Di debases herself to prove herself to Dee Dee

by ESchorcho
Storyline New U Salon
Characters Wonder Woman
Category DC Body Modification Corruption F/F Mind Control
Previous Chapter Dee Dee decides to make Di beg to be a hot slut

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*** Again, special thanks to solddate for all the help with this and the previous chapter

Di quickly adjusted her body until her face was now inches away from Dee Dee’s right foot.  She still had enough wits in her sex-addled mind to notice that the arches of Dee Dee’s feet refused to hit the ground and it was like she was standing completely on her tiptoes.  Di somehow knew this had to be a procedure done in the New U Salon and her pussy gushed when she imagined what she would have to do to her new role model in order to have feet just like Dee Dee’s.

Grinning wantonly at the lengths she was about to go to in order to be Dee Dee’s perfect slut, the former Wonder Woman bent forward even more as her mammoth melons pressed hard against the cold tiled floor of the salon’s back room.  On instinct, she gasped a loud “Oh!” as erotic fireworks were sent throughout her body, all in the direction of her sopping sex.  She pressed down harder and she cocked her head slightly to look up at the slutty stylist she aspired to emulate and saw the approving look Dee Dee flashed her.  This drove Di wild with pleasure and she bent forward, ever closer to Dee Dee’s dainty toes.

Di began to kiss each toe as she rubbed her chest slowly into the ground with each soft kiss.  She had never come close to such a wanton act of submission as Wonder Woman, and she was actually proud that she was casting her past life away in such an extreme gesture.  Her unskilled tongue even explored the gaps between Dee Dee’s toes.  Di was now fully rocking and back and forth, her round ass sticking high in the air as her tits squashed roughly against the floor when she rocked forward.  Her eyes were fluttering as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through her, but nothing could replace how utterly wicked she felt when her tongue snaked out and licked Dee Dee’s big toe like the head of a cock.  Finally, Di took all of Dee Dee’s big toe into her mouth and she began to move her tongue back and forth, fully fellating the toe.

Dee Dee watched Di’s shiny platinum head bob up and down on her foot and she got off not only on the attention she was getting, but the complete submission she was receiving from the once strong-willed woman.  She bit her glistening painted bottom lip and fought the urge to bring her perfectly manicured hands to her bald pussy.  She was going to let Di give her the sweet release she was so desperate to achieve.

“Hmmm,” Dee Dee sighed in satisfaction, tilting her head back and running her hands through her volumized hair, “Now move on up, Di.  Take your time.  Savor every bit of flesh you can kiss and every bit of sweat you can lick.  Do a good job of it and my pussy will be your reward.”

Di didn’t have to be told twice.  She released Dee Dee’s big toe from her mouth and sat up slightly.  But not before she took Dee Dee’s shoe in her hands, gave her hairdresser a long, carnal look of pure lust and ran her tongue along the front of the shoe to give it a nice cleaning.  She then brought the high-heeled pump down to Dee Dee’s foot and her slut goddess stepped daintily into the piece of slutty footwear.

Dee Dee watched Di plant soft kisses on her ankles and then licked her way up her legs to her knees.  By this point she could see Di’s cavernous cleavage as her round, gravity-defying tits hung out in front of her.  That erotic sight alone was enough to get her off but Di soon was focusing on her knees, making her shapely legs uneasy.  Her pursed lips stretched in a wide, sexy smile while she realized her newly appointed apprentice was taking her time to make sure every part of her body sang with pleasure.  The slut was a quick learner!

By the time Di began to kiss and lick a path up Dee Dee’s thighs she had begun to slide her huge tits up and down her legs to her knees.  Di had even moved slightly to the left and the right of her legs as she licked and kiss the sides of Dee Dee’s thighs.  And while she did this she made sure to squeeze her tits together with her hands, bringing them together around Dee Dee’s legs.  Dee Dee had to hold onto a nearby counter for support since she was getting so weak in the knees at Di’s devoted attention.

Finally, the big-titted, submissive slut that had once been Wonder Woman had made her way so she was now looking directly at the thin, leopard-print fabric of Dee Dee’s mini dress.  She knew that behind the stretchy material was her sweet reward for doing a good job, but she didn’t dare move the fabric out of the way without her stylist’s urging.  She looked up at Dee Dee’s smiling face with pleading, docile eyes but didn’t dare say a word.  It was Dee Dee’s duty as her mentor to guide everything she did, and Di got off on that very prospect of surrendering her will to another.

“What will you have me do next, Dee Dee?” Di asked.  There was a desperate need to please in her labored voice.

"Oh, I think you know, Di." Dee Dee snickered, lifting the front of her mini dress to expose her moist snatch to Di.  The former Wonder Woman breathed in at how lovely and wet the bald pussy was.  Dee Dee then pointed to her moist sex before adding, "Are you ready to complete your first lesson? Do you have what it takes to go all the way to be a slut?"

"Yessss!" Di breathed hotly over the beautiful bare snatch before her face.

"Let's find out then." Dee Dee chuckled, tracing her folds with her manicured finger. "Now eat my pussy like the slut you are and the slut you want to be."

It was then both women heard the rapid, machine-gun-like sound of high heels approaching outside of the room.  Dee Dee turned to see what was happening, but was soon caught off guard when Di wasted no time in grabbing Dee Dee’s perfect ass and gave it a hard squeeze as she thrust her face forward.  It didn’t take but a second for Di to enthusiastically suck, kiss, flick and lap at the hairdresser’s sweet, bald pussy.  Dee Dee’s head whipped back in absolute pleasure and she shrieked a loud, sex-crazed moan at the attention the former Wonder Woman was giving her.

That was when the door flung open and the head stylist forced herself to look over through bleary eyes as the sexy body of Suzie, the New U Salon’s secretary minced into the room.  Suzie’s ruby-red painted mouth fell open in a high-pitched gasp when she looked from Dee Dee moaning like a banshee as she straddled the former Wonder Woman’s face, and then down to Di, had been given tits the size of basketballs since she last saw her.

“Are you enjoying yourself?” Suzie asked, rolling her eyes as her glamorously waxed eyebrows rising in a look of disbelief.  In one hand she held a clipboard of the day’s other appointments, while her other hand slowly slid under the hem of her skirt and she began to finger herself lightly as the lewd scene before her unfolded.

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