Enchantress corrupts Mjolnir, so it can be held it's NEW wielder.

by Regigigas Rules
Storyline Hive of the Wasp
Characters Pepper Potts Maria Hill Jane Foster Thor Amora the Enchantress Wasp
Category Change of clothes Marvel Transformation Corruption Mind Control Body Modification F/F Female Dom Female Counterpart
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Enchantress put her hand over Mjolnir, and started saying some magic incantations. Soon some black energy could be seem going from her hand into the hammer.

"Your magic has no effect on Mjolnir, you witch. For only the all-father alone is able to affect it."

"HA! Foolish Thor, I doth know. Tis' why I have this." Amora said as she pulled out a jewel. "This gem doth enhances one, and only one of mine spells, to be of equal in might of that of Odin!" She chuckled and the energy stopped flowing into the hammer, as she had finished her spell.

After the energy stopped, Mjolnir looked different. The handle had turned to a dark black color. There was also now splashes of blood, that stained the uru metal it's head was made from.

"What hath thou done?!?"

"Oh, she just got it ready for it's NEW owner. Gods are inferior to Goddesses. We don't want you to join us. We want your precious Jane Foster to be the hive's Thunder Goddess." Hornet Queen said

"But only those, that hammer itself deems WORTHY may lift Mjolnir." Thor said

"That WAS true, but the spell Amora put on it, didn't just transform it, the spell also corrupted it. That enchantment about 'only those the hammer considers worthy can lift it' or whatever bullshit it is, is no longer in effect. Now it can only be lifted by one specific person, who will soon become an evil Thunder Goddess." Janet replied.

"Friend Wasp, please snap free of Enchantress' control."

"Ha! You STILL believe I am under HER control." Hornet Queen said with an evil chuckle. "The truth is SHE is the one under MY control. Not even a powerful Goddess can resist my control." She then snaps her fingers, signaling Enchantress to enact a command given earlier.

Enchantress unties Jane and drags her over to the hammer. Janet then stings Jane, and having been tied up for a long time, had broken her will long ago. She gave in without need of the buzzing of Janet's wings, but Hornet Queen did make her listen to some just to make sure.

"Now before I begin your programming. I want you to pick up that hammer."

Jane reached for it and started to lifted it. Thor could feel himself growing weaker, as all his power went to Jane.

As she lifted it, her arms and legs became a bit more buff, similar to those of She-Hulk, while still a feminine size. Her abs quickly developed into a tight and strong 6-pack. Her tits became larger, and became a E-cup. Her hair turned to a golden blonde. She also grew just a bit taller. After she had fully lifted it, her body was done transforming. She now had a sexy, strong, physically fit body, that rivals either of the two She-Hulks.

Jane Foster now had ALL Thor's powers, as well. Just as strong as they were when they were his.

Her doctor outfit began to change after that into one like Thor's. She now had a metal winged helmet, as well as Asguardian armor, similar to Thor's outfit, made of the same materiel, however, her's was much more styled to look a bit like a leotard. Her arms and legs, as well as her legs and thighs were completely uncovered. She also had boots similar to his, but with a bit of heels to them. Finally there was also a long, red, cape.

Thor was now powerless. He had no way of escaping Enchantress' spell that was binding him to the wall.

Hornet Queen then approached her new slave. "You turned out even MORE sexy than I thought you would look. Though I know would probably look better with short-hair, I guess long will do, plus it does suit the new you better anyway. Now time for your programming."

The former Jane Foster, who had become a female version of Thor lowered the arm with the hammer down to her side and look forward with a blank look. She held the hammer tight as she was given her programming.

"You are my slave. I am your queen and you shall do as your queen commands. You have are a major tomboy, and you literally have a lust for battle, and are a huge slut. You enjoy being violent, and the more violent you are the hornier you get. While you could easily kill anyone, you will NOT kill unless I order you to, as I will often send you to bring me more slaves, but you will always be allowed to beat the shit out of them, until they are unconscious. You are evil, and your name is no longer Jane Foster, your name is Thordis. But, Jane Foster could count as your identity. You are my evil Thunder Goddess slave. You also are bi-sexual. You love working out, and love to exercise, especially nude. ." Hornet Queen gave her a few more orders, and then kissed her, sealing in the new personality, and causing Thordis to pass out. While Thordis was still passed out, Hornet Queen strap-on fucked her to orgasm. This forever destroyed to old mind of Jane Foster, though she still have Jane's memories, she was now the evil Thordis, Goddess of Thunder, and slave of the Hornet Queen. When Thordis  would awake, she would now be one of the hive's most powerful members.

After she finally awoke Hornet Queen then gave Thordis her first command as a member of the hive. To KILL Thor.

"It would be an honor to destroy that inferior being, your highness. I shall gladly do as you command" Thordis said chuckling evilly, and caressing her hammer.

"Jane Foster, please! Snap out of it. All thy powers now belong to thou! Thou needs to use them for good."

Thordis then laughed. "I am NOT that wench Jane Foster. I am now the evil Thunder Goddess, Thordis! I am superior to you, and I AM superior to the Thunder God you once were, and since my queen has ordered me to kill you, I shall kill you."

She then swings her hammer, hitting the man who was once the mighty Thor, right in the face. She then continued to pummel him with it. All the while Thordis' thunder pussy, was wetting her panties as she attacked him. Thordis loved violence, she loved to be violent, she then she struck him with multiple lightning bolts from her hammer. Finally she hit him one more time with the hammer, and knocked off his head. More blood covered her hammer as she chuckled evilly.

"Excellent work, Thordis. You are an excellent addition to my hive!"

"Thank you my queen!" Thordis said as she kneels to Hornet Queen. "I am but your loyal slave!"

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