist.  This was the strangest thing of all to Fiona, since vanity had never been important to the Mera she knew.  By the time the two had reached Gotham harbor, Fiona's desire to sate her curiosity and concern were so great that she offered absolutely no protest when Mera had told her they were heading straight for a placed called the New U Salon where Dee Dee worked, and the rest was history.

Fiona bit her bottom lip, fighting back the urge to pull up the tight hem of her skirt to finger her horny cunt as she remembered the things Dee Dee and her oh-so fuckable staff did to her to make her the sexed-up slut she had become.  She loved her elaborate updo, the layers of makeup gracing her face and the fact that she knew with each trip to the New U Salon would make her aging body look younger and sluttier.  Everything was so clear to her now.  Her body was not something to hide or neglect.  It was an object of pure beauty and pleasure to be displayed and cared for, so it could be truly enjoyed and used by all.  Especially her mistress and queen.

"I belong to my Queen..." Fiona hissed quietly, pinching her nipple through the tight white fabric.  She was so happy that Mera had introduced her to Dee Dee.  The sexy stylist had shown her queen the true happiness to be found in beauty and sex.  The oh so wonderful happiness of fucking and getting fucked, and looking damn good while you're at it.  Dee Dee had explained that Mera, in her kindness, had chosen to share this truth with all the women of Atlantis.

Fiona had never felt so loved, or so fucking good, as the first night she had felt her mistress' tongue between her folds.  In her euphoria, Fiona had then vowed to her queen that she would help share this newfound happiness with her fellow handmaidens.  Fiona had to hold back a loud wanton moan at the knowledge that she was first among them.

The plan had worked almost perfectly.  Fiona had flaunted her new philosophy as her queen had done and slowly, one by one, the handmaidens had taken more and more trips to the surface.  When they returned they could no longer even be called women anymore.  They were devout sluts, their bodies hot and ready to be used like the whores they now were.  That is, with the small exception of Andrina, the young hottie had caught on quickly to the change in attitude among the queen's servants and fled the handmaidens' chambers before Fiona could step in and help enlighten the poor little twat.  Andrina's youthful curves being hidden under the frumpy old robe was such a pity, but Fiona had finally found her.  And soon, all of Queen Mera's handmaidens would be passionate followers of the New U Salon way of life.  Ensnaring Aquagirl was just icing on the cake!

Turning sharply on her heels, Fiona strutted away with purpose.  Her ass swayed brazenly back and forth as she made her way down the hall, as she fantasized about the carnal rewards she would receive for turning in Tula and Andrina.  The two troublesome bitches would be so much happier after visiting Dee Dee and receiving the New U Salon treatment!

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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