Arriving in the Oracle's Nest

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Black Canary Zatanna Batgirl Harley Quinn
Category F/F Mind Control Corruption Masturbation DC Female Dom
Previous Chapter After the call, Zee-Zee & Sugah go for their prey and leave Batwoman all alone with Harley

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In flash of bright light, as time and space warped under the sways of magical energy defying the laws of physics. Two of Harley Quinn's collared pets came to be within their old friend's base of operations, an arm of each still wrapped around the other. With devious grins the transformed Zatanna Zatara and Dinah Lance glanced around the Birds of Prey HQ, better known as the Oracle's Nest, lustful anticipation shining in their eyes. Their Mistress had great plans for this place. Wonderful, steamy, unbelievably fucking sexy plans indeed.

"Attention, this is your driver speaking!" Announced a both familiar yet unfamiliar voice. It sounded like it was coming through an old subway train intercom, but that did nothing to hide the lust hidden between the words. Sugah gasped in her magically breathy tones, her blonde mane bobbing from side to side as her spaced-out mind failed to identify where the filtered voice had come from. "We have reached our final destination on this orgy-bound Zee-Train. The soon-to-be central HQ of Harley's Heroine Harlots Productions, known today as the Oracle's Nest!

Canary's free hand rose to her mouth to stifle the onslaught of giggles bubbling in her enhanced chest as her eyes came to rest on the origin of the static laced words. Mistress Zee-Zee was pointing her wand to her throat as she spoke and Sugah guessed, rather than deduced, the sexy witch was using her magic to alter her seductive tone for fun. Sugah beamed in delight that her beloved sister slave was playing with her... If only she'd play with her body too... Forgetting both her giggles and her orders momentarily, Sugah moved both her hands to Zee-Zee's hips and leaned forward to kiss her Mistress' beautiful silver collared neck.

"Mmm-haha-ahh..." Zee-Zee chuckled, her altered laugh crackling with delight and analogue hiss. "All alighting bimbos are reminded that business comes before pleasure..." Sugah's lips retreated instantly. Her corrupted pair of diamond blue eyes looking to her superior slave like she'd just told the worst lie possible. "And also, that business is obedience to their one true Mistress and that obedience is pleasure." The witch explained sternly, lowering her wand and returning her voice to normal. Each word made the bimboslut in front of her shrink in her shame, Canary realizing she'd failed to remember Mistress Harley's commands again. However, Zee-Zee couldn't help but smile knowingly as the last three words made Sugah shiver in her very wet core.

"Yes, Mistress Zee-Zee," Canary sulked like a scolded child, taking a step back from the other woman submissively, "I'm sorry."

"Good girl, Sugah," Zee-Zee praised softly, before quickly grabbing one of the blonde's corset bound tits in her hand, "but cheer up lil' bimbo." She added with sinister intent, taking a moment to massage the sensitive mound beneath her fingers and enjoying the wanton moan the once proud warrior let out from the touch. "Our Mistress wants us to show our new sister her love, and we're gonna do it with a smile on our faces!"

"Ooooh, yes, Mistress..." Sugah breathed as Zee-Zee released her chest. She licked her lips wickedly, a predatory side to her bimbo mentality coming to the surface briefly before falling back behind the vacant smile of a mindless slut, "...I totally can't wait!"

"That's what I like to hear, now come along..." Zee-Zee instructed, walking past the blonde who quickly fell in line behind her. Strutting with deliberate pace and style across the Birds of Prey HQ's main social room, the sorceress took added pleasure in the feel of Sugah's burning hot gaze following the movements of her fishnet clad thighs and ass.

Looking over the recreational space, Zee-Zee no longer saw what her former heroine colleagues had created as a centre for fun, entertainment and relaxation to escape the pressures of heroism. No longer did she imagine a semi-drunk Starling challenging an irked Lady Blackhawk to a relatively friendly game of strip pool, or the youthful Misfit arguing with the rarely allied opinions of Dawn and Holly Granger, Hawk & Dove, over some cheap romantic movie on the plasma TV. No, now her deprived mind danced between the X-rated image of the powerful, nude, strap-on bearing form of Evelyn Crawford ass fucking a resisting Zinda Blake over the pool table until her screams of protest became cries of ecstasy, and the delightful scene of the Granger sisters DP'ing their fellow young whore of heroine on the couch.

"Oooh," Sugah cooed as the pair entered Oracle's monitor room, in which the equipment was nearly completely fried "such pretty lights..." The bimboslut paused in her stride to gaze in awe at what remained of state of the art computer systems, while Zee-Zee walked the final few steps to stand beside the unconscious, wheelchair bound computer hacker at the centre of the room. 

The Canary call had clearly short circuited the Nest's defense systems, including Barbara herself and the witch had to admit she was impressed that her sister slave had had the foresight and ingenuity to disable them... Then again, as she watched the hot blonde become mesmerized by the flashing red emergency lighting, Zee-Zee concluded it must have been very dumb luck with a smile.

"Now lets take a look at you, Babs." Zee-Zee said softly, lifting Barbara's slumped chin in her palm and admiring the redhead's features. With her free hand, she straightened out the glasses on the redhead's nose, "Ya know? I never used to like you that much... The way you used to fawn over Bruce as Batgirl always annoyed me," she admitted with a guilty sigh, leaning down to be face to face with the knocked out woman, "then this happened to you..." Zee-Zee gestured to Barbara's wheel chair before her fingers tightened into a fist and her ghost white face scrunched into a scowl, "'He' happened to you."

Rage surged in the witch's blood as she remembered the day she'd visited Barbara in the hospital after the Joker's attack. She hated herself for how the old her had reacted; sorrow, despair... pity. She should have been angry, livid, and struck down that insane bastard after chewing Batman out for letting such a beautiful creature be wounded so cruelly and for so little. And the pity... The very memory of it made Zee-Zee's anger evaporate as quickly as it had arrived, and she pulled the chair bound woman into a strong hug against her chest with tears in her eyes... Even the old her regretted pitying Barbara that day, and so just this once, Zee-Zee allowed Zatanna to surface, "I'm so sorry, Barbara."

The young woman hadn't once shed a tear over the loss of her lower body function that day, nor any day since. Barbara had gotten out of that bed with her own two hands and into that wheelchair without the slightest hint of remorse. She never looked back to her time as Batgirl, she only looked forward and conquered her demons with pride as Oracle. 

To say Zatanna had come to respect Barbara Gordon was an understatement. And now... Zee-Zee could honestly say she felt love in her heart for her soon-to-be sister and tears of happiness rolled down her cheeks as she held the slumbering, paralyzed woman close. She was going to give Barbara the change in life she truly deserved and it made her heart beat faster and her pussy slicker with arousal.

"Mistress Zee-Zee, please don't cry." Sugah's worried voice broke Zee-Zee out of her maudlin nostalgia, Zatanna falling back into the depths of the broken woman's mind. The sorceress smiled affectionately at the blonde as she wrapped her arms around Zee-Zee and the slumbering Oracle, Barbara's red mane almost disappearing in the cleavage surrounding her.

"Don't worry about me, Sugah," Zee-Zee comforted the bimbo, planting a slow, tender kiss on Sugah's shiny black lips. "I just feel so happy to be helping, Babs, here..." She trailed off, realizing they were almost suffocating Barbara with their boobs. "Hehe, too bad she's not awake yet, I bet her tongue would feel great right now."

"Yeah, totally," Canary giggled, pressing her bust more firmly against Oracle's cranium.

"Alrighty then," Zee-Zee said, moving away from the embrace and turning her attention to the fizzing electronics, "lets get things cleaned up. It'd be just rude not to," the witch elaborated to the blonde, whom was still holding the limp heroine to her enhanced chest but more softly than before. 

"Ezoons no smrala lla tub, tesN s'elcarO eht erotser." With a simple wave of her wand, Zee-Zee undid all the damage done to the high tech equipment by the Canary call, but with none of the standard alarms that would informed the outside that there had been any kind of system failure or reboot activated. 

Immediately, however, several comm-link popups activated, which Zee-Zee knew to be the Batclan checking in on their strategist. Holding her wand to her throat once more and ignoring the incoming voices, the corrupted magician opened on an all channel call. "This is Oracle checking back in on all channels." Her voice was now a perfect match for Oracle aside from some deliberately placed static. "My system's been compromised. Nothing my magic fingers can't handle with time just need to lock down the Nest for the standard 48 hours, code Omega Gamma Gamma Lambda One Six Six Twenty-Six. Confirm."

"Lockout code confirmed," Batman's grim monotone replied, Zee-Zee felt herself grinning from the idea of finally being able to deceive him, "All hands establish comm silence until tomorrow at dusk. Oracle, expected check-ins at 12hr intervals. Batman out."

"Oracle out." And with that Zee-Zee signed out from the group call and shut the computer off from the Batclan's other systems with another flick of her wand.

"Yay! Like, great work, Mistress Zee-Zee!" Zee-Zee turned to give Sugah a brilliant white smile, proud of her deception, but it quickly turned into an exasperated frown at the sight of Sugah Canary trying to push the unconscious Oracle's limp hand into her thong.

"Sugah!" The blonde froze, caught in the headlamps of Zee-Zee's blue eyes. "For the love of the Mistress..." The witch trailed off, shaking her hat topped head in disbelief, "If you can't wait till she's ready to finger you on her own, go back out there and watch porn on the big screen!" She seethed, pointing back to the common room.

"But Mistress... I, like, wanna help..." Canary sulked pathetically, and dropped Barbara's hand. For a moment, Zee-Zee almost regretted turning her formerly strong & serious friend into an air headed whore, only almost, but still... Sugah could just be too cute sometimes.

"Ugh!" Zee-Zee huffed, knowing she couldn't really stay mad at Canary for long, "Okay, Sugah, you can help, but you've gotta stop being so selfish. This is about helping Babs accept Mistress Harley's love, not getting off ASAP!" Sugah nodded dutifully, her face surprisingly serious as her second Mistress' words sunk in fully, which Zee-Zee accepted as a good enough apology for the dumb slut. "Okie-dokie, go wait over there for now, babe," the witch instructed with a lighter tone, pointing to a small fridge in the corner of the computer room, which Sugah obediently sat her perfect buttocks atop. "You can play with yourself as much as you want, but I wanna hear ZERO noise outta you till I call you over. So, since you're no Starr, that means no cummin', capiche?"

"Yes, Mistress Zee-Zee." Sugah answered. She pouted from the negative comparison to the Kryptonian, but her devious hands were already fondling her chest and she soon forgot her envy for the alien's self-control. It was silly to feel envy anyway. Mistress Zee-Zee was just teasing her for being a screamer, but Sugah could be quiet too. Totally quiet. Like, like... something that was quiet. She'd prove it too! Sliding her fingers into her blazing cunt, Sugah bit her lip resolutely as she watched Zee-Zee turn back to Oracle. She wouldn't cum, but she'd get close! And wouldn't make a sound.

"Alright," Zee-Zee let out a long breathe as she refocused herself for her captive audience. A devious smile spread across Zee-Zee's shiny red lips, and her supple form slinked around the prone redhead to behind her, "daehypeels, pu ekaw ot emit."


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