After the call, Zee-Zee & Sugah go for their prey and leave Batwoman all alone with Harley

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Black Canary Batwoman (Kate Kane) Zatanna Harley Quinn
Category F/F Bimboization Mind Control Corruption Female Dom DC F/F
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The scream had been disorientating to say the least. In truth, Batwoman had never found herself on the receiving end of Black Canary's powers, but even she could tell the effect had changed with her voice. As deafening as a lion's roar, but as soft and comfortable as a kitten's purr. Kate couldn't deny the echo in her mind was a pleasant one, but her vision was still blurred and if not for being suspended by her arms, she was certain maintaining a level balance would have been difficult. It was like her muscles were sighing in relaxation, even if her arms were strained. She had a desire to simply close her eyes and simply drift away.

'What on Earth was that!?' Kate's thoughts pushed back against the thick dreamy haze the Canary call had formed around her. Focusing her gaze with the same feeling as opening the curtains in the morning, Batwoman noted that the... woman that had once been Black Canary's phone was completely shorted out, fizzling in her hand. Batwoman felt dread take root in stomach. If Oracle had heard that directly in her ear... She hoped that luck was with the former Batgirl, and hoped that either the phone had died before the scream was transmitted, or that the effects didn't transfer over the phone line.

"Brrr!" Harley shouted out with a violent shake of her head, presumably to rid her ears of the ringing that was still pulsing through Kate's own brain. Strangely, Batwoman found herself mimicking the motion. "Gotta say, Sugah. That new scream o' your's fucking addictive!" The madwoman laughed, cleaning out her ear with her index finger. "Full blast, that thing's better than morphine!"

"Like, thanks, Mistress!" Canary squeaked happily. "I hope your new toy totally liked it too!" She continued, smiling proudly before finally noticing the state of the cell phone. "Eek! Mistress, I broke your phone!" Kate couldn't help feeling a mixture of fascination, horror and pity as she watched Dinah's ghostly white face fall from a bubbly, brainless smile to a look akin to a terrified child.

"Tsk, tsk, Sugah. You should be more careful with Mistress' things." Kate's blood turned cold as Zatanna finally stepped into her vision. Like the other heroines she'd encountered tonight, Zatanna's outfit had been changed drastically to sport Harley's colours of red & black and to show off her body to the world. The witch strutted with deliberate pass and motion across the restrained Batwoman's vision, her firm buttocks moving up and down with her strides beneath her new red and black fishnets. Coming to a halt in front of the bimbofied Black Canary, Zatanna cocked her hips to the left and placed her corresponding hand on her side with quick wink to the captive heroine. "Ya know, both me and Mistress Harley could end up getting bored with punishing you."

"Oh no, please Mistress Zee-Zee! I'm so sorry!" Dinah begged pathetically. Kate blanched at Zatanna being referred to as Mistress. Tears bulging in her red decorated eyes, Canary stared mournfully at the broken phone as if she'd just killed a baby animal by accident. "I was just doing, like, what Mistress ordered! I had to obey! I didn't think tha--"

"Shhhh," Zatanna soothed the submissive, tapping her right forefinger on her black coated lips, "that's right you didn't think." Though she didn't have a clear view, Kate guessed from Harley's own grin that Zatanna was smiling down at the doe eyed blonde. "And that makes you a good bimboslut, Sugah." The sorceress explained, lifting her hand to pet Dinah's lustrous blonde mane. "You don't think, you just obey. Like a good bimbo." 

"I'mma good bimbo..." Black Canary purred, making Kate look away in disgust as the blonde leaned into Zatanna's hand.

"And don't you forget it!" Zatanna added, making the fallen Canary giggle in bubbly delight. "Anyways, one little phone isn't something to cry over, you big baby." After wiping away a now loose tear from Dinah's made up face with her right hand, Zatanna took the broken phone in her left and lowered her right palm over the device. "With just a xif!" Batwoman looked back despite herself to see her once proud colleague staring in wonder at the now perfectly functional cell in the witch's hand. "All our problems are hsalf a ni enog!" And with a dramatic smack of Zatanna's hands, the phone was banished to elsewhere in a small flash of light.

"Ooooh, pretty!" Dinah cooed in a daze. Quickly, however, her face lit up ecstatically as she began to applaud and bounce on her feet, her large chest following suit to Kate's ashamed fascination. "You're so awesome, Mistress Zee-Zee!"

'Mistress Zee-Zee!?' A red flag went up in Batwoman's mind, 'Zatanna isn't a Mistress! The only Mistress here is Harley-- Wait...' Kate frowned at that thought, surely that wasn't what she should be focusing on. Nor was it right! Was it?

"Alright, Sugah, let's get going! It's time for us to go see an old friend and show her our new philosophy to life!" Zatanna cackled, cutting through Kate's inner debate. "That okay with you Mistress Harley?" The sinful witch asked, glancing over to her jester themed captor.

"You know it, babe!" Harley chuckled in response, not even bothering to stop fondling her tits, which she'd started groping during her pets' little magic show. "Go make me proud like the good lil' fucktoys you are!"

"Yes, Mistress!" Both former heroines replied in unison. They each hooked an arm around the other at the waist before Zatanna alone announced, "Tsen s'elcarO eht ot!" 

And just like that, Kate was all alone with the mad blonde that had trapped her in this twisted nightmare.

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