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by BigGuy
Storyline Jailbait
Previous Chapter Shiela is looking for strength as well as a challenge going after Superman.

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"Better than you, Sheila," came a voice in her head. Sheila recognized it as Megan (as she was now known), one of the leaders of the band of survivors. A soft glow seemingly coalesced in front of her- a mental projection of Megan.

"What do you mean? I've enticed one of the most powerful beings on this planet to become my protectorate- he may even have made me pregnant!"

"He has not. You're sloppy, and impatient as always. Do you know why kryptonian sperm isn't floating around this world? Superman grew up on Earth- he most certainly has masturbated- yet, there is no "super-sperm" to be found! And imagine- he just orgasmed within you- with his power, wouldn't you expect it to have been far more powerful? Do you know why it wasn't?"

"no. I just thought-"

"You didn't think! Kryptonian males developed , in the last millenia of their existence, far weaker sperm and prostate muscles than most humanoid species. This was a choice- they had decided to value brains over brawn, thought over desire. They became a nearly sexless culture- and to facilitate that, genetically engineered their species.  Kryptonian sperm is weak, even under a yellow sun- it barely lives a minute in prime conditions- and a human  womb isn't.  It's chemistry is too acidic. Neither is Earth's environment conducive to a sperm's life- even less so than a human sperm's. Since your body is currently human for all intents and purposes, it killed his sperm the moment he came."

"How was I suppose to know that?" Sheila pouted, crossing her arms across her pert breasts, and pouting.

"The same way you knew his weakness for redheads- and how intrigued he would be by this persona of yours, this punk look. By looking into his mind."

"Alright, fine- all I have to do is change my internal biology, and everything will be fine."

"No, Sheila- because you made another mistake- show me how you seduced him."

Sheila concentrated on the day's events...


After scanning Superman's mind and learning his secret identity, as well as putting together a profile of the girl he would want, it was child's play to get a job as an intern at the Daily Planet- just a few nudges (practicing her techniques of seduction) she was assigned to help Clark Kent, who was interviewing the chief of police on charges of corruption in the MPD.

She had enjoyed the stares she got from men in her black miniskirt, white fishnet stockings and green camisole, Her bra-less breasts bounced under the shirt, her pale, freckled skin almost shining in the light. She had created a barb wire tattoo around her left bicep, and hints of the angel wings that adorned her back could be seen peeking out from under her shirt. There were faint traces of scars on her forearms- just enough to suggest a sad past- but she walked with a strong confidence. She knew that combination would intrigue Superman- he loved, craved, strength in a woman- but also wanted to be a hero.

"Mr. Kent- I'm Sheila. Mr. White said i should help you out today, anyway you want me."

Clark looked up from his desk- he had told Perry to please not assign interns to him (he wanted to help them, but it made it much harder to slip away and change to Superman), and was about to politely get rid of her, when- 

"Damn," he thought, "she's- gorgeous." Unconventional, certainly, but striking- with a mixture of innocence and sexuality that made him want to- what in Krypton's name was he thinking? She was just a girl!

"Mr. Kent- oh, hi, Sheila!" Jimmy Olsen had run up, and stared unabashedly at the teenage sex kitten in front of him.

Sheila smiled weakly and said an unconvincing'"oh, hi, Jimbo. Hey, don't we have to get down to the interview, Mr. Kent?" She leaned down, putting a well-manicured hand (green fingernails, matching her camisole- and her eyes, Clark noticed) on Clark's shoulder. He felt a small thrill at the touch, and noticed her shirt had fallen slightly, revealing some of her small, pert breasts.

"Yes- yes, we should go."

In the cab to the interview, she gave him the well-rehearsed story- her dad had died, she lived with her mom, who was alcoholic, she went through a bad patch, but realized life was worth living, etc.- all the time using the jostling of the cab to have excuses to touch him, at one point commenting how strong he felt.

But something was wrong- it wasn't that he wasn't attracted to her- but he was a lot more resistant than she imagined. At the Police Station, she offered to take notes- but the Chief nixed that (she suspected he was gay, since he didn't give her a second look), and she practiced on the cops outside the office. In the half-hour the interview took, she had seduced virtually everyone in the squadroom- they were running to get her coffee and danish, trying to impress her- he could have had any of them right there, she knew it!  But then Kent came out- and he treated her like he treated Jimmy Olsen! Something had to change.

"Hey, Mr. Kent- could we stop for lunch- I only had a bagel this morning (plus two doughnuts and three cheese danish at the station, but he didn't need to know that)?"

"Sure- there's a diner up here- they have good burgers- unless you're a vegetarian?"

"No," she smiled, "I love eating a nice thick piece of meat. Do they have wieners there?"

Nothing seemed to work. In the diner, an old blues song about meat and motion came on, and she started dancing at the table. She knew every eye in the place was on her- but Clark just smiled and made a lame joke about them not having a license for dancing there.  It wasn't that he wasn't attracted- even turned-on by her sexiness- but he wouldn't respond. he was just- boring! So- make him not so boring, maybe?

As they walked out of the diner, she grabbed him, and pushed him towards an alley. Clark was startled, but kept his character- bumbling Clark wouldn't stand against that push.
She ran her nails across his chest, and whispered hotly into his ear.

"You know what I like about men like you? The suit, the tie, the glasses? That it's like there's a secret inside, a secret they won't let out. You're a freak, aren't you/ an animal. You're probably covered in hair, like a beast- and I bet you have something right here," she twisted his nipple," that you never show anyone. A tattoo? No- feel how hard you are- piercings, right? Hard, cold metal piercing your nipples? Yeah, you're a freak- just like me."

While she was speaking, she wrapped a leg around him, rubbing against his cock. And her mind reached into his, finding every little bit of arousal he felt and magnifying it. She sent kissed him, sending tiny invaders from her body into his- sneaking their way in, re-writing his body's code, conforming it to her description When she felt his cock fully erect, she pushed him away, wiped her mouth, and said-

"you're a bad boy, Mr. Kent. I like bad boys. See you later.' She turned and walked away, hips swaying.

Clark was stunned and confused. What had just happened? he had to stop her, tell her that this was wrong, that-

A signal- above the range of human hearing, it was a signal from Stark labs- he knew Iron man was on the West coast, he had to respond- even though he felt- odd.

"You changed him. You couldn't get the job done, so you decided to take a short cut."

"So what? it worked, didn't it?"

"You don't understand- he's barely even Superman now. When he faced The Wrecker at Stark Towers, he nearly killed him- and he made crude remarks to Pepper Potts, who came out to thank him. Look at him- you've even changed his basic biology- but worst of all, you didn't seduce him- you enslaved him."

"So what? He's my protectorate now- he'll protect me, and all of us, against attack- and I'll have his babies! Isn't that what this is all about? Turn these "heroes' into our love slaves, turn them against their own moral codes, so we can take over this planet?"

"No, Sheila- yes, we have to change them- but it has to be their decision. We offer them what they want, but refuse to acknowledge they want- a girl like the girls they first desired, first loved- and then we offer them vitality, youth- a new start, and a new family to protect. But if we simply force them like this- how are we different from those who enslaved us? We need them to be who they are. Honestly, I don't even know if this Superman has any morality left! Who's to say he wouldn't turn on you, if someone he desires more were to come along? I am very disappointed in you, Sheila. You failed us. We have to see if we can change him back- or if the damage is too intense."

There was a flash, and Superman disappeared. Sheila sat on the edge of the bed, an uncommon emotion forming within her- rage.

Another voice came into her head- the voice of Amanda, another leader on the council. "Sheila- know this. Not all of us agree with Megan. I shall do what I can to save your protectorate- and know, your example will be followed. We shall save our race- at whatever the cost!"

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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