Suzie tells Dee Dee that a heroine has made her way into the New U Salon unannounced and Dee Dee wants Di to watch her as she remakes her into a slut

by solddate
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Wonder Woman
Category F/F Female Dom Bimboization Corruption
Previous Chapter Di debases herself to prove herself to Dee Dee

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A/N: This took a long time! Anyway, props to ESchorcho for being a master editor.


"Hahaaaaa!" Dee Dee moaned through her laughter, enjoying both the sweet sensations of Di’s eager tongue at her snatch and Suzie’s exasperated state. Somehow the receptionist’s disapproval added another level of naughty thrill to the fact Wonder Woman was eating her out, even if Suzie happened to be fingering herself as she objected with such delicious irony. "You’ve no idea, Suzie!" Dee Dee groaned through clenched teeth, trying to at least appear in control of her body. "This slut is soooo eager!" 

"Oh, I’m certain she is." Suzie replied, rolling her dazzling blue eyes once again as her employer bit her plump lower lip to hold back a scream of wanton pleasure. Throwing back her own platinum blonde locks with a flick of her head, Suzie turned her eyes to the clientèle list in her right hand all the while dipping her free hand into her bald pussy. "Need I remind you, Dee Dee." The receptionist sighed, emphasizing her last syllable as her own fingers pinched her clit under her tight fitting, black mini dress. "We have several possible clients we gave business cards too, so they could cum in at any point. Namely, even today! And one of them happens to be sitting in the reception area." 

"Let the bitch wait!" Dee Dee growled, not caring about being heard by her mystery client. Grabbing onto Di’s newly platinum blonde locks, Dee Dee wrapped her legs around the former heroine’s head and over her shoulders with the sexy stylist pressing her back against the counter behind her. This reverse piggybacking position forced Di’s head even deeper into Dee Dee’s glistening snatch, as the once-proud Amazon’s powerful hands supporting the sexy beautician’s weight by gripping firmly her perfect ass.

Di allowed herself to be dragged down by her lover’s weight, using her enhanced Amazon strength to do so with complete control and care. She paused only her descent as her oversensitive chest touched the slick floor once more, the pleasure actually spurring on her tongue to dive deeper.

As Dee Dee’s smooth ass cheeks gently touched the floor, Di released her grip and returned her full attention to the stylist’s moist cunt. Imagining herself now, Di couldn't help purring in her arousal as she saw herself licking away at Dee Dee’s juices like a cat would a bowl of cream as the other woman mewled in ecstasy against the counter at her back.

"If they want my time, they should make an appointment! Like this good little slut!" Dee Dee announced, as she stroked Di’s thick mane of hair like she would a devoted pet. Her voice burned with both passion and arousal. "This slut is far more worthy of my time! Worthy of even being slutty apprentice!" 

"Oh gawd! Thank you, Dee Dee!" Di cried from between her new mentor’s legs. The former heroine’s words were partially muffled by her tongue’s continued efforts to provide Dee Dee with the same euphoria Di felt just from hearing those approving words. 

As Wonder Woman, Di had never felt as though she truly belonged anywhere. She had never felt like she truly accepted in Patriarch’s World thanks to her upbringing, be it her Amazon’s warrior ways or their strict feminist philosophy. Likewise, Themyscira had stopped being her home the moment she had learned the delightful feelings men could inspire in her. Now, however, as she licked away at Dee Dee’s perfect cunt with her only goal being to please this goddess of a woman, Di knew this was where she belonged. 

"You’re wel-ah, ah, oh, God! Cuuuum!" Dee Dee panted, beginning to lose control. Not only was the Princess’ virgin tongue eager, but it was such a fast learner. Dee Dee could feel the tidal wave of pleasure building inside her and she was so desperate for it to be set loose. That first, oh so satisfying climax from a newly converted slut, or as Dee Dee preferred, a real woman. 

In the beautician’s eyes, society was a prison for women. Oh, she didn’t think the problem lay in equal rights or the objectification of women in the media. That was society redecorating the walls. Where before their insecure husbands kept women under lock and key, now butch feminists who didn’t want to be made to feel even uglier than they already were held them back. All of them were blind to what life as a woman was really about: pleasure. Pure, endless pleasure. Dee Dee knew this and she lived it everyday. 

However, the rest of the world didn’t seem to be able to figure that out and Dee Dee just couldn’t understand why!?! Pleasure…"Feels soooooo fucking goooooood!" Dee Dee hissed out loud, clinching her nipple in her fingers as Di’s nuble tongue continued its work. 

If you looked good, real fucking goooooood, then other people felt pleasure and gave it back in return. It was the way it should work. But no! For centuries women had to hide who and what they were and hold themselves down with the lemons the almighty gave them when it came to appearance. All because society couldn’t see what women were designed for. In the oh so sexy way that they were to feel and give pleasure. 

Not anymore! Not at the New U Salon. At New U, women could become who they were meant to be! Beings of pure lust and beauty. Even the woman between Dee Dee’s legs, until a little while ago, had been the heroine Wonder Woman trapped in society’s hellish prison. She was unable to show the world the slutty Amazon she truly was. Now, with her new found freedom Di was showing Dee Dee just how slutty she could be outside those walls.

"Dee Deeeeee!" Suzie pined in annoyance, despite her voice betraying her arousal. "We can’t just ignore an opportunity like corrupting the Queen of Atlantitsss--Oh, sweet juices-- Ugrh! Plus, what if she hears you!" The sexretary hissed, stamping her high-heeled foot on the ground both to get her employer’s attention and in the hope the brief stab of pain might break her own masturbatory needs. It did neither. 

Watching a woman worship Dee Dee’s cunt was arousing to Suzie’s very core. The hottest she ever got was watching recordings of herself lapping away at the beautician’s heavenly juices. But now, as she watched the horny blonde bimbo that used to be Wonder Woman grind her new watermelon shaming tits into the floor, while licking her boss' snatch like a hungry cat... Suzie couldn’t help nearly creaming her naked pussy at the very sight of it all, the puddle forming beneath Di's own cunt almost pushing her past caring whether she did or not.

However, Suzie soon realized her complains just weren't getting through to the two women clearly lost in one's exploration of the other. She brought her fingering hand to her head to try and sooth her growing headache, not recognizing her error until it was too late. "Oh, for fuck's sake!" The sexretary huffed in her growing frustration, sexual and otherwise, as she rubbed away her juices from her brow. Marching over to the pair, her heels clicking loudly over the chorus of moans, Suzie placed her clipboard on the counter loudly. Now standing at the side of the moaning stylist, Suzie squatted on her highs heels and half yelled in Dee Dee's ear. "There is a slut in waiting out there! She deserves to be free, don't keep her waiting!"

"Don't... care... slut in training... right hereee...!" Dee Dee gasped in response. Looking to her assistant with a mocking smile, the stunning beauty let Suzie know how close Di was to bringing her to climax. Suzie returned the look with a mix of righteous fury and devilish mischief, and began to lower her now free hand to Di's hair. "Wait, hey...!" Dee Dee tried to protest, but Suzie had had enough and wasn't going to let her boss off the hook for forgetting her job.

In her rapture, Dee Dee watched helplessly as Suzie placed her index and middle finger between Di’s closed eyes. The sexy beautician was too far gone to stop what was going to happen next. "Noooo! Not…faaaiiirrr!" She whined as the Olympus-blessed tongue stopped its fate-written purpose. Suzie was never one to flaunt her old superpowers these days since it was part of her duty to keep Dee Dee’s mission unnoticed. But now it was time for Suzie to showcase another part of her job description and that was keeping Dee Dee on task. She was the only one that could do it since Dee Dee and her lovely new pet had no control over either of their bodies and hadn’t for quite some time now.

Di was lost and confused. In the clouded haze that filled her reconstructed mind the fact that she had stopped licking, stopped tasting, stopped servicing her new goddess was incomprehensible. "Why…" Di gasped. At that moment she had no inner monologue. She was a completely open book as she fought to try and regain control of her frenzied mind and body. "Why…? Why can’t I lick Dee Dee’s sweet pussy?" She whispered to herself. Opening her eyes, Di found her attention drawn to the fingers at her brow. "Suzie!" she seethed, although it came out as a desperate moan of pleasure instead of the threat she intended it to be. 

She finally collected herself and announced, "What…the…fuck. You bitch! I’m the one who is ‘sposed to be playing with Dee Dee’s perfect pussy!" Never once through all of this did she question how she, the formerly proud and mighty Wonder Woman, was being restrained by what she perceived as a simple yet uttlery fuckable receptionist. All Di wanted to do was be left alone so she could dive back between Dee Dee’s tan thighs and continue her descent into complete sluttiness.

"Fuuuuck..." Dee Dee whimpered in frustration. Her hands kneaded her full breasts wantonly, hoping to find sweet release on her own, but she knew that was never going to happen. Di had brought her to the edge of the cliff that was a mind shattering orgasm, only someone else's touch could push a seasoned lover like Dee Dee off. Needless to say, she was tired of waiting. "Suzieeee, I don't give a fuck who does it or what I have to do..." The beautician pleaded with her assistant, her body squirming under both Suzie's and Di's stares. "Just get me off noooow!" She almost begged in a whisper, barely able force the words past her teeth.

Suzie felt her annoyance evaporate upon hearing those genuine heartfelt, lust soaked words. To hear such desperation from Dee Dee's lips was something to behold, and to think it had been a near virginal Wonder Woman to drive her to this state... Suzie couldn't deny she was impressed, and then Di did something else to surprise the sexretary; she begged.

"Suzie! You can't do this to her!" Di whined in a pleading sexual pitch, her anger long forgotten along with Suzie's. "You... just can't... She's so close... You can't just not let her cum..." Suzie looked at the young slut in wonder as Di's eyes began to tear up.

"Please! She’s given me so much…" Di panted. She was limited by the apparent hold Suzie had on her but with a strength of will worthy of an Amazon she pushed her weight down onto her new chest. Caressing the tender tit-flesh slowly, Di shivered in ecstasy. The rush travelled all the way up her spine, through her skull and to the tips of Suzie’s fingers. "Made me feel soooo good… She’s shown me a perrrfect way to live. I want it…" The former heroine confessed her new core truth. "I want her to live it with me!" Suzie couldn’t help raise a glamorously thin eyebrow curiously at the last comment before Di rambled on, "I don’t care if I get to do it. Just…let…her….CUM! Pleeeaaase!"

"He hee," Suzie chuckled lightly, smiling to the woman she held in her usually dormant power. "You are eager, aren’t you?" Di strained her neck trying to nod, but Suzie’s fingers held her head steady so she answered with an affirmative moan. "Well, sweetie, watch the fingers…" The senior slut husked, raising her free hand to the center of Di’s vision. She waggled her fingers daintily as Di’s excited, big eyes followed them back and forth until they delved into Dee Dee’s moist folds, "…and learn."

"Oh, Suzie! Swee--fuck! Sweet fuckable Suzie!" Dee Dee groaned the instant she felt Suzie's digits enter her core, her own manicured hands falling to her sides as euphoria filled her mind once more.

"Yeah, Dee Dee. Sweet fuckable me." Suzie whispered hotly into Dee Dee’s ear. Looking slyly over to Di, Suzie winked at her junior slut as the former heroine watched her finger her boss with practiced expertise.

"Ahhh! Oh!" Dee Dee moaned, her hips already having begun to rise and fall with the thrusts of Suzie’s fingers. Her heeled pumps digging into the backroom’s tiled floor while her back pressed against the counter. "Fuck me, Suzie! Oh fuck yeah! Fuck me in front of MY new whore! Show her how it’s done!" Balling her fists on the floor, the stylist lifted her ass completely off the floor, chasing her assistant’s magic fingers with greater speed every second. All too soon, Dee Dee’s body stiffened and she finally found her orgasm and cried out in ecstasy…only to be silenced immediately as Suzie’s lips closed over her own.

"Ughhh!" Di gasped, while Dee Dee’s pussy showered her face with her juices. As her already glistening face was coated, she realized just how much she had to learn. These two women, Dee Dee and Suzie, were so far above her in their ability to give and experience pleasure. Even now, as Dee Dee rode down her climax she kissed Suzie with a passion and care only a true lover could give. Di watched as her mentor pulled away from the deep kiss to plant soft and delicate pecks down Suzie’s neck. It was a gentle, tender show of gratitude for the ecstasy she’d received from the other woman, and a promise she would return it someday. Di wanted so badly for Dee Dee to kiss her that way, and she felt even more nectar trickle out of her horny pussy.

"Suzie..." Dee Dee breathed as she licked the sexretary’s throat with her tongue. Letting her ass fall back to the floor, the beautician’s legs went limp at either side of the stunned Di.

"Yes, Dee Dee?" Suzie chuckled, lifting her head back and allowed Dee Dee full access to her throat.

"Let Di go and hold me." Dee Dee demanded in a breathy voice.  There was something in those words that Di knew she didn’t understand.  Suzie relinquished her powerful grip on Di and wrapped her employer in an embrace.
Di looked on as the two hugged, unknown to her both women were getting off at the erotic sensation of big, hard nipples and tits pressed hard against one another’s’.  Dee Dee whispered inaudibly into Suzie’s ear.  Di was temporarily forgotten, but in truth, she didn’t mind.  Before today, Di knew that Diana of Themyscira would have never believed that two women who based their lives around beauty and carnal ecstasy could feel genuine love, but now Di knew that these two sexy, slutty and utterly fuckable women did love each other in some way.  A way Di could not understand…
Yet,’ Di thought, licking away the thick layer of cum on her lips.
"Alright, enough is enough!" Suzie announced, standing up in her embrace with Dee Dee and in turn the curvy sexretary lifted her employer to stand on her wobbly legs.
"Heeeyyy!" Dee Dee squeaked.  Suzie was currently the only thing holding Dee Dee up, who was still trying to regain all of her faculties after coming down from her high, "Warning next time, babe!" the platinum blonde stylist scolded lightly as she steadied herself between long, relieved breaths.  After a brief moment’s pause, Dee Dee let go of Suzie who then released her and ended the embrace.  The beautician still wobbled slightly on her heels, but her well-trained instincts kicked in before she was in any danger of losing her balance.  She took a deep sigh, as if to clear her head before she asked, "OK, ok, Suzie.  Who’s out there again?"
Suzie’s full lips curled in a pleased smile and was about to re-announce their client when seemingly out of nowhere Di broke her silence. "But Dee Dee, what about me?" The former Wonder Woman feeling hurt by her mentor’s apparent forgetting of her. The big-breasted apprentice lifted herself up to kneel with her soft ass resting on her heels. Her enhanced chest bounced lightly in front of her as she continued, making Dee Dee smile, "What about my exam? What about…us?"
"Honey, you passed with flying colors. So chin up, Di." Dee Dee purred, comforting her new protégé.  Di did indeed smile, but she couldn’t help feeling disappointed. If Dee Dee said her exam was over, then she wouldn’t get to lick her again. "As for us," Dee Dee added, her voice lowering to sexy husk as she pointed between herself and the kneeling Di, "I’m going to give you your second lesson, right now!"
"Really!?!" Di chirped, her excitement reigniting with a passion, "I get to pleasure you agai…?" Di cut herself off as Dee Dee signaled for her to be quiet by placing a finger over her own lips.
"So submissive!  I fucking love it!  No, Di, that was lesson one, you desperate slut." Dee Dee proclaimed, strutting over to Di. She was now completely unhindered by her climactic experience moments ago.  Caressing Di’s juice-soaked cheek with her hand, Dee Dee lifted her wet fingers to her mouth and savored her own taste.  "We’ll be going over the first lesson again for sure, but now I’m going to show you some business skills."  Di’s eyes lit up as her devilishly restructured mind put the dots together.  "That’s right!  You’re gonna watch me convert the bitch that was so rude enough to interrupt our first time together!  You like the sound of that?"
"Oh yes, Dee Dee!" Di squealed, lunging herself forward onto her chest once more to lick at her mentor’s pumps, "I love the sound of that!" She said between licks, hoping her actions pleased Dee Dee.  "I wanna see you give another woman what you gave me!"
"And what was that, slut?" Dee Dee asked coyly.
"Ack-hem," Suzie cleared her throat loudly, catching both of the blonde’s attentions.  Although only Dee Dee turned to look at her.  Di, meanwhile, continued to lick Dee Dee’s feet having been given no indication to stop.
"Problem, Suzie?" Dee Dee said, as if all were normal in the world.
"Oh, just a couple," Suzie sighed with the same exasperated expression she had when she came in, "She’s freshly converted, stark fucking naked, we don’t have a new long-term outfit for her new body and you want to send her out to the front where the whole world can just look in through the front windows and see?" The sexretary listed each point on her still damp, long-nailed fingers with mounting annoyance, "And what if the client recognizes her?"
"Hmmm," Dee Dee considered her assistant’s argument before lifting her own hand in a mocking fashion to number her own responses, "I don’t really care.  We have a few things in the wardrobes that’ll fit her at least this once before I can take her shopping.  Not to mention, lover, that her rack’ll look soooooo delicious bulging against something far too small.  If I had my way, which I most certainly will, Di’s tits will never be hidden from the world.  I want everyone to admire my handiwork!"  She added, hearing a soft giggle from below her as the former Wonder Woman’s tongue continued to lather her feet, "And last time I checked, you were the best quick-fix makeup and hair artist outside of Vegas." Dee Dee finished as she knelt down and patted Di on the head, signaling her to stop.

"Dee Deeeee!" Suzie hissed, glaring at her boss as she walked away from Di and picked up a cloth to dry her feet and crotch.

"Suzieeee!" Dee Dee taunted. Looking to her sexretary with renewed confidence.  She went to a mirror and began to make sure she looked presentable for the client outside.  She applied a thick coat of lipstick to her plump lips and made sure her hair was at least somewhat up to New U-standards.  As she finished straightening herself up, Dee Dee issued her warning, "I’m still the big bad bossy bitch around here.  What I say and don’t change my mind on goes." Suzie was about to protest again, but Dee Dee’s stern look cut her off, "Don’t make me get out the ping pong paddles again."

Di had been watching on with curious interest as the two hot bitches traded blows. It wasn’t nice in the sense she felt slightly ignored again, although them talking about her as though she wasn’t even there had been enticing to the docile and whorish former Amazon. As Di sunk deeper and deeper into her new role as a slutty plaything she noticed just how fascinating the two sluts’ back and forth truly was. Until now, Suzie had been defiant to Dee dee and not once had Dee Dee gotten angry. But Dee Dee’s last threat had been laced with danger. Innuendo or not, if Suzie didn’t comply she would be annoying Dee Dee and Di found the thought of doing that herself unacceptable. It seemed Suzie shared this opinion and she backed down.

"Fine," Suzie sighed, looking away from Dee Dee in shame, "I’ll fix her up and send her out when she’s ready."

"Good girl," Dee Dee praised, her anger gone. Tapping her sexretary on the cheek playfully, Dee Dee strolled toward the door to the reception. "Now play nice, girls." She said with a final look back before turning her full attention to the waiting client. Her entire mood shifted. "Welcome to the New U Salon!"

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