Capt. America makes a speech and is assigned a cadet to escort him

by hairyballs
Storyline Jailbait
Characters Captain America Clark Kent Iron Man Superman Thor
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“If you’ll follow me, Sir, I’m Cadet Corporal Amanda, and I’ve been assigned as your escort to the Auditorium where you will address the cadets."

Steve looked up from the folder he was boredly flipping through and smiled at the petite wasp-waisted brunette in a blue and gold uniform standing in front of him. He  rose to his full 6’ 11” height and motioned to the cadet to proceed.

Captain America, AKA Steve Rogers, had been invited to give the commencement address to the graduating class of Bayou Teche Military Academy.  Although the Super Soldier had never heard of the institution, he had agreed to speak because he believed in encouraging  all military schools in principle.  He was more than a little surprised to learn that the school trained only female cadets, but, as he was also a firm believer in the equality of the sexes, he had no real problem with that, other than needing to change all references to “men” in his prepared speech to “cadets”.

As he followed Cpl. Amanda he found himself transfixed by her pert little butt swaying before him.  Her dress trousers were so tight it was obvious that she was wearing nothing beneath them.  As she walked ahead of him he felt his 10” cock begin to stir within his tight blue trousers.  Trying to surreptitiously adjust his swelling package within his pants, he failed to notice she had turned to face him and stopped. He ran smack into the Corporal’s enticing chest .

“I’m terribly sorr—Ah!” he gasped as the young woman slipped her hand down the front of his pants, seized his swollen cucumber and deftly rearranged it and his heavy balls in a more comfortable position.  Then giving it a light pat she pulled her hand out and said: “Perhaps you’d like to step into the lounge here and make yourself comfortable.  We have about three quarters of an hour before the procession forms up for the commencement exercises. If I can help make you comfortable, you only have to ask.”

In his aroused state Steve could not help noticing the corporal had cute B-cup tits pushing out the front of her surprising low-cut jacket. She also had full cock-sucking lips and an endearing turned up nose.  She looked about 16 although she was probably at least 18 given her rank. “God what tasty bit of jailbait this is!” he thought. “Is this the way you greet all guest speakers here?” he asked.

“Well sir, I was instructed to do everything in my power to make you comfortable, and it was obvious that you were becoming extremely uncomfortable so I felt it was my duty to help you out.  Do you not feel more comfortable this way?”

“No, er yes…um carry on.” he mumbled, “Is it always this hot here?”

"Oh no, this isn't hot! In July and August it gets much hotter, but I see you are sweaty, and your costume seems to have become stained at the crotch, why don’t you step into the lounge, slip out of your costume and let me bring you a cool drink while I clean the stain away?”

“Well a cool drink certainly sounds like a good idea and it would be nice to get out of this sun, is your lounge air-conditioned?”

“I’m afraid not” she said, ushering him into a darkened room, where he sank gratefully into an overstuffed sofa. “Sun tea?” she asked, offering him a tall glass beaded with perspiration. Taking the glass from her, Steve flashed her a smile and took a swig:  “My that’s good!” he murmured, downing the rest of the tea and holding it out, “Might I have some more?”  “Surely,” she replied leaning over, her tits brushing against his arm.  “You know” he said, downing the second glass, “Although, this tea is very refreshing, I seem to be getting hotter.  Mind if I take off my top?”  Without waiting for an answer, he peeled off the tight-fitting top exposing his thickly muscled arms, wide shoulders and broad firmly developed chest. A dense thatch of sweat-soaked blond hair covered him from his throat to his belt buckle, and his delicious brown nipples peeked out at her through the golden forest.

A far away voice said, “Oh my you are suffering aren’t you?  Let me get you another cold drink, and, maybe you’d find it cooler if you took off those terribly constricting pants and boots too.”

“What a good idea,”  Steve thought muzzily, as a cold glass was pressed into his hand and cool hands pulled his tight blue pants down to his ankles, yanked off his boots and slid the pants over his now naked toes.  “My God, I’m incredibly horny, wonder if this little slut fucks.”

“Indeed the little slut does Captain,” the same distant voice replied, “Indeed she does!”

Amanda’s eyes glowed as she took in the vision of male potency before her. His belly was hard and chiseled and his ass was like a perfect melon. His partially erect 10”cock and Persian lime-sized balls dangling from a heavy gold nest of musky crotch hair were plump and juicy, fleshy jewels of mouth-watering beauty. A furry golden mantle wrapped his rock-hard eight-pack, part of the magnificent carpet of yellow hair that clothed him from throat to knees.

“You are a magnificent specimen, aren’t you?” he heard her say as he gulped down his fourth tall glass of aphrodisiac-laced tea. His cock had swollen to unprecedented size and rigidity, 10” when flaccid; it was now an astonishing 16” and at least 8” in circumference. It rose in a gentle curve from his pubis and the purple glans, now fully uncovered by his foreskin, nudged insistently at his solar plexus. “Thanks babe, although I have been told that before.” he said, “Fuck it’s getting hotter in here, got any more of this tea?  Shit my cock is so hard, how ‘bout givin’ me a blowjob? Lord knows ya sure got the lips for it!”

“Sure thing, sugah,” Amanda cooed, handing him a fifth glass and unbuttoning her uniform jacket. Her sweet teen-age tits bounced enticingly in front of his glazed blue eyes, as she removed the jacket and dropped it to the floor on top of his discarded costume.  Stretching her arms up, she twisted her long brown hair into a French knot, lifting her rack before his face and exposing her taut belly.  Then dropping to her knees, she cupped his dangling balls in one petite hand and attempted unsuccessfully to wrap the other around his beer-can thick dong.

Cap lay back against the sofa back, downed the chill beverage and groaned as the soft touch of her hands combined with the potent chemicals in the drink to make his painfully engorged manmeat swell a further two inches.  “Fucking Jesus Christ, Honey, wrap those lips o’ yours roun' my dick 'fore I die!” he moaned, massaging his erect tits with the moisture covered glass and humping his pelvis desperately at her face.

With a sly chuckle, she pulled the 18” bat away from his chest, lifted up his lemon-sized balls and began to lick from his asshole up over the scrotum and thence up the pole from base to glans. “Oh my God, that’s incredible!” he screamed, “Don’t stop!”

“Don’t worry Cap, we just gettin' started.” she said, opening her mouth and swallowing the straining rod until her lips and nose burrowed into the sweaty tangle of golden hair circling his cock and blanketing his churning balls. Sucking lasciviously she wormed her finger deep into the helpless Super Soldier’s ass, found his prostate and began to massage it.  Steve wrapped his hairy thighs around her head and abandoned himself to the most incredible pleasure he had ever experienced.  “Oh Fuuucckk, I’m CUMMMING!” he squealed in a curiously high-pitched voice, and, his hips bucking furiously,  fired several pints of scalding cream down her throat.

She swallowed every drop, pulled her head off his still rock-like cock, smiled at the hairy soaking-wet male in front sprawled before her, and stripping off her uniform pants  said; “Ready for Round Two?”  Without waiting for an answer she grabbed him by his ears, yanked his face up to hers and drove her tongue deep into his unresisting mouth. Planting her knees on either side of his hips and reaching behind her, she found his massive tool and guided it into her dripping snatch. Steve gasped as her cunt muscles closed silkily around his eager prick, and then sighed as she found the sensitive spot behind his balls and began to tickle it with her nails.

Three hours later, after they had penetrated every possible orifice on each other’s bodies, a still iron-hard Steve surfaced long enough to ask: “Shouldn’t I be making that speech soon? Not that I wouldn’t prefer to keep fucking you, God knows I’m still horny as hell and seem to have an inexhaustible supply of cum.”  “There’s no speech, the Academy doesn’t know you’re here either, this is my apartment and I just wanted to seduce you.” she gasped. “Great!” he exclaimed, as he flipped her over and plowed his cock into her ass again, burying it up to the hilt, his balls slapping against her belly,  “Fuck everything, let’s just fuck ....”

At that moment the door behind him opened and a familiar voice said:  "I'm sure Steve is around here somewhere, this is the address he left on his iPad."

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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