Power Girl gets a new uniform

by LesLes
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Power Girl Huntress Black Canary Zatanna
Category Bimboization Corruption F/F DC Female Dom Masturbation Mind Control
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"Now that I have thoroughly studied the problem," Harley spoke in a low carefully enunciated voice that she fancied sounded more educated, "I have a number of improvements I think I shall suggest." Then in a more normal voice, "I'd need magic or somethin' to cut your costume's material, right?"

"Yes, my beloved mistress."

Just having Power Girl look at her was enough to make Harley wet. Power Girl's eyes burned with love: fanatical, mad love. Strangely it made Harley feel like they had some kind of connection...

"Right-a-roonie. Nothing here is goin' to suit you like that. Suit you! It's a pun." Harley bellowed with laughter, which Power Girl belatedly joined in. Her heart swelled with delight to see her lover, her mistress, so happy.

"ZEE-ZEE," Harley called out as her laughter subsided, "Make Power Slut's leotard like your hat."

"Dratoel denrettap ni kcalb dna der skcehc."

Immediately Power Girl's leotard changed colour, turning from white (now a little stained in places) to the same distinctive red-and-black pattern that decorated parts of Zee-Zee and Sugah's costumes.

"Now, I could have Zee-Zee make some more alterations," Harley told Karen, "But you have a few more tricks to show me. You're going to make a few cuts. Let's start with you boob window."

Harley whispered further instruction in Power Girl's obedient ears and then stood aside so the sex-slave could see herself fully in the mirror. Her hair was a mess, and her inner thighs glistened. Harley had stuffed Power Girl's breasts carelessly back through the boob window, like two jack-in-the-boxes, but the exposed skin of her cleavage was slick too.

Twin beams of red energy shot out of her eyes, reflected off the mirror and began to burn away at the fabric of her costume. Power Girl wasn't worried about hurting herself, it was how she shaved her legs and pussy. Her skin was impervious to a beam of such strength.

Power Girl's heat vision played over her oval boob window which slowly expanded to become heart-shaped, revealing more of her cleavage at the top of the window and extending downwards. The lower point of the heart stretched to just below her naval, while the upper portion was almost wide enough to reach her shoulders.

"Bigger, more revealing," Harley instructed gleefully. Power Girl went slowly, not wanting to force Zee-Zee to correct a mistake. By the time Harley was satisfied Power Girl's nipples were still just hidden beneath the spandex, but half the dark circles of each breast's large areola was exposed.

"Now, Power Slut, the problem with your old boring dull dreary uniform was that it was too modest. I mean only a bit of the front of your boobs for the world to see? That was selfish, ya big meanie. We want to see tit no matter the angle."

"Yes, mistress. What you love, I love."

It was true, the thought of hiding so much of her titties was now abhorrent to Power Girl. Karen could no longer understand why she had ever wanted to. Harley loved Karen exposing herself, and she loved what Harley loved.

Heat vision bloomed again and she carefully cut away the sides of her leotard, arms held high, turning slightly to allow herself to cut just so. Tiny thin straps, all but invisible, still joined the front and back of the leotard but Power Girl's nipples were now covered by less than an inch of ragged fabric. From the side the swell of her breasts was fully visible. From the side the taut material no longer hid the lower curve of her bosom at all. To allow for the heart-shaped boob window the leotard, if it could still be called that,

Harley continued issuing Power Girl instructions, occassionally ordering Zee-Zee to cease playing with Sugah and cast a spell. Eventually though she was satisfied.

"There ya go. My very own Queen of Hearts. Or maybe you're the Queen of Tarts!"

Harley Quinn stood back and admired her work.

Power Girl's belt was almost the most concealing piece of fabric left. Drawn tight, it sat at the thinnest point of her waists, above her hips. At Karen's back only two tight inch-wide bands of fabric remained, red hearts on a black band, streching over her shoulder blades and down to her belt. They flexed as she moved, taking the straightest line between shoulders and belt. From the belt ran down only a single even thinner band with the same red hearts. It disappeared into the crack of her ass, leaving her almost completely exposed from behind.

At the front the thong band emerged and bifurcated to reach her belt at two spots near her sides. From these figure-hugging bands hung a red heart, fringed with a little black lace, just big enough to sit above her cunt and preserve her modesty.

Above her belt at the front, her uniform more fully resembled it's old look. The boob window was intact, if greatly expanded and transformed into a heart shape, revealing much more of her generous cleavage and a little aureole. The biggest change was the removal of most of the fabric at the sides meaning that Power Girl was displaying generous side-boob.

Harley had ordered the leotard's sleeves cut away. Power Girl's boots and gloves remained, but they had been turned jet black. The material that folded partway back down her buccaneer boots and gloves were decorated with big red hearts.

"Hmm, maybe needs one more touch. You've been a good girl, lover. So this branding ain't going to hurt like Sugah's. Zee-zee, a tattoo, if you please."

Zee-Zee listened closely as her wonderful mistress ordered a final decorative spell from her all too willing sidekick.

"No repow s'lrig thgir ssa keehc a gib depahs-traeh oottat deretrauq ni kcalb dna der."

Power Girl span in the mirror, trying to spot where on her body the tattoo had appeared. She found it almost at once, half-turning to admire the big black-and-red heart-shaped tattoo on her right-ass cheek. Even naked she would be marked with Harley's love, her body proclaiming that she was Mistress Harley Quinn's loyal loving lesbian love-slave.

"I love you, Mistress," Power Girl cooed happily.

Harley glanced over the heroines she had finished transforming. Zee-zee's eyes burned with madness and mischief, her first slave some of her best work and with the most insight into her own thoughts. Sugah Canary's eyes were glazed and almost blank, transformed into a lesbian bimboslut. It made Harley wet. And finally, Power Girl's eyes were filled with intense insane love. It was all so much fun! She couldn't wait to something altogether different to the final broken superheroine still fully-clothed and masturbating on the carpet.

It was time to give Huntress some release and finish Power Girl's transformation. Time to collar her and bless her with her new slut name.

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Jtreat :) really liked how the story started :)
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories

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