Cap becomes...of no...this isn't possible...

by burke_rakers
Storyline Weird New World “Heros”!?
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"Prepare for subject..."

(he floated in darkness)

"Initiate persona overlay..."

(everything seemed unreal and faded)

"Augment for resistance. My, but he's a strong one..."

(it was like his life was being undone)

"Process through to the end..."

(and replaced)

"Cortex flooding..."

(his mind frayed)


(then reformed slowly)

"Okay, get this lady to post..."

(something's wrong)

He woke slowly and with many starts and stops. For a time, he just blinked and stared at the ceiling, feeling both wrong and right. It was like a war was being fought between his ears...and he didn't know which side to root for, as they were both strangers from his current vantage point. He started to rise, then went back down again. Too much effort. Better to just lay back and wait. He was in a hospitol, after all. He must have had an accident of some kind.

He could hear some talking in the next room, and only then noticed that his door was open. He heard women speaking soothingly and calmly toeach other, then a sort of laugh. Then...the sound of a cart rolling...and a woman came through his door, wearing a sort of...yellow bodysuit with a bucket-shaped helmet and pushing a cart overflowing with food of all sorts. Burgers, hotdogs and gravy-smothered poutine were visible, as well as a whole layer cake. For some reason, his heart leapt and he wanted to reach for it right away. Instead, he turned to face the other two woman. One was tall, powerfully built and dressed in a black and orange body suit. She had a great orange cape, and was body beautiful and commanding. With her was a small black woman dressed in purple. The woman in black and orange sighed and said aloud "Did you have to do this to him, Tilda?"

"Please, call me night shade. And trust me, Mistress...he'll be easier to handle this way. He could have been a great woman, but he'd have always been a threat. This way, he's off the board and out of our hair."

"Does he still have his powers?"

"Heavily augmented through her prisim. She was very strong and somewhat resistant to injury. Now, it's as if she'd taken the Super-Soldier formula. She'll be much stronger, faster and more powerful...oh, I do think she's almost fully awake."

He frowned and squinted at them. They were talking about him as if he wasn't here. They were talking about him as if he were a she. That wasn't true...was it?

The girl called Nightshade stepped forward and said in the tones of a doctor "Hello, madame. I'm afraid you've had quite an accident. Don't worry, though. You're in safe hands. I'm Nightshade, and this is your mistress Superia..."

That bugged him...or rather, her alot, and she drawled in a voice that first seemed like it belonged to a stranger "Nobody orders Pearl around, lady. It just' ain't done. Ah'm an independant operator. Guess ah'm grateful for th' help, eh...but I'm not th' kinda gal t' jus' sign up an' stop thinkin'. If'n you want Pearls help, you'll pay fer it."

After speaking, she felt...much better. She'd had a kinda brain fart back there, but now she felt right as rain. She was Pink Pearl. She was a mercenary and criminal mastermind. She thought that was odd, and again she thought "Super-Soldier" and it tickled her brain. She rolled to her feet, and it was like a wave of fat surging. She was horrified - even disgusted - at her appearance...then accepted it as natural. She was a gargantuan woman, but then again...she'd always been so big. Pink Pearl used her bulk and great strength in combat, but she prefered to use her brain...to manipulate and out-think opponants. She was like a spider in the center of a web...wasn't she?

"I...need t' get t' a mirror." she rumbled, and Nightshade gestured to the far wall. She waddled forward...and saw a massive, billowy blob of womanhood, all wrapped in a pink, lacy dress like a sideshow fat lady. She looked at her face, and saw the small, piggish eyes and snearing mouth...the gape in her front teeth...the cupids-bow lips...the thick, collar of fat and bloated jowls. Her long, blond hair was drawn-up into a bun on top of her head. She looked...normal. Perfectly normal, except...in her eyes was a gleam of solid independence. A hint that under all this seeming indolence was the heart of a warrior...a commander...a...Captain?

"There, you see?" said the black woman. "You're just fine, Pearl That is your name, isn't it? I have it on record as 'Stephanie-Pearl Gross', is that right? And it seems you're a Canadian citizen?"

It wasn't possible. It was the truth. She thought about America, and her knowledge was the knowledge of an outsider. She'd been born and raised in Canada, toured Europe as a circus performer and spy, and only been to the states on business. She thought about Canada, and a sort of...pride filled her heart. And as far as her name, yeah...she was Stephanie-Pearl - Steffy-Pearl to her friends and "Pink Pearl" to the Mounties and Interpol. It sounded wrong...but also so right.

She wondered about her appearance. She looked like a joke...but she knew she was one of the worlds most dangerious combatants. She knew dozens of fighting styles, was far faster and more agile than she should be, and under her thick, spongy blubber was layer upon layer of dense muscle. She was far more dangerious than she looked...and these two broads didn't respect her. They were talking about her like they'd made her, and that was nuts. She was Pink Pearl...she was a criminal...she wasn't a woman to be laughed at.

"Yeah, thanks fer th' help an' all...but Pearls gotta be movin' on." she started forward, stopping only to scoop up a couple of burgers and stuff them into her wide maw. The woman in yellow drew a gun, and she casually disarmed her and tossed her aside. The big woman in black came at her...but she was no challenge at all. Had she always been this strong? This quick? This deadly? She assumed yes, and she twisted the womans neck till it snapped, then hurled her through the wall. The black woman looked shocked as she fired a gun at her, and her thick layers of fat absorbed the impact, causing the bullet to bounce off. Then she grabbed the woman...and kissed her. Nightshade clenched up at first, then...seemed to go with the flow. What was wrong? The plan had been to negate all of Captain Americas potential by blending him and a useless Canadian villainess named Pink Pearl, which should have been it. I mean, of what threat was that fat bitch?

But...Pearls physical gifts, augmented by the Super-Soldier formula, had created a dangerious opponant. And Pearls personality overlayed on Captain Americas brain...had produced a criminal mind like no other. She had Pearls morals, hungers an inclinations, blended with Caps confidance, intellect and driving vision...had created the most perfect criminal brain in the world.

She kissed the tiny black woman for a long time, and Nightshade kissed back. She hated men. Dispised them. and she'd implanted this same opinion in Pearl...as well as all who benifited from the Fem-blending Process. Pearl thought this woman was hot as heck, and being a very dominant person, she enjoyed the feeling of overpowering her.

And as ugly as she was...she exuded an intimading aura of command and raw charisma that overwhelmed Nightshade. Finally, she broke off and chuckled "Well, you're a friendly little minx. Pearl likes friendly gals, darlin'...but Pearls gotta get goin'. Ta-ta fer now."

She started to lumber out of the room, and Nightshade inspected Superia. Dead. She glanced at Pearl...and ran to her.

"Be our new Superia."

Pearl turned and snorted "Excuse me?"

"Superia is a position, not a person. That was just Doctor Deidre Wentworth, she who was the current Superia. We are a radical feminist group dedicated to the overthrow of all govenrnments and the total subjugation of men. We need a leader...and that means we need you."

Pearl looked at the woman...and though a part of her screamed and begged her not to do this...a bigger part of her smiled.


"We don't have the slightest idea how, but some two-bit Canadian villainess has taken over the Femizons, and somehow...she's kicking SHIELDS ass. The old Superia's dead, and now and now this new broad's in charge, uniting ex-Hydra and AIM techs and soldiers, feminizing them and training them. I mean it. They's all woman, even if they'd been guys before. Then, she directs these soldiers like a general, and when she captures one of our guys...that guy later shows up as a broad, carrying a rifle and bellowing about 'Femizonian Supremacy' and such."

"Is this connected with the disappearance of Captain America?" asked Ironman.

"How do I know? She's running rampant over us, and we need your help."


Nightshade sat at the feet of Superia. The obese woman wore a gown of black and orange silk, and she seemed quite over her "Captain America" delusions. The new Superia was a leader of women, and was hailed by all who heard her speak. She was forceful and driven, but somehow...still Captain America. She refused to exicute captured males, instead feminizing them and personally speaking to them. Soon enough, where once were enemies...Superia now had loyal soldiers. Nightshade would gaze at her creation as she reclined on her divan, eating and inspecting paperwork. She shared Superias bed nightly, and found that the former Captain America was a tender and gentle lover. She smiled. She'd intended on humiliating the men, but instead...she was now her most loyal follower.

"They'll send someone t' investigate us soon. It'll be th' Avengers. Pearl knows how they think, these...men. Pearl will be ready for them, Tilda...and we'll soon have new members of our army."

"Yes, Pearl. Yes, my Superia."

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