Kate tranforms

by Regret
Storyline Miss Muscle: A New Beginning
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Disturbed by the twisted grin on the man's face, Kate remembered the her dream and found herself whispering the words. "By the power of Might."

"What was that?" The man said.

Kate could feel an otherworldly power surround her.She could feel the golden light pulse with strength and purity just outside of her reach. She knew that if she was going to make it out she would need it. Filled with confidence Kate knocked the man away swinging her arms to her side now shouting the words. "By the power of Might!"

A flash of golden light erupted from her body the shock wave shattering glass and sending a beacon of gold out through the roof into the sky. When the man regained his sight the busty schoolteacher was gone and in her place was what looked like her bigger sexier sister. Kate's clothes lay tattered on the ground from the explosion not that they could of fit on her now powerful six foot bod. Her muscles were large and well defined complementing her new amazon like appearance and her breasts expanded out several cup sizes.

"Hmm, I like the new look muscle milf." The man said giving the same perverted grin.

The crook couldn't see it but behind the golden mask Kate smiled a little, she was going to enjoy hurting this creep. "Its Miss Muscle to you jerk." Kate said punching the man with enough speed and force to break his nose before he could register her moving.

"Damn, that hurt." The Villain said rubbing his face.

"Then give yourself to the police or I'll do it again." Kate said doing her best at the hero thing.

"No I knew I couldn't beat you after started glowing, but that was never the idea." The man said with the same smirk. He threw a flash grenade to the ground and dove for cover. The blinding light gave him the time he needed to grab Scarlett and activate his transporter.

By the time she could see again the man was gone and Scarlett with him. Kate swore at herself, she didn't want to think about what he was doing to her now because of her. She crouched defeated in the rubble when she heard one of her students groan in pain. Kate returned to her feet and found Jessica laying on the ground in a daze.

"Thank god, at least I saved you, I didn't let everyone down." Kate said holding Jessica in her powerful arms.

Jessica looked up at the naked titan carrying her to safety." you're beautiful " The young woman said like a young girl admitting a crush, before falling back into her unconscious state. Kate began to walk out when a SHADO Strike team breached the building. The thumps of dozens of boots hitting the tile and clicking of specially designed weaponry filled the room. Kate could hear helicopters buzzing overhead SHADO had reacted at lightning speed but arrived just in time to miss the real crook.

Shouts of"Drop the girl!" came from several of the grizzled men.

Kate slowly put Jessica on the ground and walked towards the men with her hands up.

"Don't move!" one of them barked.

"She's not one of ours." One spoke "Hostile or vigilante?"

"I don't know she's not in our databanks I got no intel on this one."

"I'm not going to hurt anyone." Kate tried to assure them stepping forward again.

"I said don't move."

"Listen to me I..." Kate took another step and was swiftly brought down by a barrage of blows from multirods and high strength tranquilizer darts.

"Damn it" one exhaled. " Julieta is going to have my ass. A break in exploiting gaps in our security and an unknown super human at the seen with an ex SHADO and hero MIA."

"How could this happen" another asked as they dragged Kate to a helicopter. "who was in cahrge of the security systems."

"Just me and the higher ups."

"Eek, ya your a goner. She's killed men for less."

"Thanks that puts me at ease."

In a second the school teacher turned heroine was gone and he stood in his safe house Scarlett over his shoulder.

He took a deep breath a contacted his employer, the job was only half done but he was set up. The video screen buzzed to life and his mysterious employer remained unseen only speaking through a voice scrambler.

"I see Miss Scarlett is in your care.. and the mask?" The disguised voice demanded.

"I had to leave without it." The hired crook replied.

'You did what?" The voice screamed

"Hey, it wasn't my fault, you told me you took care of security but there was a super at the museum with the mask, I didn't even get to score any loot or pussy from this job. Maybe I should take my fun with the redhead."

"No!" The voice snapped. "She's mine to break after what she and her sisters did to my family. My people will come to collect her and your payment will be delivered upon their arrival."

"And this new bitch? You want the mask and I want her maybe we can continue to help each other."

"No, you've screwed up enough already, goodbye." The voice said dismissively before clicking off.

At SHADO's hidden headquarters.

Kate awoke being escorted down the nondescript corridors.She could barely move but after the roughing up she had back at the museum she didn't want any more miscommunications. They arrived outside a door with the words Julieta Kitalama Director of SHADO on printed on the side. The men carrying her knocked and opened the door.

"Goodbye." Kate heard a female say. Kate rose her head and spotted the voice's owner. A petite woman dressed in a black leather catsuit like something Kate remembered a femme fatael would wear in spy movies. Her medium length hair was pulled into a ponytail and as black as her uniform. "Yes." The simple word made harsh by her ruby lips.

"Ahem, Miss Kitalama we had a situation a the Alpha City museum. Where we found this unregistered. The woman looked up at the mention of the museum and smiled when she saw Kate for just a split second but long enough for Kate to spot it. The smile vanished as she rose to her feet and stared down the guards.

"And why did you drag this woman to my office naked, whats wrong with you pigs. Go grab her something to cover up with now!" Julieta ordered. The men jumped and left in a hurry. "Take a seat miss?"

"Erhm.. Muscle." Kate said.

Julieta raised one eyebrow. "Look I know you could have beaten up my men when they dragged you hear and I think the only reason you didn't was because your not responsible for what went down."

"I was only trying to help, if i hadn't the real crook would have gotten away with more than just Scarlett." Kate answered glad someone would listen to her.

"Well good intentions aside you still broke the law by using superhero abilities, so either you get to rot in a jail designed and filled exclusivity with super villains or you come work for me."

"I don't know if I'm much of a hero." Kate confessed.

"You don't really have much choice." Julieta said eying the mask

"I'll do it." Kate said.

'Good my assistant will get you sorted out. Now if you'll excuse me I have business to attend to ." Julieta said motioning to the door.

Julieta  checked her communicator as Kate left the door she had one message from an encrypted source. "The package has arrived and the weak link dealt with." Julieta deleted the message and smiled evilly the mask was in her grasps and the whore Scarlett aka Red was bound and at her mercy. With the mask she'd rebuild her family's power but only after raping and humiliating the last of heroines that destroyed it in the first place.

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There's always the charm of turning heroic ladies into baby factories
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