A combination of new uniforms and slut names. First Up: Black Canary

by solddate
Storyline Harley's Heroine Heist
Characters Harley Quinn Black Canary Zatanna Huntress Power Girl
Category F/F Female Dom Masturbation Corruption Mind Control DC Change of clothes
Previous Chapter Harley's Heroine Designs

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Clifford.cao - Cheers for the props, but don't sell yourself short. If you've got an idea for a costume, write it out however you want.

else - This is an open challenge to any other readers to design a new Harley's Heroine Heist costume, and they'll be plenty more opportunity along the way.


Turning to the wall behind her, Harley flicked what appeared to be an ordinary light switch and in the next moment a section of wall lowered into the floor to reveal a full length mirror. "Sugah Canary! Bimboes get to go first!" Harley declared, much to a giggling Dinah's delight.

"Thank you Mistress!" The once proud heroine yelped with glee, skipping to stand next to her Mistress and in front of the mirror. Dinah stood in awe of her altered body fighting against the constraints of her prudish old costume, she grinned mindlessly as she tried to imagine what wonderfully slutty creation Harley would make for her.

"Riiiight..." Harley said with a raised eyebrow, before realising why Dinah didn't sound sincere in her gratitude. "Oh, duh!" The villainess said with a face palm. "Zee-Zee change Sugah-brain's voice so me and my pets get what she's saying."

"Step eniorehrepus reh dna yelraH ssertssiM yb dootsrednu eb nac." The scantily clad witch cast with a cheeky smile.

"Right-a-roonie!" Harley said with a clap of her hands. "Time for a tester! Sugah, tell me your old boring name and who you used to fuck! Oh, and talk like the bimbo that voice was made for!"

"I was, like, Black Canary Mistress!" Dinah announced with breathy giggle. "My name was stupid! It was Dinah Lance! Not sexy at all! I used to fuck my hubby, Green Arrow, everynight, but he never pleased me like you did last night Mistress!" Looking into her reflection's blue eyes, Dinah couldn't help getting wet from the glassed out look she found there.

"I bet." Harley grinned wickedly, happy to both learn this info and to she believe it at the same time. "Don't worry though, Sugah! He's never gonna touch ya again! Only me and my angels have the right to touch these babies!" The clown domme cackled, groping Dinah's imprisoned boobs through her black swimsuit attire.

"Ahhh!" Black Canary moaned as her Mistress fondled her hypersensitive flesh, making her fellow slaves wet with envy. "That, like - mmmmm - makes me soooo happy Mistress!"

"Good to hear it! Now lets get started!" 

Fifteen minutes later Harley stepped back from her work and admired it with a proud smile, while Canary did the same to her new reflection. Dinah couldn't believe her eyes, Mistress had turned her into something beyond hot! Licking her lipstick clad lips, the former Black Canary felt so damn sexy she thought her reflection was trying to get in her new panties.

The first change had been simple, Canary's fishnet stockings and boots now mirrored Zee-Zee's; where the magician's left stocking & right boot were black and the right stocking & left boot were red, Dinah's right stocking & left boot were black and her left stocking & right boot were red. From there, things got a little different.

Canary's one piece top and biker jacket were gone, replaced by bikini panties with a red & black diamond pattern that clung to her form showing of her firm round ass, and above this was a jet black corset held together by ruby red laces that struggled to contain and prop up her massive cleavage. Her choker collar was gone too, but Mistress had told her that it would be replaced in good time. The final part of her uniform was her facepaint, like Zee-Zee and her Mistress, Dinah's face was painted a ghostly white, with a deep black domino mask painted around her eyes, and her eyelashes laced in mascara. However, her lipstick was a solid black unlike Zee-Zee's ruby red, Harley saying she liked to swap between wearing the two colours, so she'd also like swapping between tasting them on her toys.

"Hmmm, I think that covers the slutty..." The crazed woman declared, rubbing her hands maniacally as she'd often seen her Puddin' do when playing mad scientist.

"Mmm, so totally does, Mistress..." Canary hummed in complete agreement. Dinah Lance had never once felt more desirable in her life than she had in this moment. Men had fawned over her hot, fuckable body since high school, and during her time as one of those silly superheroines, the once proud woman was sure she'd been a pin up for horny boys and even girls to jill off too, but now... Just the sight of her reflection pushing her supersoft titties together in the mirror made the bimbo want to lick her own cunt in the glass.

"But..." Harley perked up, catching her dumb blonde pet's eye with a wicked grin, "there's still not enough declarin' you as mine. It's gonna take more than a sexy costume upgrade to tell everyone who you belong to ya know!" The jester explained with a beaming smile, waggling her finger at Dinah as if she were an ignorant child.

"Oh, my bad, Mistress." Canary giggled in response to Harley's playful scold. "I'm so silly, I totally didn't think of that!"

"No worries, slut! Mama Harley's here to do the thinkin' for ya!" Dinah blushed under her facepaint as her pussy twitched at the idea of Mistress Harley deciding every little thing for her; she'd never have to worry again.

"Zee-Zee!" Harley called, not taking her eyes of her bimbofied property. Dinah's fingers, already groping her magical mounds, squeezed her bust tighter together for her Mistress' viewing pleasure once she noticed where Harley's gaze had focused, earning an appreciative wink from the clown.

"Yes, Mistress?" Zee-Zee replied as Dinah played with her chest.

"I wanna put my signature on my new toy," Harley instructed her first love slave. This would be one of the ways Harley planned to mark every new slave she acquired, forever branding them her property and every one unique. And although Zee-Zee might never know it, the fact that the witch would never receive one would be a show of her higher status in Harley's harem. Her Mistress would always see the witch as something more than a pet. "Right here!" Harley said slyly, placing a forefinger on Canary's right breast. "Four red diamonds for all to see!"

"Yes, Mistress." Zee-Zee chirped, happy to aid her Mistress' fun, but before she could begin Harley raised her hand.

"Sugah?" Harley said, now fixing a serious gaze to her blonde pet whose chest was rising and falling as she gasped in arousal.

"Yes, Mistress?" Canary replied. A feeling akin to fear rose in Dinah's sex warped mind as the woman she valued more than her entire life to this point looked at her with such serious eyes.

"This will hurt." Harley informed her with no hint of humour. "It's gonna be like getting a reel tattoo, and trust me, the only thing more painful than getting inked on the tit is havin' the fucker removed." 

"Why... Mistress...?" Canary's eyes widened and tears began to build as her air filled mind came to horrible truth. Her Mistress was punishing her. 

"C'mon, remember what ya did last night?" The domme answered as if reading the bimbo's almost empty mind, but did so with a softer tone. "Pain's the price you gotta pay for screaming at me, baby." Harley added, wiping away the now crying Bird of Prey's tears with her glove. "I'm not angry, Sugah. It's just the way the world is."

"Yes, Mistress..." Canary's mind suddenly clicked as realized her Mistress was right, as she always was. A love slave who harms or disobeys her Mistress cannot go unpunished. "I'm so sorry for what I did..." Dinah sniffed as if she were a scolded little girl, "It was so silly!... I'll only be happy if you forgive me... Please, Mistress..."

"I know, pet." Harley said, stroking Canary's beautiful blonde locks with the back of her hand. "For me to forgive you, you need to be punished, so..." Dinah nodded, her smile returning as Harley raised her hand again to signal Zee-Zee, "mark her Zee-Zee!"

"Tsaerb thgir s'yranaC eht no sdnomaid der ruof fo oottat."

"Arr!" Dinah hissed in pain, but did not scream. This was for her Mistress' love, and even as fresh tears stung her eyes, the fallen heroine refused to cry out in protest. In all, the pain did not last long, the conjured red ink weaved under her sensitive skin to burn Harley's chosen mark in her flesh and despite her pain Canary couldn't help her cunt becoming even wetter from the pain.

"Good girl, Sugah." Harley soothed once Dinah began to pant in relief. "I forgive you." The lustful clown breathed softly, planting a kiss over the new mark, earning an approving shiver from her slave.

"Thank you, like, so much, Mistress." Canary sighed contently through biting her lip. Harley was definitely never going to get bored of that.

"Well now, what do ya think girls!?" Harley now turned back to her observing pets. Both Power Girl and Huntress had given to touching their aching bodies whilst their Mistress visually corrupted their friend, both gave their moaning approval. "Zee-Zee?"

"Hot, hot, hot, Mistress!" Zee-Zee shouted, her appreciative eyes roaming across Canary's body. "But I think something's still missing!"

"Ooooh, what's that?" Harley asked with feign ignorance. Zee-Zee answered by tracing her fingertips over her silver collar while shooting a sultry glance to her Mistress. "Oh yeah! Duh!" Harley facepalmed for a second time that morning. Moving to stand in between Dinah and the mirror, Harley put one hand on her hip and pointed to the floor in front of her with the other. 

"Kneel, pet." Dinah instantly complied to the command, trembling in anticipation of what her Mistress had in store for her. "What are you?"

"Your bimbo love slave, Mistress." The broken woman declared without hesitation or question in her bimbofied voice. "I, like, only exist to please you!"

"Good girl." Harley praised, petting Canary's blonde locks. "Who are you?"

"Black Can--" Dinah cut her answer short when her Mistress tapped her firmly on the head.

"Wrong." The madwoman corrected. "Black Canary, or Dinah whatever, was plain, boring and frigid! You're a hot, horny bimboslut! My hot, horny bimboslut!" Canary nodded her head, her pussy twicthing as her Mistress described her hot new identity. "You're the Sugah Canary! Or just Sugah to me and my girls! You got that!?" Harley shouted with maniacal glee.

"Yes Mistress!" Dinah cried in response, her arousal rising from her Mistress' happiness. "I'm the hot, sexy, horny Sugah Canary! I'm yours!"

"Hmmm, ain't that grand?" Harley hummed wickedly. "Lick my boots Sugah, and I'll make you my pet forever!" Dinah needed no second invitation. Immediately, she flung herself forward, dragging her chest roughly against the costume room's carpet, and licked furiously at the insane clown's shoes. 

"Zee-Zee, give her her collar, but make it black." Harley ordered with a grin. "Can't let her think she's on your level can we?" The jester said with a wink to her first slave, knowing full well what reaction the witch would have to the idea of being made officially superior among her slaves.

"Ye-yes Mistress." Zatanna answered weakly, an instant orgasm had shot through her snatch when Harley had declared herself on a higher level than Dinah. She hoped beyond all hope she would be above the others too. "Obmib eht rof ralloc xyno. HaguS htiw evargne." 

A perfectly smooth collar of black stone formed round the subservient heroine's neck with her new name engraved onto it in fluent script, but she didn't deter from licking her Mistress' feet. Dinah, no, Sugah was beyond horny now. Declaring her loyalty to her Mistress once more and to have Harley firmly claim her as her own was the hottest thing she'd ever done in her life. She wished she could give her Mistress more than just her body, mind and soul... what was she thinking!? Shewould give her Mistress more! She would give Harley whatever she asked for, and Sugah would be a horny lil' bimbo doing it!

"Stop now, pet!" Harley ordered, and Sugah quickly obeyed, not wanting to upset her Mistress despite her desire to continue. "I'll let you cum later, okay?" Canary nodded happily. "Go kneel next to Zee-Zee, and as you look up at her, remember you're below her and you gotta do whatever she says too... unless I tell ya different!" The mistress added the final words with a giggle.

"Yes Mistress." Sugah replied, deciding to crawl to Zee-Zee, in hopes her show of submission would earn her a reward.

"Right-a-roonie!" Harley declared, looking to her two remaining slaves waiting to be remodeled. "Who to pick next...?"


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