"...Power Slut! You're up!"

by LesLes
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Black Canary Huntress Power Girl Zatanna
Category Bimboization Corruption DC F/F Female Dom Masturbation Mind Control
Previous Chapter A combination of new uniforms and slut names. First Up: Black Canary

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[Wow, this one got away from me too! I really didn't think it was going to take me so long to write a costume change. By the way, feel free to copy and use any of this as you wish, costume in particular though I badly ran out of steam by that point and it all got a bit ragged. Oh, and I've started a thread on the Message Board for this story.]

Harley grinned as Sugah crawled her way over to Zee-Zee. The bimbo that had been Black Canary was still smart enough to wiggle seductively as she moved, giving Harley an arousing display of just how well the red-and-black diamond pattern bikini bottom of her new uniform displayed the fallen heroine's firm round ass. And now stupid enough to moan in surprise each time the humonguous over-sensitive tits contained in her jet black corset grazed against the carpet of the costume room.

"Like, I'm totally a hot, horny, bimboslut!" Sugah Canary declared to Zatanna when she reached the silver-collared slave., Extreme enthusiasm was obvious in her high-pitched breathy voice. She pressed her lips to Zatanna's black right boot. It was too much for Harley who emitted a great whoop of delighted laughter, cutting off whatever reply the childishly pleased Zatanna was about to make to her junior slave.

"Mistress, says you're, like, my mistress too," Sugah carried on as sat up from her prone position, her ass coming to rest on the balls of her feet. Harley gestured frantically for Zee-Zee to stay silent, giggling madly as a look of confusion took over Sugah's face. She needn't have bothered; Zee-Zee was already dissolving into her own uncontrollable giggles.

'Mistress,' the blonde bimbo mouthed as she looked at Harley. 'Mistress,' the former chairwoman of the Justice League of America mouthed as she turned to look at Zee-Zee. She shook her head as if it might make her brain work. Evidently it worked as her face lit up with sudden understanding.

"Like, you're Mistress Zee-Zee and I'll totally do whatever slutty things you want, because I am like such a total lesbo slut." Sugah paused, and then with all the authority she could muster (less than none!) she solemnly informed the lust-crazed magician, "If, like, Mistress Harley says it's cool. Or totally doesn't mind. Awesome!"

Zee-Zee couldn't stop laughing at the bimbo, clutching her sides to try and contain her mirth. Sugah Canary didn't seem to mind, instead informing the world "I'm horny" and then giggling like she'd told the best joke.

Harley managed to control her own urge to join in the laughter, barely.

"Remember, Sugah, you kneel there like an obedient sex-slave -- no matter what Zee-Zee tells you -- and you don't get to cum till later. And no screaming at all, unless Mistress Harley says."

Sugah nodded her head eagerly, her titanic breasts trying to use the bobbing motion to spill out of the top of her corset.

* * *

Smacking her hands together to signal a job well done, Harley turned her attention to the two costumed crime-fighters at the entrance to her dress-up room. Power Girl and Huntress had moved on from touching themselves as they watched the visual corruption of their friend. Evidently seeing Black Canary collared had been the final straw.

Still clad in their old BORING outfits Power Girl was standing behind the Huntress, a knee raised high and pushed between the other woman's legs. Huntress's head was turned to take Power Girl in a passionate kiss as the former Mafia princess rubbed herself along the blonde's leg. Karen's hands groped Helena's breasts through her black-and-purple bodysuit. Huntress's hands disappeared behind her ass, and from the way Power Girl was beginning to thrust her hips raggedly forward Harley wasn't having any trouble solving the mystery of where those fingers were.

Somehow both of the superheroines had at least understood they needed to remain in their outfits until Harley began their costume corruption.

"Girls, girls, girls," Harley tutted with mock sadness as she walked a short ways towards them. Power Girl was the first to realise they had Harley's attention again, breaking the kiss and dropping her knee. Huntress mewled in disappointment, trying to continue rubbing herself against Power Girl's long muscled legs. "That is seriously H-O-T. HOT! Even in those dreary rags. But it's time for one of you to get your treat. You're goin' ta look like my slutty property."

The two lusty heroines separated at once, standing to attention. In fact, so eager for Mistress Harley's attention that their own arousal suddenly seemed irrelevant.

"Now, which one of ya to choooooooooose..."

Harley tapped a finger against her lower lip as she considered.

"Power Slut, you're up!"

Power Girl leapt into the air with delight and didn't come down. She floated a few inches off the ground, an expression of rapturous glee on her face.

"Oh, thank you, my love, my Mistress. Change me, mark me, collar me, make me yours," she babbled. Harley ignored her, directing her attention at the dejected black-haired woman stuck on the ground beside her.

"Huney, so long as you don't take off any clothes you can having fun by yourself.  But ya gotta save up every Big-O until your bust friend here gets her collar. Capiche? Now, Power Slut, come over here and tidy yourself up."

With a burst of super-speed Power Girl was standing beside her. Her arms were a white and blue blur as she fixed her costume and hair. A breeze briefly blew on Harley's skin and then Karen was done. She looked as perfect as when Zatanna had summoned her old costume. Not a hair was out of place, and there was no sign that she had been fucking her unrequited love of years, the woman she had transformed into Harley's love slave.

Harley positioned Power Girl carefully in front of the mirror. The Kryptonian ignored her own reflection to stare in open adoration at Harley's.

"Maybe when I'm done dressing you all in your new and improved uniforms I'll get out of this old thing." She plucked at her own red-and-black one piece. "You'd like that, wouldn't you, Power Slut?" she breathed into the taller blonde's ear.

"Yes, Mistress."

That was weird. Power Girl didn't seem as enthused by the prospect as Harley had expected. For a brief moment doubt entered the mad harlequin's mind. Was Power Girl just pretending? Had the powerhouse's act slipped?

"Wait-a-minute! You have x-ray vision. Have you been spying on your sexy mistress? Oggling your friends' hot bodies? Watching our tits and pussies when we thought we were safe?"

"Yes, Mistress." That got a definite reaction. Power Girl's voice trembled, her eyes growing wet with fear that she had offended or disappointed her mistress. The woman she loved above all others. "I'm sorry, my Love," she pleaded, "I..."

Harley pressed a finger to Karen's lips, silencing her. It was still so much fun to mess with her loyal pet's heads. To make them fear her wrath and then have them thank her for forgiving them, for turning them into ever bigger sluts, even more loving slaves.

"What does your x-ray vision tell you I'm feeling right now?"

Harley's other hand had slipped down her belly to point at the junction of her legs. Harley might be new to being a dominatrix but she'd always been one hell of an exhibitionist. You didn't sleep your way to good grades, dress like this or drive a clown car if you were shy!

The thought of Power Girl seeing her naked even in her costume had set her pussy throbbing even more than seeing the superheroine making out with her friend. The 'O' of delight that suddenly blossomed Power Girl's face as the super-voyeur saw beneath her black-and-red outfit to the joyously leaking pussy, only doubled the arousal from being spied on.

"I forgive you."

"Oh, thank you, Mistress," gasped Power Girl in relief.

"In fact now I know I gotta give you permission to carry right on. Harl's got enemies, you know, and you can see them comin'."

Her enemies weren't the only thing that looked like cumming, Harley giggled to herself. Power Girl's hands had bunched into fists at the mention of enemies, and she was scanning the room and the ceiling with a ferocious look on her face. But her nipples were were hard bullets tenting the spandex either side of her boob window.

"SLUTS," Harley shouted out before continuing in a merely raised voice, "Want to be helpless to stop Power Girl using you like her own personal porn stash?"

"Yesssss," came a trio of moans. Sugah's high-pitched squeak was most distinctive, but she could make out Huntress clearly too. Zee-Zee's seemed to be slobbered out. She probably had her mouth full.

"See, my love slaves love you too. Now, let's get on with your new costume. Slutty 'n' declarin' your mine. Now be a doll, and act like a doll. No movin' or speaking unless Mistress Harley says!"

Harley paced round Power Girl as the superheroine struck a pose and froze. Karen's eyes were locked on Harley, moving to keep her in view either in the miror or right in front of her. Otherwise the obedient woman was completely still except for her breathing, the rise and fall of her generous boobs.

"Yah know, this costume is a classic for a reason," Harley told her blonde doll with a considering hand on her own chin.

She walked forward till in her jester outfit her breasts lightly brushed against Karen's mammoth mammaries. Then she sank down slowly onto her haunches. Karen wanted to tremble at the contact, wanted to move in the hope she could feel Harley's breath hot against her slit even through the hateful fabric of her leotard. But she was frozen in place by her love's words.

"This costume says: 'I have gams that go all the way up'." Harley slowly stood, her hands running along the inside of Karen's legs from the tops of her blue boots to run fingers along both sides of the vee the Kryptonian's white leotard made at her crotch.

"It says: 'nice ass'." Her hands shifted behind Karen, kneading happily but too briefly at the soft flesh of the blonde's ass. Harley was pulled against Power Girl. The crazy jester could feel the woman's whole body trembling, trapped between arousal and the command not to move.

"But it shouts: 'Grrrrreat tits'." Harley's hands jumped to seize hold of Power Girl's twins and push them up and together. Framing a huge canyon of cleavage in the Kryptonian's costume's boob window. Then in ecstacy Power Girl was forbidden from expressing, Harley bent and buried her head in Karen's breasts, blowing a long slobbering raspberry into them.

Too quickly Harley stopped, took a step back and disappeared from Power Girl's view. Power Girl found her in the full-length mirror, just behind her.

"But it's practical too. Such easy access to everything that matters."

If Power Girl could have moved she would have jumped. Harley's fingers pushed in under the lower edge of Karen's leotard and pulled the spandex up and bunched it together. Suddenly the figure-hugging material was a slender thong that disappeared into the crack between her ass cheeks, leaving the rest bare to be admired.

"That really is a great ass," Harley confirmed mischievously, a finger running down lightly between her cheeks. Karen's steadily growing arousal got worse, much worse. 'Yreve manow si a naibsel tlus rof yelrah'; Zatanna's spell was just as active. Power Girl felt so good to be treated like a piece of meat, to be objectified and admired for her hot body. And the way the straining material slid over her pussy lips only made it better.

Harley released her grip and the leotard smoothed itself back into place.

"Yes, easy access..."

From behind fingers pushed in under both sides of the spandex that concealed Power Girl's wet pussy. One set of fingers found the unhooded nub of her clit and rubbed hard circles over it. The other sent three fingers spearing into her tight pussy. Power Girl was Kryptonian, physically all but invulnerable to anything her mistress could do to her body. She felt only pleasure at the rough treatment being administered, the insane love she felt for her mistress growing with each carelessly brutal trust the enslaving villainess made into her leaking cunt.

"You love it, don't you, Power Slut? You love your Mistress. Love the way she fuck you when and where and as rough as she wants? You love what you've become! A slut. You can speak again, tell me the truth."

Harley had forbidden Sugah and Huntress from cumming, but not Power Girl. She only had to remain still. A crescendo of orgasms contracted the pulsing muscles of her pussy as she used every ounce of her willpower not to collapse in mind-blowing pleasure.

"Rao, Yes, yes, love, I love you. Love being a slut. Love being your slut. Love. LOVE. LOVE!!!"

The word echoed through Power Girl's mind, love for Harley. Then her mistress's hands pulled free with a slurping noise.

"But ya ain't famous for your pussy, are you Power Girl?"

"No, my love, my mistr---"

Harley pressed a finger to Karen's lips again. Power Girl stuck out her tongue to lick her own pussy juices from Harley's fingers but fell silent as Harley withdrew her hand again.

"That was a rhetorical question, ya dummy," Harley giggled. "And, now, for the big unveiling. ZEE-ZEE, a drumroll if you please."

Moments later Harley heard a desparately panted, "Citamard llormurd". The invisible drums built to a crescendo and then Harley yanked at Power Girl's boob window. One of her big boobs sprang free immediately. A few more careless yanks and both big tits were squeezed together and jutting proudly out of the straining fabric.

Harley immediately went to enthusiastic work fondling and groping her slave's tits. Fingers still wet with Power Girl's own juices they were soon smeared with her saliva too. Karen loved what Harley was doing to her. Behind the madwoman was the mirror and in it she could see both Helena and Zatanna, no, Zee-Zee watching as Harley fucked her compliant body.

Zee-Zee was standing up, Sugah still on her knees but as up-right as she could manage. The blonde was cupping both of her humongous breasts, stuffing first one and then the other into Zee-Zee's wet pussy lips, trying to rub the superior slave's clit with her eraser-sized nipples or even push them into Zee-Zee's pussy. Both breasts glistened with Zee-Zee's juices. Despite the stimulation Sugah was applying with her bazoingas, Zee-Zee was half-turned, watching Power Girl and her Mistress with rapturous delight.

Helena, Karen's first love and a growing source of pride as her first successful conversion to the glory of loving and obeying Harley, lay on the carpeted floor on her own. Both purple-gloved hands were rubbing frantically at her clit or tits. Karen could see through the black spandex that Helena was forbidden from stripping away to see her stiff brown-tinted nipples. Between the smooth bronzed curves of her wide open legs, Karen could see that Helena's pussy was on fire, a fire that the torrent of juices leaking from it only seemed to enflame further.

This was all love, Power Girl understood. Pure and unsullied. Love.

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